The MVP of WFH Workwear: J. Crew Sweater Blazer

The best work from home outfit for a professional is a comfortable but polished look. We're working from home just like everyone else, we can wear anything we want! But, I've also been tired of wearing the same sweatpants, but also still can't bring myself to wear anything but loungewear.  As a lawyer, I cannot show up to meetings with my colleagues or clients in sweatshirts or t-shirts.  However, I have discovered the best hack to make yourself look professional at a moment's notice while still remaining comfortable.

What am I usually wearing? Sweatpants and a white t-shirt.  How am I able to still look like a professional attorney?

Enter: the J. Crew Sweater Blazer.
It's all you need to wear over ANY t-shirt to look professional. On zoom, you only need to look professional from the chest up! A structured lapel is the answer.

I'm actually wearing an Extra Small, so this True Fit thing is mistaken.

I have owned this sweater blazer for quite some time (since 2018). I stopped wearing it last year in favor of my Mango soft camel coat, which is essentially a longer and softer version of the sweater blazer.

Calling this a blazer is almost false advertising, but that's also what this sweater blazer is about. It's essentially a soft cardigan with lapels that maintain their structure.  It doesn't feel at all like your typical blazer that is restrictive on your arms and shoulders and made of almost hard fabric.  BUT, you look professional as hell (at least from the chest up), especially compared to your colleagues that can barely put on a real blouse.  I am shocked that I haven't seen anyone really talking about this anymore, but it is literally the perfect quarantine piece to wear on any meeting.