Werk From Home: Zoom Outfits 2.5.21

What a long and tiring week! I don't know if it's just me, but as we inch closer and closer to the one year anniversary of the stay-at-home quarantining orders, I feel worse and worse and every day of work is more of a struggle than the last.  This week's outfits were truly something else, I think partially because of the weather and partially because I am going to get my period next week and I just feel off. 


Flannel: Equipment | Earrings: The Tiny Tassel

Now that I'm writing this, I see that I need to take Monday outfits the MOST seriously, because they end up being the hero photo of the post! This is an outfit that is phoning it in, esPECIALLY my hair! I was tired, I was up until 3am the night before working (and entering my January billing), and I just wanted to wear soft things.  These uniqlo mock necks are some of my favorite work shirts, and I was cold, so I layered this Equipment flannel shacket over it.  This has to actually be my lesson that flannels are not acceptable nor appropriate for workwear.  Not that it really matters right now, but I definitely don't feel like my best work self whenever I wear a flannel.  I do love this flannel though because it is soft, but is cinched at the waist so is more flattering than a typical flannel.  It's currently up for sale in my Poshmark closet if someone is more into flannels than I am! 


Vest: Lululemon | T-Shirt Dress: J. Crew | Earrings: Costco

Ugh! Hair up again? I already had in my mind since last night that I wanted to wear this black Lululemon vest. My idea was to wear it with this black J. Crew t-shirt midi dress, and it is exactly what I wanted. I feel like I look sporty, but I'm comfortable because I'm basically just wearing a long t-shirt underneath.  If I ever went outside, I would really fit in with the SF scene. 


Burberry Shirt: @morganschadegg | Headband: J. Crew

I had a 9AM Zoom call this morning (the first of two this week) so I really had to think about what I was going to wear the night before.  I was meeting with a partner who I rarely see, so I wanted to make sure I looked presentable but not too presentable to give the impression that I'm trying too hard or might be interviewing after the call.  I'm wearing my staple black leggings, because I plan to do a Peloton ride today and I was very tired getting up at 8am, so I figured I could wear any patterned top with them.  I bought this Burberry plaid shirt from one of Morgan Schadegg's instagram story sales, and I love it! It's the perfect amount of classic and subdued but still patterned. It's a IYKYK type of shirt. It's very gray toned with a very very subtle hint of pink, so perfect for attorney lewks.


Jacket: Samsoe Samsoe via Nordstrom Rack | Earrings: Shashi via Shopbop

No actual Zoom meetings today, just phone calls, but I still wanted to dress up of course. It was a little bit colder this morning so I thought it would be a good time to try out working in this Samsoe Samsoe shacket. It's not a traditional shacket like the ones that are currently trending, as it's not a flannel or even close to a flannel, but it still feels like very in between a shirt and jacket.  It also has light shoulder pads, which make me feel like it is appropriate for work. I feel like I look like an executive at a zoo, which is fine with me, as long as I look executive!


Shacket: BP | Earrings: J. Crew Factory

Today's work day included a half day of training and "attorney retreat" fun.  Since it's Friday, it should be an excuse to dress more casually, although every day seems to be a casual day for most people.  I got this BP shacket from a personal stylist at Nordstrom, because it matches the light blue gingham Staud bag that Andrew got me for my birthday.  I paired it with these pearl hoop earrings that I feel like give it a classic and professional edge. I got to go outside to get blue bottle and take some outfit photos, so that will be in a future post! I love this shacket, it's the perfect weight for layering indoors and is the perfect amount of oversized to still look professional and less like a lumberjack. 

In reviewing the photos from this week, my hair is truly something else.  I also look extra tired in most of the photos.  I liked that there was a lot of variety in this week's looks and that's something I hope to continue in the coming weeks. I'm finally getting to wear my statement earrings! I need to figure out new ways to switch up my hair too. 

Until next week.



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