January 2021 Favorites

I love monthly favorites because I love consuming! I also love to see what other people have been loving, so then I can get ideas about what else I need in my life. Isn't that what favorites are about? These are the random things that I have been using or consuming during January 2021: 


Moleskine Dotted Notebook 

When we were moving out of our Rockridge apartment, I found my old bullet journal that I started using in law school. While I threw that one away, I decided I should implement this system again. I'm now using it as a habit tracker, to take notes about this blog and my actual job, and a to-do list for work and personal things. I take it with me everywhere! Another favorite are these Staedtler pens that I got from Target and use to color in bullet journal pages and the boxes in my habit tracker. 

Meghan Rienks Presets

Okay, I don't know why it took me this long to jump on the presets train, but I think it's because I felt confident in my ability to edit a photo.  What I haven't been able to master, it seems, is the white-washed aesthetic theme for a cohesive instagram feed. This is where Meghan Rienks comes in.  She posted a full instagram story series and a youtube video about how she edits her photos, and I completely bought in.  My instagram feed isn't currently ~aesthetic~ yet because it's a slow process to bury the rest of my non-aesthetic photos, but it's getting there! Definitely worth the $25 to get everything on theme. 

Sargento Balanced Breaks

I LOVE these. The love affair started like I'm sure many do, while I was hangry at Target. I wanted to eat something relatively healthy (not chips) and I was perusing for string cheese when I saw these cute little packets.  The white cheddar, craisins, and salted almonds version is my favorite. I buy up Target's entire stock every time I go! Our fridge is fully stocked and we eat these for snacks almost every day.  Also, if Sargento ever sees this, please feel free to send me more product!!! 

Reese's Dark Chocolate Thins

Another purchase every time I'm at Target. I used to get the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from TJ's, but since I don't go there anymore during the pandemic, I've discovered these.  These are the perfect sweet treat dessert for when we don't have cookies or are trying not to eat cookies.

Color Changing Lightbulbs

I bought these to create ~vibes~ in my office while using the Peloton. So far, because of the lighting/wiring set up in my office, I haven't been able to perfect the vibe for photos.  Until then, I'm loving the small vibe that it's giving off in my apartment. I have the two bulbs in two different lamps, and one remote works for both! 

Amazon Cami Sports Bras

I LOVE these.  They are a blogger fave (I was influenced by Krista Robertson at CoveringBases.com) and I wear them under my regular clothes as a sports bra or cami, and also as workout tops for Pelly rides.  I want more, but I don't have space. I have them in white, black, and gray.  The white and black are a couple of dollars more, but definitely worth it. I think if I buy more, it will be another one of the white AND black versions!

The Challenge on CBS All Access

The Challenge is my favorite show. I'm watching the current season on MTV, Double Agents, but I recently saw that almost all old seasons are on CBS All Access.  I watched the two VERY old seasons on Netflix, but these ones are even better! I started with Rivals II, and it is maybe the most classic and best Challenge seasons I've ever seen.  The Knight/Jemmye ketchup incident???? Diem and CT on the same season???? EVERYONE hooked up on this season, including Theresa and Leroy. When are they going to address this on double agents? Ever???? I'm onto the Free Agents season now, and it's just reminding me how much better the set up and actual challenges used to be.  Imagine it, they used to read "clues" from TJ about what the challenge the next day was going to be.  The challenges themselves were HILARIOUS to watch instead of so focused on "stunts" like they are now.  The challenge I just watched had all the challengers in inflated hamster balls with their faces blown up on them, and one player had to play the "ball" and get into a goal while the other hamster balls bounced around trying to prevent them from doing so. An amazing concept! 

HighLowLuxxe on YouTube

I go through a lot of phases in YouTube, and right now I am on the Jenee track at the channel High Low Luxxe! She has the most amazing style, mixes high end luxury and high street style effortlessly, and I want to buy almost everything she buys.  She has a great video about growing her following online and how she was able to grow her business and quit her full time job. GOALS, amirite? One thing that she bought a while ago (last year) is this amazing Stine Goya dress (the Jasmine) and I NEED it.  It's sold out most places but I'm eyeing some on Poshmark right now and just waiting for the right offer!

These are my favorite things for the month! I didn't really go outside very often, so not too many outfit favs.  Hopefully in February that changes. 



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