Werk From Home: Zoom Outfits 1.15.21

Since I'm really not wearing outfits these days, but I am pretty regularly appearing on Zoom, I thought it might be helpful to show what I have been wearing for my lawyerly zoom meetings on a daily basis.  There's a reason I've kept all these work clothes right? While I don't usually meet with clients every day, I want to start trying a little bit harder every day to look nice on zoom and this series will hopefully motivate me to do so instead of looking like a slob every day.  The next step is going to be to stop wearing soft elastic pants with these tops. 

A screenshot from last week, since I just started taking these Zoom photos on Wednesday of this week: 

Top: Sandy Liang via Poshmark (similar)

I took this screenshot last week when I was testing out how my new Zoom background looked with this new print up. I did not have any client meetings, but I was taking other photos of myself and I also wanted to start dressing up.  However, this is the only day I dressed up last week.  I love this Sandy Liang top because it looks professional, but has an elastic bottom which makes it feel appropriate to wear with non-black leggings and also has  a kangaroo pocket which I keep my phone in all day. 


Top: Kate Spade | Blazer: Theory

I am extremely ~dressed~ here because I had an interview that afternoon and of course needed to look my best and put on eye shadow.  I have been experimenting with different lewks for several different zoom interviews I've had during the pandemic, but since I'm still at my current job, clearly none of them worked out.  For this interview, I decided to go full suit, my staple interview/court suit, with suit pants and everything.  I even put on my new Chloe flats for good luck and so that I would not feel lazy or too comfortable.  TBD as to whether or not this worked for me.  Hopefully it did! 


Top: J. Crew

Does it look like I intentionally curled my hair in this photo or like I just woke up and sort of brushed my hair? Because I did try to curl it, and I think it actually looks more like the latter.  Two days in and I'm loving this series because I feel like I am trying, but I'm still not trying very hard.  I felt that having straightened hair in every photo was going to get monotonous, so I wanted to switch it up.  The difference between straightening my hair and curling it was about the same amount of effort, so I'm glad I tried it, but nobody seemed to notice. 

I also have a series of black and white striped tops that I typically wear for "work."  My co-worker Amy calls them my "jail" shirts, which is fitting, because we always feel like we are imprisoned at work.  This is a new jail shirt, which is a short sleeve button up cashmere blend cardigan with gold buttons that I got from J.Crew during a sale. I love it! It's super soft yet not too warm due to the sleeve length. I'm also interested in layering this open over a black camisole.  Stay tuned for that lewk in the future! 


Blazer: L'Agence | T-shirt: Topshop | Necklace: Awe Inspired

Wow, am I a cool girl or what? I'm taking this silk L'Agence blazer I got from Nordstrom Rack out for a spin. It's a bit oversized and a size 6, so I'm not sure if it's actually too cool for me.  I think I can pull off this slouchy effortless oversized look though so I'm feeling good about it.  I'm wearing my favorite white t-shirt from Topshop that I got several years ago and was never able to find again.  The best part of this outfit is my coin necklace. I have been wanting a coin necklace for a while, but I didn't want it to have any sort of religious meaning behind it.  Luckily for me, Awe Inspired came out with this Kamala necklace (although you can't really tell with the Zoom quality, which is maybe better for me workwise) and my work BFF surprised me with it for my birthday! I love it and I think it adds the perfect accent and reminds me of my legal icon whenever I wear it. 

That's all for my zoom lewks this week. Tune in next Friday to see what I'm wearing on zoom next week!



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