MARCH 2021: 14 Werk From Home Zoom Lewks

Apologies to all 5 of you who read my blog, but I recently discovered TikTok and that's where I've been spending every free waking moment of mine for the past month.  You can check out my videos here:

Even though I haven't been posting, I was keeping up with my weekly Zoom screenshots for the most part and my desktop has been littered with the photos.  I feel like at this point, there's no time like the present to get them back up! 

MONDAY  03.08.21

Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater: The Reset

True to its name, I got this cream cashmere boyfriend sweater from The ReSet from my boyfriend Andrew for Valentine's day. I love it, it's extremely comfy and chic (Nancy Meyers vibes) yet still professional enough to wear to work.

TUESDAY 03.09.21

Cashmere "All Rise" Sweater: Lingua Franca | Dickey Collar: Amazon

I live for RBG but the merch out there for her tends to be a little too basic for me.  This Lingua Franca collab was in support of the RBG movie On the Basis of Sex and is a nod to both my profession and one of my feminist icons.  It is perfect layered with this Amazon dickey, that I feel makes everything look even more put together. 

WEDNESDAY 03.10.21

Cardigan: Zara

I'm an outfit repeater just like Lizzie McGuire and I'm actually wearing this cardigan again as I type this. I love it, it's so soft, and I love the subtle glamour statement these buttons make for work. I will say I sized all the way up to a large and the sweater still fits a little TOO cropped. It's meant for Gen Z though so I'm just making it work the best I can. 

THURSDAY 3.11.21

Blazer: Topshop | Kamala Necklace: Awe Inspired

As you can see from this WFH post, I love wearing this necklace over t-shirts for work. I think it gives the perfect amount of statement and most people can't tell my liberal tendencies from the fuzziness of zoom. This plaid Topshop blazer is also a staple in this house. 

FRIDAY 3.12.21

Chambray shirt: old Gap (similar) | Earrings: BaubleBar (similar)

Talk about phoning it in! I don't know why I'm wearing any of this! I will say, I am constantly trying to make these dangly black earrings happen, but it's really hard when I have dark hair. I think it translates more in person but never in photos.  It's never going to happen!

MONDAY 3.15.21

Burberry Shirt: @morganschadegg (similar)

This hair is pitiful, but it screams to me that I haven't washed my hair because I didn't do a peloton ride over the weekend as usual. Pitiful! I still love this subtle grayish Burberry button up that I bought from an IG sale that Morgan Schadegg was hosting. 

TUESDAY 3.16.21

Striped shirt: Commes des Garcon | Earrings: J. Crew Factory (similar)

Okay, I really need to get over myself in this shirt. It's just too small for me and doesn't look flattering, even though it is a medium from CDG. I got it at Barney's during their closing sale for a deal, and I need to just move on. It is too constricting over my chest because it's sized for Japanese girls! That's a pro tip for anyone looking to buy one of these striped shirts (which I clearly still love), size two sizes up! I also wore it because I recently got the Trixie Mattel Daytime Realness palette and I wanted to tie in the blue in a way that I deemed on the fence of work appropriate.


Nap Dress: Hill House Home

Happy St. Patty's day! You know your girl never misses an opportunity to dress for a theme, even when she is being overwhelmed by Anti-Asian sentiment in the media. I made a TikTok in this vein and it's probably my best performing non-DragRace-related video. 

THURSDAY 3.18.21

Cardigan: Everlane (similar) | Tee: Mott & Bow | Necklace: Awe Inspired

This is a clear outfit fave and repeat

FRIDAY 3.19.21

Long sleeve mock neck: Uniqlo

Oh, someone thought she was pulling off a middle part here?! Gen Z TikTok is clearly really getting to my head.

MONDAY 3.22.21

Oxford Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

I'm obsessed with this Vivienne Westwood necklace! Thanks TikTok for tipping me in a few months late, I don't even care to keep up with Gen Z, I just like the statement that this pearl necklace makes.  Somehow, even though it's a pearl necklace, Vivienne has figured out a way to make it sort of punk looking. Anyway, I'm obsessed with how it mixes with my otherwise very preppy style! I'll also have a new post coming soon: Things TikTok made me buy.

TUESDAY 3.23.21

T-Shirt Dress: J. Crew | Necklace: Awe Inspired

The necklace strikes again. I've clearly convinced myself that I can wear any t-shirt to work so long as I put this necklace on top.

THURSDAY 3.25.21

Tutleneck: H&M | Earrings: Lele Sadoughi

Did you notice we skipped Wednesday? I hoped you didn't.  Anyway, back we are to the jail shirts. I also put on these earrings just for some variety, even though I really would rather have paired this turtleneck with my pearl hoops. Those are my go-to work earrings.

FRIDAY 3.26.21

Nap Dress: Hill House Home | Earrings: TJ Maxx

Honestly I look amazing in this outfit even though it isn't necessarily work appropriate. I think I actually changed out of this in the afternoon for a client meeting, or put a blazer on. This dress with the big gold hoops just makes me feel like drinking an aperol spritz on a patio. Get me there stat!

Anyway, it's good to be back.  I have also been dealing with a lot of pent up feelings and emotions surrounding the recent rise in media coverage of anti-Asian hate and the social media about what to do about this Asian hate. I am thinking about writing something about my own "unique" experience soon, which is really not unique but probably from a viewpoint that isn't written about a lot just from the nature of the exact viewpoint (growing up around (many racist) white people and dating a white person). 

Ciao til then. 



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