San Francisco Apartment Update: One Month's Progress

We've been in our San Francisco apartment for a little over a month now, and I think it's safe to say that I have gotten a lot done in this short amount of time.  It's amazing what some existing furniture and will to decorate will do!  While I'm feeling comfortable and at home in our new space, there is still a lot to be done, and I think the rest will come slowly but surely.  For now, I wanted to share what we have managed to put together in the space to date.  

Our couple decor vibe is urban modern with hints of humor.  I typically run everything by Andrew but I try to manage to add the tiniest little bit of glam eclectic since I buy everything anyway.  This new San Francisco apartment is approximately double the size of our Rockridge apartment, so we needed to buy new furniture to fill the space. It helps that I have been dreaming about accent chairs and dining tables since we were in our little 400 sq. ft. apartment so I was able to pull the trigger relatively quickly, especially when I found things on sale during Black Friday. 


Chairs: CB2 | Couch: Wayfair | Rug: Overstock | Coffee Table: West Elm | Marble Placemats: CB2
Arched Mirror: Homegoods (similar) | Nesting tables: Pier 1 | Three-bulb lamp: Ikea
Needlepoint Pillows: Jonathan Adler, Catstudio | Blue abstract pillows: Dusen Dusen | Love YSL print: Etsy
Candleholders: Amazon | Hobnail Planter: Amazon
This is one of my favorite vignettes (if it can even be called that, being so large) in the apartment, because it is the most done ... other than the candlesticks without any tapered candles in them. I've been meaning to buy pink or red tapered candles to put up in celebration of Valentine's day, but alas, here we are with a singular forest green candle in one of three holders. 

These Goop x CB2 chairs have been on my lust list for a while now. They are so large and comfy and I would sit in them every time I went into a CB2.  We had already signed our lease by Black Friday but we wouldn't be moving in until mid-December.  I went ahead and ordered the chairs and our new dining table because CB2's buy more save more sale was too good of a deal to pass up.  I ended up saving around $550 on the two chairs and the dining table! That's almost the price of one of the items!  While I will admit this is more than I've ever spent on furniture before, it is furniture that I have been thinking about for months if not years and they bring me joy to look at, sit on, and use. If anyone else is considering buying furniture from CB2, I would also advise waiting until one of these sales. I shall report back if they happen on any other occasion other than Black Friday. 

I'm also still looking for the perfect pedestal table to replace that Pier 1 table between the CB2 chairs, which is just sort of a placeholder for now.  I currently have my eye on this one from DWR


Dining table: CB2 | Blue velvet chairs: AllModern (similar) | Rug: Chris Loves Julia x Loloi via Wayfair

This is absolutely a work in progress and I'm finding it embarrassing to even post this photo here! Plus, even though I already set him up with his own office, Andrew's stuff keeps making its way onto this table. We only have two chairs still, that we had at our old apartment, because the same chairs are sold out everywhere in this blue color! Options include, waiting until the blue chairs come back, ordering a slightly different model of chair in the same color, or replacing the two blue chairs with four completely different chairs.  Andrew appears to be of the mind to get four completely different chairs, but I like how the blue and gold look, and I chose this Chris Loves Julia x Loloi rug specifically to go with the blue chairs and this dining table. 

Plans for this room include: 

  • More matching chairs
  • Large art print to cover that electrical box
  • Style the new small cabinet (below) with the microwave inside
  • Move the prints and put them up or somewhere else

The microwave that you can sort of see behind the table is already currently hidden in this cabinet that I just picked up at Homegoods for $180. A great bargain and I didn't even have to adjust the interior shelves to fit the microwave.  I'm thinking about writing a post about how to hide microwaves in the future, so stay tuned for that if you don't have a built-in microwave above your stove. 


This is a sneak peek of the progress I've made on Andrew's office so far (concept here). I think it is looking really good!


