Andrew's Office Makeover: Concept

While we initially moved into the City because Andrew thought he would be reporting to work in-person, COVID and the City had other ideas this January 2021.  Now that he will be working remotely TOO, we needed to give him a nice office space to work out of so that he could feel comfortable and efficient for his new job. 

Office inspo from Emily Henderson

The main decor items that we already have to work around include: 

This pillow: 

Ralph Lauren

and this chair mat:


Here is the room we initially envisioned would house our peloton but will now be housing a working Andrew: 

Unfortunately for me, the room does not give enough clearance at the top for any sort of arm movement while on a peloton, so now it lives in what would have been my cloffice (closet/office) and made it a goffice (gym/office).  Fortunately for Andrew, now he gets to share the triangle room with our vacuums as his very own office. 

As you can see, it needs some help.  I, of course, spent lots of time thinking about how the space could work better and what could be added, sourcing some items/options for him (below) and even including my own rendering of my vision for the space.


Desk sold out, similar here.

The desk was purchased on Wayfair towards the beginning of quarantine when we realized we needed somewhere to sit and take notes behind a closed door, i.e. our tiny bedroom. This desk folds up and is slim enough to be tucked away when not in use.  We are currently planning to work the desk in to the redesign of the room, as the room will switch to functioning as a (maybe) guest room if/when Andrew goes back to the office. 

In addition to the desk, I imagine buying the following things to add to the office, as shown in this incredibly sophisticated rendering of the new room:


Bookshelf options: 

Wayfair short etagere ($147.99) |  Ikea Kolbjorn shelf unit ($59, would likely need 2)

I'm leaning towards the green shelves from Ikea for an added pop of color in the room. I can already tell Andrew is going to have a lot of binders and papers and things (plus he already has some in my office closet) so the shelves aren't going to be as "styled" as they could be.  That means having a built-in pop of color will make the shelves look more styled in themselves. 

Wallpaper options: 


City map | Navy grasscloth

I'm leaning (and already ordered, unbeknownst to Andrew) towards the city map print.  Andrew works in real estate, so the map outline/grid seems appropriate for his office.  Also, the prints that I'm planning to put up on that wall are likely mostly navy in content, so they will contrast more with the black and white background rather than the navy background.  It's hard for me to not get the navy though, considering my inspo photo for the space!

Chair options:

Brown Soft Pad Management Chair ($295) 

This management chair has come highly recommended from other friends who are also working from home.  I actually really want to order the same one for my office, but it feels like a big investment when I already have an acceptable rolly desk chair and we have so much other furnishings to focus on (as will be described in future posts). 

Also thinking about getting this bench to give the Ralph Lauren pillow something to live on: 


Since the moment Andrew finally asked me for help in "cozying" up our triangle room, I've been excited about this project. It's also been fun to decorate in a totally masculine way, or to Andrew's tastes, and without regard to my own (other than my insistence that things be organized and intentionally styled). I can't wait to share how it has turned out! 



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