Celebrating Galentine's Day

Galentine's day should also be written in our calendars with Valentine's day, because they feel equally as essential to our yearly lives.  How am I celebrating Galentine's day this year? With a bunch of pictures of myself of course. 

Galentine's 2019 at Pizzeria Delfina, when we could still eat indoors with our gals!

Even though (and especially because) I've been with Andrew for almost 8 years now, it's so important to me to celebrate my girl friends. I've always had a few close girl friends and have also always tried not to let my relationship take precedence over spending time with my gals.  This year (and last year) we had themed Galentine's book clubs to celebrate.  I wore this tan jogger suit with pink accents for my gals.

We are all encouraged to bring treats for each other to every Book Club (individually wrapped of course since we have all been meeting outdoors), and I so far have not indulged in doing so until now.  Now that there's a theme to work with, who am I to say no to preparing treats?! I decided I would go with my specialty: rice krispy treats.  I've also previously made RKTs in the past and sent them to my girlfriends cut into little hearts and presented in cute little pouches.  I decided why not do the same thing with my new friends!

This was admittedly harder than I anticipated, mostly due to lack of useful supplies.  What that means is, I thought we had parchment paper and we didn't.  I was able to find all the other supplies at Target, including the heart cookie cutters, the cute pouches, the cereal, marshmallows, and butter.  I at first tried spreading out the RKTs on foil to be cut, but the foil ended up sticking and it was a huge bother.  I then resorted to using the biggest plate I had, which worked much better.  Thankfully I only needed to make about 10 sets to cover all of the girls. I made one big heart and one little heart in each pouch! 

Just a little hint of all the treats the girls brought.  My special RKTs were a hit! I can't wait for more themes in the future, now not just for my outfits, but also to think of cute treats to bring and celebrate! 

St. Patrick's day next? We shall see. 


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