Frames: Blick | Console table: CB2 | Basket tray: Target | Lamp: Studio McGee for Target

We had this 3x3 gallery wall set up in our Rockridge apartment and I just basically transferred it over here. The frames are 12x12 matted to fit 8x8 prints, and I got them from Blick. They also come with paper that you can tape onto the wall for ease of arranging and hanging.  I filled the frames with photos from our travels together, and of some of our favorite places.  Fun fact, two of the photos are from our favorite restaurant, Jon & Vinny's in LA. 

This acrylic console table is something I had also been dreaming of ever since I lived in LA, but I was too broke to afford it then.  I bought this CB2 acrylic console table last year when I was first moving into my new work office.  Since I haven't been working at my actual office, I decided to bring the console table here, where I can enjoy it on a daily basis (same with my office couch).  I think it works in the space, as it doesn't take up much visually, but also provides a space for us to put our keys and masks when we walk in. 

Underneath the console are some more prints that need to go up (probably in the staircase).  I'm also interested in getting a pair of ottomans to layer under this console table and to be able to bring out into the living room as additional seating, if we ever host more than two other people in our apartment again. 


Bike: Peloton | "It's OK" flag: Secret Holiday Co. | Clock: Target | Mirror: Ikea

Oh, this peloton. While I love that I can now actually get a good workout in on a daily basis at home, this thing really threw a wrench in my plans of having a cloffice (closet + office).  I had big plans of putting up display shelving in here and having a daybed for guests.  Instead, I get to look at this thing all day from my desk.  I've now pivoted to decorating this room half for my office and half for my gym.  This is the gym side. 

Shelf: Ikea | Foam Flooring: Amazon

My current view from my desk.  I have an order in for an acrylic frame to hang my Gucci Garden Guccy scarf behind the desk, which will hopefully liven up the space and give me something else nice to look at while I'm working.  Something better could also live on top of the shelf that holds our bike shoes and towels, but I'm not sure what yet.  I recently got some color-changing bulbs for ~vibes~ in this room while we cycle, so maybe some sort of bulb lamp would be cute here. TBD!

Cane desk: World Market | Lamp: Kate Spade via Homegoods | Backpack: MZ Wallace

Here's the current view from the Peloton and when you walk into the door.  I use my desk for work and for putting on makeup, hence the mirror next to the various monitors I have set up. 

Goals for this side of the room include: making my desktop look neater and bringing my gold 3-bulb lamp from my work office to put in the back corner of the room next to the LACMA print (hence why it is a bit off center). I'm also interested in getting a boss chair for this desk since I spend so much time here every day.


Nightstands: West Elm | Lamps: Ralph Lauren via Homegoods | Duvet: Dusen Dusen 

I love our bedroom! It's huge and we finally are able to have two nightstands.  My intended vibe for the bedroom is calm vibes but still with pops of fun, like the Murakami pillow and the rainbow book arrangement in the built-in. 

Baskets: Target | Rug: Urban Outfitters

This built-in is one of my favorite parts of the apartment, but it's placement means it barely gets appreciated! It's tucked away in the bedroom but that just makes it a little more special I guess.  It's definitely gotten a lot of love on social media.  I personally only see it when I get out of/into bed, or if I am getting something out of the coat closet.  I still think it's beautiful and it's a functional way to store all my books and knick knacks in a styled way. 


This is the one section of our apartment that we have done absolutely nothing with.  When we first visited the apartment, we imagined setting up a table and chairs out here so we could sit around and drink coffee outside.  Now that it's warming up, I'm thinking more about investing in some outdoor furniture, but it's still not exactly warm enough to make me click 'purchase' on anything.  There aren't a ton of balcony furniture pieces that I'm really interested in anyway.  I want to get this marble bistro table from World Market, but it's not meant for outdoor use and might get rusty.  I'm still on the hunt for the perfect set, or other furniture pieces to put out here to maximize our enjoyment of the space!

That's it for now! We are loving the space and it feels like there is still a lot to do to get it perfect.  Of course, knowing me, things will constantly be changing.  I just can't wait until everything is styled or complete enough for a real tour!  Like I said, this will probably take a while, as we are being a little bit more selective with art that we are bringing into the space.  I am excited to see where it goes!



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