Bed Accessories: How Much is Too Much?

Andrew and I have only lived in two apartments together, and moved the same bed, but somehow we continue to accumulate more and more bed accessories.  What are "bed accessories," you ask? These would be sleeping pillows, sham pillows, accent pillows, and blankets.  We now not only have all of the above, but multiple of each. 

In total, we have two "regular" pillows each, which means 4 pillows stay on our bed every night while everything else gets tossed to the ground.  We have four "sham" pillows, two that match the white duvet, and two with the Dusen Dusen quilt pattern.  We also have two sheepskin covered throw pillows from Pottery Barn, and then one small flower pillow from Takashi Murakami that I bought in Japan. And that's it! I believe, at this point, 7 pillows is the limit. I just don't see how it could look balanced after that. Fewer than 7 is probably ideal, but this is where I am in life today.

Simone Rocha x HM Wishlist: Should I Buy This?

The Simone Rocha x HM collaboration comes out at HM on March 11.  The pieces are beautiful - playful and statement-making but still feminine and elegant - which are the exact words I want to describe my own style and wardrobe. 

Prices, per, range from $7.99 to $349. 

For most purchases I'm making, I'm challenging myself to write down three ways I would style each potential new piece that I would be adding to my closet.  This doesn't always work when I'm making impulse purchases for things I think might sell out (see: Hill House Home nap dresses), but so far I think it has been actually stopping me from buying things I don't need or won't wear. 

Statement Puff Sleeve Trench Coat

While the price of this coat will be determinative, my jaw dropped as I was scrolling through the announcement of the collection and saw this trench.  I LOVE a good trench (even though I only have one).  It's a great light weight layer that is good for almost every season (if you live in California) and can make you look more put together without very much effort. 

This is obviously a huge statement, that would be a real "fashion" element to add to my otherwise basic (in comparison) wardrobe.  But how would I wear it? 

1) with a white button up, black leggings, and my black chain detail Vince Camuto combat boots 

2) with my teal Stine Goya dress underneath, and white AF1s

3) with a black turtleneck, black slacks, black ballet flats and a black beret

Werk From Home: Zoom Outfits 2.26.21

Another week, another week of Zoom screenshots for things that I wear to work, regardless of whether or not I have any scheduled Zoom meetings.  The weather is starting to get warmer, and I'm noticing that it is probably going to get very hot in my office over the summer because the sun shines directly in here most of the day.  The 60 degree weather but the heat from the sun have resulted in outfits all over the place this week. Enjoy! 


Striped Short Sleeve Cardigan: J. Crew (on sale!) | Bow Earrings: Tiny Tassel

Y'all know how I feel about Mondays, and that's probably the same as everyone else feels.  I didn't do a Peloton ride on Sunday, and thus I woke up on Monday with greasy hair.  I was feeling lazy and I didn't understand the weather, so this lewk was just sort of thrown together.  I've worn this striped button up cashmere cardigan before, but I do love it. It's a jail shirt, for when I feel stuck at work. I paired it with my cream Tiny Tassel bow earrings, which I thought added a playful element to an otherwise professional-severe look.

February 2021 Favorites

A short month, but that doesn't mean I consumed any less! I took "buy nothing" off of my habit tracker for the month because I was tired of having that blank space throughout the page.  This month's favorites were not necessarily purchased this month, but are items that I've used very often (almost daily) and are relatively new. 

This photo has all my February favorites in one! 

Barefoot Dreams Leopard Blanket

Okay, so I succumbed to the hundreds of bloggers that were posting about this leopard blanket being on sale at Nordstrom for approx. 2 weeks.  The power of influence! I have been wanting a barefoot dreams blanket for a while, after always buying and selling their cardigans, and when I got a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday, I decided to pull the trigger. I now use it as my office blanket as it is extremely soft and comforting, which is needed more than you think in the practice of law.

Attending a Virtual Wedding, At Home

It looks like virtual Zoom weddings are here to stay.  I had the pleasure of attending my ading's (basically a sorority "little," but for Filipinos) virtual wedding earlier this month and I wanted to make my virtual attendance an event.  Because what else is there to live for at this point in the pandemic?

Rotate Birger Christensen Dawn Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Satin Dress
Rotate Birger Christensen Dawn Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Satin Dress

Rotate Birger Christensen Dawn Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Satin Dress
Rotate Birger Christensen Dawn Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Satin Dress

I bought this Rotate Birger Christensen dress because of its iconic #RHOBH status: both Lisa Rinna and Kyle wore this polka dot puff sleeve dress to some event during filming unintentionally matching.  This is the SECOND Rotate dress that RHOBH wives have worn to the same event - it's clearly a stylist favorite and that is reason enough for me to buy the dress (so long as it's on sale and not $300 ha).  Did I have an event to wear the dress to? No.  Once I got invited to this virtual wedding though, I knew that would be the perfect time to break it in.  I LOVE this dress. 

Werk From Home: Zoom Outfits 2.19.21

I decided that this week's theme would be a play on my usual work uniform- a white button up with accessories.  I have a lot of statement earrings and hair accessories to work with, so I thought that keeping the palette of my blouse the same would allow for those little items to really make a statement.


President's day baby, which means NO WORK! I allowed myself to really take the day off work for the most part, until I got some aggressively critical emails from a partner after dinner and proceeded to sit at my computer for the rest of the night. Happy weekends always for lawyers!  


Shirt: Brooks Brothers | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack | Blue Light Glasses: The Book Club

Day One of the white-shirt lewks this week.  I have 6 of these Brooks Brothers white button up shirts because I decided soon after law school that this would be my work uniform.  These babies have been through a lot with me, and spritzes of bleach have revived them time and time again.  These pearlescent flower earrings I got on clearance from Nordstrom Rack for about $4, but they give serious Rebecca de Ravenel vibes, so I got them. I love a white floral earring moment to pop against my dark hair! 

STAUD Tommy Beaded Bag Review & What's In My Bag

The Staud Tommy Beaded Bag is one of the newest bags in my collection, and reviews of the bag are few and far between on the internet.  STAUD is one of my favorite brands right now because they are cool and give their own take on current trends in an elevated and chic way.  As I may have already mentioned, Andrew got me this Arctic Blue Staud Tommy Beaded Bag for my birthday last year. I LOVE these Staud beaded bags, and it's a little bit shocking to me that I haven't seen that many on social media, other than the light blue zebra bag on KarenBritChick.  I love gingham, and I love a pastel blue, so this bag was perfect for me, especially as zebra is probably my least favorite animal print.  

Staud Tommy Beaded Bag | Shacket: Nordstrom BP | Leggings: Zella

The shape of the Staud beaded bags are perfect, especially given the rise of the shoulder bags (this is the exact same shape as the Coach pochette I got for my 8th grade graduation in 2005 lol).  I love that shoulder bags are basically top handle bags but you can hold them under your shoulder and out of your hands...what a concept! I find that to be the most annoying part about crossbody bags now, they are difficult to grab onto when you are getting out of your car if they don't have a top handle.  I'm also over the sensation of crossbody bags constantly bouncing off of your body while you walk.  I'm just into handheld bags and shoulder bags now, just like everyone else!