Werk From Home: Zoom Outfits 2.12.21

More outfits that I wear to work as a lawyer on zoom.  Another dreary week! Another week where I don't leave the apartment and thus am fine wearing soft pants all day.  I would be atrophying as a human if not for my Peloton.  I don't know if it's always the week before a 3-day weekend that feels the longest, but this went by exponentially slower than the rest of my weeks have gone.  I have been buying a lot of new clothes but not really wearing them to work zooms (other than this Zara cardigan below), which is something I need to work on.  There's always next week!


Sweater: Zara

I LOVE this little jeweled cardigan! I have been wanting a nice novelty cardigan that I can wear fully buttoned up like a sweater.  This Zara one was on sale for $20, however it looked extremely tight and cropped on the model. I decided to size all the way up to a large, and it fits perfectly. I honestly could not imagine how the smaller sizes would fit.  It's a perfect comfy look for a Zoom client call.  I'm loving how it looks with my little stud earrings, and I feel like Charlotte from Sex and the City.  You wouldn't think so if you saw my whole outfit though, because I've actually paired this with the Miramar fake denim joggers from Rag and Bone.  It's a totally different lewk outside of the zoom screen, and I can't wait to style this up in an even different way! The possibilities feel endless, although they are actually relatively limited in reality. Ha.


Cardigan: Everlane (similar) | Tee: Mott & Bow | Necklace: Awe Inspired

I was NOT feeling work today. I really didn't feel like dressing up and only wanted to be comfortable. I wore my rag and bone fake jeans sweatpants again and the most comfortable clothes that I usually reserve for casual comfy weekend chic.  I didn't have any zoom meetings today so I didn't really try with my hair, but I thought it looked acceptable enough for the day.  I love that this Awe Inspired coin necklace really makes my outfits look like I put more effort in than I really did.  I'm basically wearing all sweats/soft clothes but I think I still look okay.  The outfit to me, and my feelings this day, can be summed up as: "shrug." 


Blouse: Banana Republic (similar) | Earrings: Amazon

It was a Valentine's Day themed lunch today so I obviously had to dress the part.  One of my favorite silk work tops is this Gucci-esque floral shirt from Banana Republic. I haven't worn it all of quarantine even though it was one of my most-worn shirts when going into the office.  I needed something else to tie in these new pink heart earrings I bought on Amazon because of @shopdandy.  I was a little worried that they weren't heart-shaped enough, and they aren't, but I still like that they make a big colorful impact on an outfit. Someone in our zoom meeting today even messaged me privately saying she liked them! That's a win in my book for these ~$7 earrings. 


Blazer: 1.State via Nordstrom (similar) | Tee: Kenzo

Ugh honestly any time my hair is like this, it basically means that I didn't have time to do a peloton ride the night before and so I didn't wash my hair. Sad, but I think it is still an okay look for work. I put on this blazer for the first time in a long time and I felt like it really elevated this otherwise basic Kenzo t-shirt


Cardigan: Everlane (similar) | Tee: Everlane | Necklace: Awe Inspired

Giraffe Pants: J. Crew

We got a haircut midday today, and now I'm finishing up the workday at my parents' house.  Since it was basically my first time leaving the apartment all week, and my fake-denim sweatpants were a little bit stretched out and saggy, so I decided it was time to finally wear these silk giraffe-print joggers. I feel like I have been saving these for something, but I don't know what. A safari? I will also wear these on a safari trip (but not on the actual safari, too on the nose), if I ever get to go on one.  I had to include a double photo just so my outfit didn't look so boring. Today is all about the statement silk pant! 

I'm starting to hit a lull with my work clothes. Because I'm tired all the time and I only want to wear soft comforting things, it's starting to get difficult to not repeat outfits that I've already posted here.  I need to change my attitude though, so hopefully I can turn it around next week!



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