A Night with Kamala Harris

Rumor has it that Kamala is going to announce her presidential campaign at a rally in Oakland on MLK day.  WHAT A COINCIDENCE, for me, an Oakland resident.  Problem is, I can't seem to find any internet information about it. I may just have to hang around the Lake Merritt area on that day and wait to see if I happen across a #Kamala2020 rally.

I did have the pleasure of attending the San Francisco stop of Kamala's book tour, in promotion of her new book The Truths We Hold.  I could not wait to potentially be in the presence of a future Madame President. The only thing was to figure out what to wear. What do you wear when you are going to see a future president? I decided on my best dress (which also happens to be one of my best Goodwill finds) and my new Everlane day heels.

How to Get Over Goodwill Smells

Smells are the one thing keeping most people out of thrift shopping and prohibiting them from wearing secondhand clothes. But you can get over it! I try on almost everything I buy at Goodwill because I want to make sure that the things I'm selling are things I would actually wear.  Now that everyone is heading over to thrift stores because everyone is clearing out their closets Marie Kondo style, thrift shopping is going to go through a huge boom.  Here's how to get over the smells.

1. Get used to it! It's not that bad. It's musty and dusty but you really do get used to it. Seriously. After about 2 minutes in the store and touching the clothes, you don't even notice it anymore.  I also like to force myself to try things on so that I get the experience of what my potential customer would be buying and putting on themselves.  When I try things on, I notice that some clothes have strong perfumey smells, from whoever last tried it on or owned it, and some just smell like musty Goodwill.  PRO TIP: It also helps to try things on so that you find flaws that might not stand out when you are just looking at the item on the hanger.

2. Air things out when you get home. I've found just hanging things in my kitchen nook (on the windowsill) where they can air out gets rid of the initial musty scent before I start steaming the item. Depending on how long you let them hang up depends on how much the scent will go away. I try not to let things hang up for too long just because of how it looks visually with my apartment decor but also because I want to move quickly in getting things photographed, listed, inventoried, and sold.

2019 Personal Goals

My 2019 word of the year: PROGRESS

How will I make progress? I'm starting by writing out all of my goals for the year, in several aspects. I've already discussed goals for my Poshmark business and my Instagram account, but the following are goals I'm setting in my personal life.

This is my REAL list, please try not to pay attention to the list of things I've already bought for myself in 2019.

I recently read an article from Cup of Jo that was a great exercise in setting New Year's resolutions. From my list, I've gleaned my top 5 personal goals for this year.

1. Make more friends.
If anyone asks me what my resolutions are for the year, this is what I tell them.  It is a little bit embarrassing for me to admit sometimes, but I really don't have a lot of friends.  I do say all the time "I have no friends," but I feel like a lot of people who do actually have friends say that as hyperbole. I do have a handful of great best friends, but I haven't had a lot of friends since I graduated college in 2013.  I consider most of my college friends to still be some of my best friends, so that hasn't changed, but I feel like I haven't been making the effort in adulthood to make more friends.  I am hoping this will change with my new membership at The Wing San Francisco, starting on 1/15/19!

2. Exercise. 
Confession: I haven't worked out in 3 months. I already walk approximately 2.5 miles every day to and from BART to work. I would footnote that "every day" translates into most days, aka days where I am going to the office, aka days when I am not running late and it is not raining, aka probably two days a week. Classpass keeps trying to tempt me with no initiation fee and one free month, but I paid for Classpass for a whole two months during which I only attended one class (if that).  That's why they want me! I can't make it to classes on my current schedule! I have to figure out a way to make exercise fit into my life that consists mostly of long commutes to work and long days at work.  Fitting in workouts on weekend mornings might be what I need to commit to in order to make this happen.

3. Be on my phone less.
Although this might seem like in contradiction to my 2019 Instagram Goals and in contradiction to my want/need to share my Poshmark closet all the time, I feel like if I really plan efficiently, I should still be able to do those things and still be able to be on my phone less. I do not need to have my phone in my hand all the time.  It's how it gets lost and dropped almost every day.  I need to be the kind of person that can keep their phone in their purse because I don't need to reference it all the time.

Obsession with Blazers

I always look at blazers first when I get to a Goodwill. I love jackets in general, and blazers are something I think I gravitate to from the nature of my day job.  I also feel like, for some reason, people are more willing to buy blazers and outerwear secondhand.  I, however, RARELY wear blazers to work. I always want this to change, but it really hasn't in the past year. My commute requires a lot of walking and it gets hard to dress for the walk and the fickle San Francisco weather. I'm hoping that this blog will actually make this change.  I want to be a girl that wears blazers but I am also a girl that likes to be warm and I never seem to think that a blazer will keep me warm!

