SHOP HALIKA DITO: Goals for October 2018

As recently posted (hopefully), I have successfully completed one month on Poshmark with my closet @halikadito and loved every minute of it!

As recommended by fellow posher @mogibeth on YouTube, I've decided to set some goals for October 2018 in order to help grow my shop.

My goals for October 2018 include:

1. Post on @halikadito instagram every day.
This should be easy, since I'm not even really trying to collect likes. I use this separate instagram mostly to collect inspiration for trends and tips from other poshers. In turn, I can start to document my shop's progress, even though it's slow.  One of my favorite posts to see are videos of poshers at the thrift store flipping through racks of shirts where you can just see the label of the item and then see if they choose to pick it out or not. LOVE those. I think I can probably manage posting a few of those, considering how often I seem to be at Goodwill after work.

2. Get to over 50 active listings. 
I need this anyway to get to Posh Ambassador status. Every YouTube video I've seen about reselling to make thousands of dollars a month says to have 50 if not over 100 listings.  I so far can't seem to get above 20 active listings at a time. It's a lot of work! Hopefully I can come up with a system for taking photos in natural daylight and storing my inventory efficiently so that Andrew doesn't even feel this change occur in our apartment.

3. Profit $1000.
This is straightforward. Let's double our margins now that I'm figuring out what I'm doing!

SHOP HALIKA DITO: One Month on Poshmark (September 2018)

Number of listings posted: 58
Listings sold: 25
Total sold on Poshmark: $737.00
Total Poshmark fees: $151.55
Costs of goods sold: $34.96
MY PROFIT: $550.49

What a hobby! I LOVE RESELLING. I had previously dabbled in Poshmark when I was in law school, but never to this extent.  Somehow this time it's different. Maybe because I have been so adamant on having my own "store."  I'm also crafting a brand! I want to take this seriously and transform it into an actual business.

Most of the stuff sold in September was from my actual closet, but I did start thrifting this month and it's really changed my life.  It's the only thing I look forward to while I'm at work -- the minute I can take off and stop by the Goodwill on my walk home!  I'm trying to keep the amount of sourcing reasonable and in line with the amount that I can reasonably list during the week, which is currently none.

SHOP HALIKA DITO: My First Trip Sourcing for Inventory

Since I have now sold 6 of my items from my personal closet, I felt that it was finally time that I allow myself to GO SHOPPING!

I think reselling is the perfect job for me because I think my true passion in life is shopping for deals.  Reselling allows me to shop and make money at the same time! Well maybe not at the same time, it's actually more like a week or two later when the item actually sells...

There's a really nice Goodwill in San Francisco on my walk back to Bart from my office, but the last two times I went I felt that there weren't really any good brands in stock.  I saw some Roger Vivier pumps in a size 9, but the bottom of the shoe said "Made in P.R.C" instead of "Made in Italy" and that really threw me off.  PRC is apparently People's Republic of China, and I couldn't find any other Roger Vivier shoes that had that stamp.  That indicated to me that they were fake, but also if they were fake, why would they be honest about the PRC thing? Doesn't make sense. Might have also been "made for outlet" shoes.  In any event, I carried them around and ultimately didn't buy them.

This last trip, I tried to give myself a budget of $20 to spend.  That, of course, did not happen.

I spent $30 on 4 items. Two DVF pieces, an Equipment silk blouse, and a J.Crew x Liberty button up shirt.

SHOP HALIKA DITO: The First Poshmark Sale

I did it! I finally sold something from my Poshmark store.

Find it (and my store) here:

Silly old me had a ThredUp bag sitting in my closet at my parents' house for a very long time.  I was too lazy to sell my clothes myself and ended up being too lazy to even send the ThredUp bag out for someone else to sell my clothes.  Luckily that laziness resulted in all the clothes currently in my Poshmark closet.

This Adidas hoodie was an impulse purchase at the Adidas store on the Santa Monica Promenade.  I got it in a Large, and I ended up never wearing it because I had too many printed workout pants.  I wasn't even sure that ThredUp would take it but it seemed like someone might want it.  It's actually shocking to me that out of all my cool clothes, this is the piece that sold first.

I sold it on offer for $30.  I originally listed it for $40, so the buyer got $10 off.
Poshmark takes 20% of every sale, so I ended up with a $24 profit on this sale.
Not amazing profit, but I probably bought this sweater around $30 and wore it a few times, and its better than the $0 I would have gotten from donating to Goodwill.

I've sold 3 more things thus far, and soon I will feel like I can actually go out and buy inventory instead of just selling my old belongings! I am going to try to implement a one in one out system in the future, where I can only buy new things based on the amount of stuff I sold, and sort of hold myself to a max capacity of items.

We'll see if I ever get there.

