STAUD Tommy Beaded Bag Review & What's In My Bag

The Staud Tommy Beaded Bag is one of the newest bags in my collection, and reviews of the bag are few and far between on the internet.  STAUD is one of my favorite brands right now because they are cool and give their own take on current trends in an elevated and chic way.  As I may have already mentioned, Andrew got me this Arctic Blue Staud Tommy Beaded Bag for my birthday last year. I LOVE these Staud beaded bags, and it's a little bit shocking to me that I haven't seen that many on social media, other than the light blue zebra bag on KarenBritChick.  I love gingham, and I love a pastel blue, so this bag was perfect for me, especially as zebra is probably my least favorite animal print.  

Staud Tommy Beaded Bag | Shacket: Nordstrom BP | Leggings: Zella

The shape of the Staud beaded bags are perfect, especially given the rise of the shoulder bags (this is the exact same shape as the Coach pochette I got for my 8th grade graduation in 2005 lol).  I love that shoulder bags are basically top handle bags but you can hold them under your shoulder and out of your hands...what a concept! I find that to be the most annoying part about crossbody bags now, they are difficult to grab onto when you are getting out of your car if they don't have a top handle.  I'm also over the sensation of crossbody bags constantly bouncing off of your body while you walk.  I'm just into handheld bags and shoulder bags now, just like everyone else!

Shacket: BP via Nordstrom

I really liked this light blue gingham pattern for this bead bag because it's a classic pattern but still subtle and in an interesting colorway.  Patterned bags are not the easiest to style or pair, but I knew that my wardrobe consists of a lot of navy and black solids, which I think will pair well with this bag.  STAUD has a full light blue gingham collection that they style with the bag, that I also plan on scooping up once they go on sale.  Shackets have been a huge trend this season, and when I saw Nordstrom SA @styledby.paige wear this light blue gingham BP shacket, before it was even up online, I could not DM her to buy fast enough.  While the ginghams and blues aren't the same, I like that more. I like that it makes it look layered and like I styled them together myself, and not that I just bought everything from one store.

In styling the bag for this post, I decided to go for all light blues (other than my leggings).  I put on my light blue pearl Lele Sadoughi mask and my light blue translucent Celine sunnies that were an amazing clearance find from Nordstrom Rack.  I also went out and got a blue bottle coffee for good measure. 

I love the beadwork in this bag, and I feel like it gives a Fendi baguette vibe for a lower price point and a more IYKYK status for fashion girls. 

So what fits in the bag? 

This girl fits my medium size moleskine notebook, my iPhone 11pro (not the max size, but that would also fit), my YSL card case, a mask, and my keys and giant key ring.  I love that I can bring my notebook around even in this shoulder bag!  This bag really packs a punch in terms of lewk (beads but not sequins so not too shiny) and functionality.  I love it! 

This is the first of (hopefully) many bag reviews on this blog.  Please comment below with any questions!



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