Werk From Home: Zoom Outfits 1.29.21

Another week of work, another week of werk from home outfits.  I won't lie, I'm starting to think about this post the night before every work day, which is actually a good thing. Putting in effort into my appearance even for a silly screenshot for a blog that no one reads yet feels silly, but it actually feels good. One of my resolutions is to be camera ready at all times, and this is helping significantly with keeping to that.  I'm also trying to avoid outfit repeating! It's getting a bit tough with how cold it is, and that I'm typically actually wearing my new black and white leopard barefoot dreams blanket over whatever it is I'm wearing. 


Turtleneck: J. Crew (similar)

It's FREEZING in the City today! It's supposed to rain, but hasn't yet. I'm tired, and wanted to only wear cozy clothes.  This J. Crew turtleneck is one of my favorite and most-worn items of clothing ever, just because it's so comfortable. It's actually an XL so it is huge, but that's what makes it so comfortable.  It's the perfect thing to wear with leggings but to look relatively put together because it's not tight. I got it several years ago and wear it every winter, and I still love it! Black and white stripes are my go-to look in an effort to look pulled together and chic.


Blazer: Theory | Top: J. Crew (similar)

Can you tell it was an interview day again? I wore my go-to Theory suit again, with the Chloe flats again, even though no one could see them.  I changed up the top underneath the blazer, for a little bit of difference, and I wore different earrings from the last round.  This was my second round interview with a new firm, and I'm really hoping I get it! Fingers crossed the suit still works! 


Turtleneck: Ganni | Earrings: Gucci

Only an office-wide Zoom meeting today, and I was inspired to wear this Ganni animal print mesh turtleneck after seeing my Montana posts wearing it. I love that I look chic and sleek and I arguably could meet a client like this, but it would also look great with a black blazer!  It will definitely be a lewk I will wear again for werk zooms. My hair is a little bit out of control today, but instead of straightening for the third day in a row, I thought this half up look might work.  I honestly wanted to go with french braids, but with the boldness of the leopard, I thought it would be a little too edgy for the office Zoom. 


Top: Re/Done 40s Tailored Blouse

Oooooowee I love this Re/Done silk top! The slight padding of the shoulders giving me modern 80s 9-5 worker girl vibes! The low buttons giving a sliver of skin! This is one of my favorite new work tops that I purchased during the pandemic and haven't been wearing.  To me, it is the perfect combination of professional but FUN. It is also another top that I can wear casually to basically any event and look nice.  I also think a lot of that is a function of how expensive this top is.  I paid around $80 for it when it was on clearance (+ extra 25% off) at Nordstrom Rack, but the original price is about $450.  I have a feeling this will be included with my other silk button up shirts as my go-to work tops. 


Sweatshirt: Giggly Squad | Headband: Amazon

I live for Fridays, especially when I don't have to meet with anyone! Unfortunately today is also the end of the month which means I have to get all my billing in and entered and try to catch up on my billing from over the holidays.  Today's outfit was inspired by this flannel white and pink Rails shirt that I'm wearing under this sweatshirt and you can't really see. You can just see the collar peeking through a little.  I wanted to wear something comfortable today and thus chose this soft flannel shirt, but it never looks professional or polished enough for me. I always feel a little bit lazy and bleh when I wear it.  I had the idea to pair it with this pink headband to polish it up, and it still wasn't working, even after I curled my hair. I had the idea to layer this sweatshirt over, given it's the same colors, and it looks way better.  I'm thinking now the Rails flannel maybe does not belong in my closet because I never really feel very good when I wear it.  Anyway, I love wearing this "allegedly" sweatshirt during working hours because I feel that it's very appropriate for lawyers. It's actually merch from non-lawyers, Hannah Berner and Paige Desorbo from Giggly Squad/Summer House. It's amazing and I'm still considering buying it in the light pink version too. 

These are my lewks for the week! Hopefully next week, once it stops raining, and maybe warms up, I can have more variety in my outfits.  Outdoor dining is also opening up this weekend in San Francisco so maybe I will actually wear outfits outside! What a concept! 



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