Werk From Home: Zoom Outfits 1.22.21

Anyone still wondering what to wear as a lawyer, working and appearing remotely via zoom or other videoconferencing apps? I am on a journey to document my outfits every (work) day, so that people can see how to meet the expectations placed on female lawyers in terms of workwear, even in a remote environment. 



Dress: Who What Wear for Target

Not an official work day, but here I am catching up on all my work.  I was wearing a Hillhouse nap dress but it is too see-through to wear outside, so I opted for this next best thing, a Who What Wear flowy tie-dye dress from Target.  It's a beautiful day in the city and I need an excuse to go outside. No Zoom meetings scheduled today, but I still wanted to look nice, in keeping with my new outlook on life: Life's No Dress Rehearsal.  I'm also honestly very into my hair here, where I actually brushed it up into a top knot but brushed down some strands of long fake bands to make it look ~intentional~ and for the most part I think it's actually working.  I've also noticed that I wish I was wearing earrings in every photo I take, so I am reconsidering storing my earrings somewhere in this office to put on for zoom (and for these posts). 


Sweatshirt: Bancroft Clothing Co.

I didn't get much sleep last night because I was HOOKED on the book I'm currently reading, Lilac Girls.  Plus I always have a hard time falling asleep after a long weekend when I've been putting off a bunch of work and I know I will have a ton of things to do the next day.  I wanted to be comfortable today but still look put together as I had a client zoom.  Typically, with client zooms, no one is wearing suits, but it's still important to make an effort to look dressed up.  I figured a button up and sweater combo would be perfect, but I loosened it up a little more by wearing an actual sweatshirt instead.  I think the navy color of the sweatshirt still lends itself to being more put together than say, a heather gray sweatshirt, and it's not so noticeable that it's a sweatshirt. At least I hope. I do find that it also skews a little bit private-school-girl, but that's because they want private school girls to look proper and put together!

Also, my hair is looking whack, even when I straighten it.  For some reason the ends are looking totally out of control and also sort of fried. I'm thinking part of it is because of the awkward length my lob is at, where it's only hitting my shoulders and curving out in certain parts.  Tomorrow I think I will try straightener-curling it again and see if that looks better.

WEDNESDAY. Inauguration day! 

Blazer: Topshop | Headband: J.Crew (similar)


Blazer: Remain Birger Christensen (pink) | Headband: J. Crew (similar)

WOW. You can really see how the day has taken its toll on my hair and makeup!!!!! I had a surprise client zoom call at 4pm so I had to take off my political gear and put on something professional.  This was my first time wearing this new linen blazer and I was a bit concerned how all of the white would play out on camera.  Turns out, not so well! I thought it looked a little bit like I was wearing a robe, but I think the lapels of the blazer were defined enough to establish that it was actually a blazer.  I am pretty excited about this new blazer though as I don't have to necessarily wear a real shirt underneath, and is long enough to appropriately wear with leggings! Win-win! 


Sweater: Vintage Kenzo | T-Shirt: Mott & Bow | Earrings: Alison Lou

Lazy status today because I didn't wash my hair.  I'm still reeling from all the inauguration lewks that were turned out yesterday so I wanted to wear something a bit different....but I still wanted to be comfortable of course.  This is a classic combo for me that looks good and is comfy but I very rarely remember that it's an option.  A plain t-shirt and a sweater cardigan!  So easy but different than my go-to of a long sleeve t-shirt! This cardigan is a vintage Kenzo sweater that I got on Poshmark because it has Cal colors and I thought I could wear it to game days... Still channeling that spirit, and paired it with my yellow Alison Lou lucite hoop earrings.  This lewk, to me, says I went to Berkeley, and probably work as a social worker or in public interest or something.  Why is that? What is it about this lewk that is serving that?


Long-sleeve: Uniqlo | Necklace: Awe Inspired

Wowww we have been serving you VARIETY this week! I decided I didn't want to use any hot tools on my hair today because I'm planning to take a short work day.  My hair was too messed to leave down, but this half up do with my little wispy bangs added some interest to this otherwise plain outfit.  I'm loving the look of my Kamala coin necklace with my plain crewneck sweaters and tops.  Although it's basic, I feel like I look put together while putting in almost zero effort and still comfortable because it's raining and cold outside.  Great ingredients for getting out of bed in the morning! 

This exercise of screenshotting my outfits every day has caused me to think a little bit harder every night about what I'll be wearing the next day.  Today, I was too focused on being comfortable due to a lack of sleep and the rain.  Hopefully next week will turn out even more different lewks, and I am really hoping I am not an outfit repeater all month. Let's do this! 




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