February 2021 Favorites

A short month, but that doesn't mean I consumed any less! I took "buy nothing" off of my habit tracker for the month because I was tired of having that blank space throughout the page.  This month's favorites were not necessarily purchased this month, but are items that I've used very often (almost daily) and are relatively new. 

This photo has all my February favorites in one! 

Barefoot Dreams Leopard Blanket

Okay, so I succumbed to the hundreds of bloggers that were posting about this leopard blanket being on sale at Nordstrom for approx. 2 weeks.  The power of influence! I have been wanting a barefoot dreams blanket for a while, after always buying and selling their cardigans, and when I got a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday, I decided to pull the trigger. I now use it as my office blanket as it is extremely soft and comforting, which is needed more than you think in the practice of law.

36x36 Acrylic Frame

Okay, so I wrote a post about putting this frame up, but I'm still really loving it! It's a great background for my Peloton (even though I still have yet to video chat anyone on the bike) and it brought both my blog and instagram a lot of attention when my blogging idol Kathleen Barnes posted it on her story! All of my posts are now just chasing the engagement that the post of this frame brought me. 

Bose "Wireless" Headphones

I bought these when I was still going to the Equinox in Westwood, so these are at least 4 years old.  They are my gym headphones, but since we haven't been going to the gym, they haven't really been used.  Plus, the rise of the airpods seemed to render them useless.  However, my airpods were having a problem with getting enough sound from my Peloton during rides. The volume would be turned all the way up and it was barely even loud in my airpods! On instagram, Jackie O was having the same problem, and she discovered if she used different wireless headphones, it was a way better experience. I decided to pull these out and lo and behold, it was a fix! I now use these headphones every day during my rides. The wire connecting them is a bit annoying (now that I'm used to airpods) but it definitely helps with not losing them. Highly recommend, especially for the Peloton.

Tory Burch Radziwill 

I got this bag as a birthday gift from my aunts. I'm really feeling pink right now and it has been featuring in a lot of my photos, especially this Valentine's season.  It's been the perfect pop of color and its very petite size makes it my go-to bag when I just need to bring my phone and card holder and also need to make a statement.  I love holding it by the top handle with how cutesy it is, but it's also useful with the removable crossbody strap.  It also gives off Hermes Kelly and Fendi Peekaboo vibes at a fraction of the cost.  I would highly recommend and I would even consider getting it in other colors (if I can find them on sale, of course)!

Casaluna "Harmony" Room Spray

Arvin Olano talked about this on Instagram and said that it was $10 at Target and smelled like Le Labo Santal 33. I immediately had to find it.  I now own two. One in the bathroom, for obvious reasons, and one in the bedroom that I typically spray whenever we cook food and forget to close the bedroom door.  I do smell a hint of Le Labo, but it does smell a bit different. Still a great room scent though! It takes a few sprays to get the scent all over, but for $10, seems worth it. 

Clubhouse App

I'm obsessed with Clubhouse because I am nosy and like listening to people talk. I love podcasts, and I also hate silence.  Clubhouse fills both of those voids and I have been able to find a corner of Clubhouse that I actually enjoy (see: Bravoholics and the Morning Toast).  It's still invite only and I think maybe just starting to spread to Android phones, but it's a fun time! I haven't gotten the courage to raise my hand and participate in any rooms yet, but I also haven't felt compelled to ask anyone any questions.  I'm considering trying to start a room for MTV Challenge recaps, but that's still a TBD.  Comment below if you want an invite! 



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