iPad 9.7 [Regular] for Reselling

I love my new iPad! It was really thanks to Carly @ CarlyThePrepster and Jenna @ Empty Hanger that convinced me to get one.  Carly kept showing the cool graphics and drawings you can make with the iPad and Apple Pencil, and Jenna showed how fast it was to share on the iPad (even though she has the pro, it doesn't really make a difference).  Both use the GoodNotes app that has totally helped me actually stay keeping on track with noting things down.

The Benefits to Creating Lewks

I have so many clothes and yet I tend to wear the same things over and over again -- of course, they are my favorite and most comfortable things, but it still pains me when I am not able to wear a lot of pieces in my closet.  That, I have realized, is what LEWKS are for.

What constitutes a lewk? I like to think of pulling lewks when I have a specific event to attend and I feel the need to dress the part, much like a real housewife.

For example, I attended a red white and blue themed bachelorette party last summer in Austin. Let's be clear -- I LOVE A THEME.  I put together the following lewks for the weekend.

I bought these red heart sunglasses specifically for the trip. They have well-exceeded my expectations, were a big hit at the bachelorette, and I still wear them today! I'm even planning to wear them on my Tokyo trip this March.  Unfortunately I was with a bunch of people who do not care about lewks and didn't really get any good pics of my outfits except for this top one, because my friend who does care about lewks finally showed up! 

What's in my Poshmark Reselling Toolkit

In an effort to keep my apartment organized and prevent my Poshmark reselling supplies from being all over the place, I have started storing (almost) everything I use regularly for listing and selling in an Everlane shoe box.  These are all the things that I have discovered I need for photographing, listing, and reselling on a weekly basis.  I don't think I need anything other than this, except maybe a better steamer!

Scissors for tags and loose threads (I use the cover of the shoebox to keep all of these bits together before I toss them!)

LUSH Twilight spray (mixed with water) to keep clothes smelling fresh after steaming

Evercare sweater shaver to get those pills off those sweaters and keep them looking crisp

Measuring tape because I want to preempt those questions!

Packing tape to seal boxes and attach labels (although I just ordered the free USPS labels!)

Neon Dot Stickers to write quick descriptions of what items are after they are placed in inventory bags

Pen to write my descriptions on the dot stickers and sometimes to write measurements down

HD logo stickers to cover the neon dot stickers and add some branding to my packaging

Daily Planner for keeping track of how many items I list a day and how many items I ended up selling that day

Conair steamer
 I actually hate this steamer, it doesn't fit in the box, but I already have it so I guess I'll work with what I got

(not pictured)

Lint roller 
especially when I'm wearing sweats that touch the clothes I'm measuring and photographing -- not in the box because I use it for my regular clothes too

Resealable inventory bags so that the items are protected from water damage and also so that the buyer can potentially use the bag again -- I keep these in boxes with my unlisted inventory so I can immediately package them up

Peacock feather polymailers from UPakNShip because who doesn't like getting pretty packages! I keep these in my inventory boxes for ease of shipping

Wearing Your Closet Pieces Out

There's a real difference between "styling" your Poshmark closet pieces and actually "wearing" them.  I typically elect to do both, and I really like to do the latter.  Not only does it add to my personal wardrobe and my personal Instagram account, but it makes me really feel like I've gotten my money's worth out of a piece before I let it move on to its next home. 

It also helps when I find pieces that I like and want to keep. Almost all Posh resellers buy things in all sizes, so they can have a variety of sizes available for the most amount of customers.  While I appreciate that sentiment, I started out by stocking items that I liked for myself and would still wear in case this reselling thing did not work out.  The things that I do buy "out of size" are shoes and pants because I feel like they are easier pieces to move.

It also helps when I feel like I am "paying up" for something that makes it totally worth the price. 

It also helps kill two birds with one stone in making Andrew take an instagrammable photo of me that I can post on the 'gram and also use as a modeling photo in my listings. #LazyBossHack

There are, however, some risks involved in wearing your closet pieces out.

Golden State Warriors Chic

Another one of my 2019 goals (unwritten until this very moment) is to take every opportunity for a LEWK. My friend Monica recently went to a Warriors game and let me know that the ladies watching from the stands were serving looks. When Andrew invited me to go to a game with him, I knew this was a great opportunity for a basketball game day lewk. 

As I am not a true fan, I didn't really have any Warriors gear. I already had this yellow hat because I liked how the bright yellow hat looked with the yellow interior of the logo.  It paired PERFECTLY with my new bright blue blazer style coat from J.Crew (but purchased at Nordstrom).

Poshmark Shipping with a Full Time Job

Almost every day I am inundated with Poshers on IG posting photos of them and their stacks of posh packages that they are preparing to send out for the day.  Not only do I not have sales that come close to being able to "stack," if I did, I don't know how I would send them all out! The post offices around me are not in walking distance before my commute to Bart and I would not have time to drive to a post office before work because they don't open early enough.  

I also live in Oakland and I'm not sure I can trust leaving a bunch of packages out on my porch to wait for the mailman to come pick them up.  Since I'm not at home during the day, I wouldn't even be able to monitor whether a package did get picked up until the end of the day and would have to wait patiently for the Poshmark app to update shipping or else worry that my packages did get stolen. 

Everlane Day Market Tote
For those of us that are not full-time poshers (and don't work from home), it's pretty difficult to get our packages shipped quickly when sales happen at all times of the day.  It's especially difficult when you have to get packages out that won't fit in a USPS blue box or when you don't have a post office near you.  USPS hours are not conducive to a working woman's schedule.  

A rare photo of me actually able to sit on BART in the morning with a bag of Posh packages and my work bag.

Status Report: January 2019

In 2019, I plan to post these status reports, every 30 days or so, checking in on how I am doing with my goals (personal and poshmark), and seeing what has helped so far.

Looks like I still need to work on my posture.

My word for 2019 is PROGRESS. I plan to use these status reports to keep track of this progress not only for myself, but to share any tips and tricks that I may have encountered along the way.

Poshmark Goals

Better Listings. I'm working on a new look for my listings in my closet, and therefore tried my first sale.  The sale was for everything photographed with a pink hanger (which also meant it might have been in night-time lighting and also would be hanging in front of my closet door).  They are not great photos and are from when I first started this Halika Dito poshmark journey.  It has not gotten me anywhere in terms of people actually making 3/$30 bundles, but eventually I will just delete all of those pink hanger listings and either rephotograph and relist them or get rid of them.

Daily Listing. I'm still trying to get to a point where I can easily list 3-5 items every day, but it hasn't happened. I'm getting closer, where it's about every 2-3 days that I list new items, and I have noticed that it's correlated with a marked increase in sales.

Styling Photos. I'm trying to wear my closet pieces out so I can show people exactly how they could be styled and how they fit in with an everyday wardrobe. The wearing the pieces is now not the problem, but taking photos of the pieces is still a problem. I just need to be brave enough to take out my camera and tripod and take photos of myself but it still has not happened. I also hate bothering Andrew to take outfit photos of me but that's probably something I have to get over as well.