How Often The Real Real Offers $30 off

I love The RealReal. I will say, their purses are very hit or miss, as their quality control standards leave a lot to be desired.  On the other hand, their selection of unique designer clothes at amazing prices is unparalleled.  I like to keep a collection of clothes in my "obsessions" that are affordable, but could use a further discount or the extra $25-30 off that TRR offers every once in a while. I have been dying to make some purchases, and I haven't seen anywhere that has tracked the frequency in which TRR offers these sales, so I decided to start tracking.  Come back to this post for regular updates! 

Friday 1/22/21: 4 days to take $30 off your purchase from 01/22 12:01am PT - 01/25 11:59pm PT.

Purchase: Mansur Gavriel linen jacket

Okay, I paid so little for this because I also had another credit on TRR for selling some sunglasses or something.  It was final sale and now that I have it it's way too huge and oversized.  I thought it would have been a good spring/transition coat for San Francisco weather.  I still may try to make it work or may resell it on Posh. TBD!

Friday 4/2/21: 3 days to take $25 off your purchase from 04/02 12:01am PT - 04/04 11:59pm PT. 

Purchase: Alice + Olivia floral maxi dress

This is the first time I've seen an offer for $25 instead of $20, but I have been WAITING for this coupon so I was still happy it came around.  It's been almost 3 months since the last coupon, and I have been worried that this dress would be sold (but clearly not that worried, because the price before the coupon is reasonable enough and I almost checked out with it many times).  I bought this dress for a wedding in October because I clearly have issues. BUT, why wait if you can score a perfect dress for a formal October wedding for such a great price! Hopefully it fits, but even if not, I know I can resell this dress for at LEAST $70.

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