I love the look of a blazer with jeans. I, so far, have not been able to pull off the oversized/men's blazer look with jeans, but I really haven't tried. I only wear blazers with jeans for my modeling shots in my Poshmark closet! I LOVE the look though and I need to challenge myself to wear them out more and brave the cold. I can wear a turtleneck and gloves with the blazer!

More than anything I love a unique blazer. I love that Valentino one I have sooooo much (also bought on Posh) but I have only worn it about once. I decided to list it but still keep it in my actual closet to try to wear it out more. I listed it high because even though I still love it, if someone is willing to pay that price, I'm willing to let it go!

I honestly should just have everything in my actual closet listed on Posh at the price that I would really let it go out.  I already collected blazers before I started sourcing and barely wear them!  Thrifting blazers is the perfect solution for me.  I can cure my constant itch for a new and exciting blazer, then pass it on to another female boss to wear to work through my Poshmark closet. What an ideal world! Now all I have to do is start wearing the blazers and forcing someone to photograph me in said blazers so I can post more interesting listings.

You can look forward to more blazers being added to my closet because I will never stop collecting them!

2019 Instagram Strategy

After listening to Jenna Kutcher's numerous podcasts about the subject, I decided to put my new Instagram strategy for my @halikadito account in writing to help keep myself accountable and to determine at a later date whether these strategies actually helped grow my presence and/or engagement.

Instagram Goals for 2019:
5K followers (currently at a humble 256 lol)
Cohesive feed
Increase engagement with other users

This post is meant to serve as my current plan to get going on those goals.

2019 Poshmark Goals

Happy 2019! 2019 marks the start of my first full calendar year on my Poshmark journey. I want to start things off right and grow a lot this year. My word of 2019 is "progress" and I really hope to make a lot of progress in my Posh shop! The following are a rough outline of my goals for the "progress" of my shop.

1. Daily Sales
This is obviously not going to happen overnight, but I would love to get to the point where I can have at least one sale a day. Some people have multiple, which is crazy to me! I barely get 2-3 sales a week at this point. Granted, I only have 62 available items in my closet, so maybe this is good for that number.  Everyone on YouTube and Instagram seems to think that you need to have at least 200-300 available listings to get daily sales.  My storage space is not going to support that many items, but I do hope to get to that point if I can store my inventory elsewhere (see #6 below).  I don't have a monetary goal for sales at the end of the year or a numerical goal for items sold, I just want to get to the point that I am selling items on a more frequent basis. Hopefully by the end of the year I can reach daily! Maybe I will finally get some instagrams of stacks of posh packages...

2. Outfit Styling/Blog Support
When I first started my closet, I thought this was going to be my angle for selling clothes - styling them with full outfits.  This was obviously a lot harder than I anticipated.  My parents generously gifted me a Canon G7x Mark II which I learned about from @Carly [the prepster] that has a feature where you can use your iPhone as a remote. I'm hoping that this will allow me to set up my camera in different places and actually take outfit photos where I style items that are listed in my Posh closet. I'm not interested in being a fashion blogger and have clothes that are available for purchase, but I want to use this blog to help support sales in my posh closet. Plus it will be a way to hopefully show that Goodwill and Posh finds can look extremely fabulous and not make you look used! The other thing about secondhand clothes is that you can finally afford fab LOOKS for different occasions. I can't wait for this part.

3. Form an Actual Business
I want to consider Halika Dito a business and a brand.  I wanted to wait until 2019 to see where I was before forming an LLC and setting up a business bank account. I think I should definitely set up a business bank account because it's the only way I will see my profits and only use profits to invest back into inventory and not be spent on my own personal items.  I took business and tax law in law school and hopefully I can remember some things to put myself in the best possible situation for my own business.

SHOP HALIKA DITO: My Poshmark Ideal Brand List

Resellers tend to have their "bread and butter" brands that they always pick up at the thrift store because they know they will be able to sell them. I don't necessarily have that yet, since I haven't made too many sales and haven't actually sourced that much outside of my own closet. I will say that I've picked up 3 Madewell pieces so far and NONE OF THEM HAVE SOLD FOR A GOOD PROFIT. So I am pretty much done with Madewell.  I did sell one Madewell dress but that was from my own closet.

J. Crew
Banana Republic
Ann Taylor

Diane Von Furstenberg
Kate Spade

Miu Miu
Mansur Gavriel
Anine Bing
Rag and Bone
All Saints

BRANDS I NEED TO STOP BUYING (because they are not selling):
Lafayette 148

Lilly Pulitzer
Eileen Fisher