Werk From Home: Zoom Outfits 2.26.21

Another week, another week of Zoom screenshots for things that I wear to work, regardless of whether or not I have any scheduled Zoom meetings.  The weather is starting to get warmer, and I'm noticing that it is probably going to get very hot in my office over the summer because the sun shines directly in here most of the day.  The 60 degree weather but the heat from the sun have resulted in outfits all over the place this week. Enjoy! 


Striped Short Sleeve Cardigan: J. Crew (on sale!) | Bow Earrings: Tiny Tassel

Y'all know how I feel about Mondays, and that's probably the same as everyone else feels.  I didn't do a Peloton ride on Sunday, and thus I woke up on Monday with greasy hair.  I was feeling lazy and I didn't understand the weather, so this lewk was just sort of thrown together.  I've worn this striped button up cashmere cardigan before, but I do love it. It's a jail shirt, for when I feel stuck at work. I paired it with my cream Tiny Tassel bow earrings, which I thought added a playful element to an otherwise professional-severe look.


Jogger Suit: WAYF via Nordstrom | Cancun Top: Paloma Wool via Lisa Says Gah

I had to physically go into the office to work today, which hasn't happened all of quarantine. I decided to really dress the part, and wore my WAYF jogger suit for comfort but style.  I paired it with this Paloma Wool Cancun shirt, which is so cool and actually patterned all over with a print of what looks like male spectators at some sort of show.  A great lewk that actually made me miss going to the office!


Dress: Zara (similar) | Bow Earrings: Tiny Tassel

I've been overheating in my office lately, so sweatpants are not working out this week. I decided I wanted to go for a dress, but it's still only around 60 degrees.  The sun that comes into my office really warms it up at different times of the day, so I was even overheating in this dress earlier this morning.  This is my "witch" dress from Zara, but I made it a little more feminine by pairing it again with my cream Tiny Tassel bow earrings.   I love the subtlety of the puff sleeve in the zoom camera and the half-up hairdo also added to the femininity and took away from the potential witchiness of the dress so that it was appropriate for work. 


T-Shirt Dress: J. Crew | Earrings: J. Crew Factory (similar)

Why am I smiling in this photo? Not because I love my job or anything. Probably because I've been watching iconic episodes of drag race and I got to facetime two of my best friends from college just to talk about this season that aired approximately when we were in college 7 years ago.  Fortunately for me, they are two gays with encyclopedic knowledge of lip syncs and we could talk about it as if the episode just aired last Friday.  I also thought I would go with a smile here because this lewk is basic and I think I've worn everything shown before.  The black shirt is actually a midi length shirt dress from J. Crew that I LOVE wearing and always wear it immediately once it's washed because it's so comfortable.  For some reason, I am still only gravitating to cream colored earrings and not any of my colorful ones, which doesn't make sense because this basic palette seems like the time to wear those earrings.  


Gingham Dress: Amazon | Earrings: Alison Lou

Okay after watching a million Trixie Mattel youtube videos and stalking rainbow makeup palettes online, I figured I should actually try using the eyeshadow palettes I already have. I almost never wear eyeshadow, and if I do, it's usually just three colors out of this Chanel compact because I'm lazy.  Today I used about 4 palettes because I wanted to go for a bright pink eye look, except I don't happen to have many good pink eyeshadows.  I mostly have neutral palettes, so the pinks are very coral and mauve-y.  Anyway, there are probably about 10 colors on each lid, and you can't even tell! Haha! Jokes on me! I am interested in honing and strengthening my makeup application skills so I'm glad I've started that journey today.  This dress is one of my favorite lazy dresses, it's from Amazon and extremely cheap but extremely comfortable and flattering.  I strongly believe that picking a gingham or other black and white pattern, even if you are buying something cheaply made, can make it look more expensive and chic.  Case in point here! 

Goals for next week: more eyeshadow and lip looks to go with my cream colored earrings. 



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