Creating a Wedding LEWK as a Bridesmaid

I'm going to my best friend's wedding, as a bridesmaid. I've been a flower girl many a time, but I have yet to be in a wedding party as an adult.  It's totally an honor, but it also means I have to wear a bridesmaids dress for the entirety of the wedding.

This is what I'm going to be wearing, along with the rest of the wedding party. 

Ok, ok. Right. The wedding is obviously not about me and I'm not supposed to stand out. It's about her! The bride!  However, I cannot waste an opportunity when I'm getting both my makeup and hair done to create a full lewk.  It's an even more fun challenge to try to make a lewk with a bridesmaids dress.

So the dress is set. It should be a simple dress in a nice deep teal.  How can I make a lewk? The only current variables are the earrings, purse, and shoes.  Hopefully the earrings and purse don't suddenly get chosen for us as well.

We do not have to get matching shoes, so that everyone can get whatever heel height they want, but the bride would like everyone to wear nude sandals.

Luckily (or unluckily, for my credit card) I don't actually have any nude sandals ...thataregoodforweddings.  I do actually have approximately 3 pairs of nude heels that I can wear if I don't end up finding a good pair. Two aren't technically "nude," but they are more of a tan, which I don't think will really go with this dress, and they are suede, making them a little too casual.  I'm looking for a blush nude leather pair of shoes that seem wedding-appropriate, that I can wear to both weddings I have scheduled for this fall.

Shop Halika Dito: Creating My Poshmark Account

So I've had previous experience selling my old clothes.  I started with eBay, moved to Poshmark, and even Crossroads.  Each is a step towards peak laziness in the resale market.  I stopped because my stuff pretty much stopped selling.  My old poshmark account still has active listed items, but no one was buying them and I deleted the app.

I decided to start fresh, especially since I'm trying to make Halika Dito a real brand.  Accordingly,  I redownloaded the app and created a new poshmark profile with the handle @halikadito.

It has been at least one week and I have over 150 followers but I haven't posted any items for sale yet (Poshmark automatically gives new users random people to follow, which apparently now includes me).

As of this morning, I have already purchased two items on Poshmark with my new account, without listing any of my own. This is not going well.  However, I rationalized these purchases by thinking they could fill out my inventory of things "I want" and will definitely use, but also am willing to sell at the right price.  I got an amazing houndstooth vintage Valentino blazer for $35 and a cool rounded vintage Stuart Weitzman round mini top handle bag for $13.  Absolutely worth it.


Back to selling.  Could I resell these things? Definitely.  Could I make a profit?  Probably.  These were items that appeared to be sitting in these sellers' closets for months.  I actually really like these items and I'm hoping that I can incorporate them into my actual wardrobe and eventually list them at a price that would be worth it for me to part with them.  They aren't pieces that I would let go of too quickly, especially not for the prices at which I bought them.


My new dream is to own a clothing store.  My real passion in life is not litigating but shopping and finding good deals.  It seems the best way to monetize that is to allow myself to shop and find good deals but then turn them around and sell them for a profit.  It's my new goal with this new re-brand, and it seems like something I can do while litigating during the day.

I've recently been inspired to do more vintage or secondhand shopping, under the guise of "sustainability" while also saving money, owning clothes that are more unique and of better quality.

I was recently looking for a cool hand-held bag to wear to the two weddings I will be attending this fall. I was inspired by this heart-shaped Maryam Nassir Zadeh bag that I saw on an outfit shot on ManRepeller, but I couldn't find it anywhere.  Nor could I find any suitable alternative.  This is neither here nor there.

I then was inspired by the ever-popular Shrimps beaded bags, which I obviously can't afford at $520. They are everywhere at the moment and would perfectly accessorize a basic teal bridesmaid dress.  I was further inspired by Karen Britchick's lime green beaded bag that she found at a vintage shop.  I immediately started scouring etsy and eBay for a similar bag. It was more difficult than I had anticipated.



I was searching "vintage beaded bag" and going nowhere. It was mostly the tiny beads on grandma bags, instead of the large kindergarten-necklace style beads that are in right now.  I ended up finding and buying this bag from the shop closetcaseVNTG on Etsy.  Her shop is amazing and it's what I hope to emulate, style-wise.  The etsy shop showed photos of the bag in hand, and styled, which allowed me to fully visualize what it would actually look like on.  All of the other beaded bags I saw were just laid out on tables.  She is able to charge more for her items because buyers can see how they would look styled, and how cool they can look.  It's sort of the same way that NastyGal got started, but that sort of got away from her.  Other things I want to buy from her include this jumpsuit, this maxi gown, and this sweater.  I want to get them because I can already see how they fit on a model, and based on how much fatter than her I think I am, I can visualize more or less how the item would fit on me.