Hello Dolly!

Another Sunday, another SHN matinee Broadway musical for Andrew and I.  This month it's Hello, Dolly, a musical that only came into my frame of reference during the Tony awards season last year because it featured Bette Midler.  The National tour featured another esteemed Broadway maiden but I didn't actually know who she was. 

Another #LapPlaybill
Hello, Dolly! is one of the shows that I'm glad I got tickets for through my SHN membership. I don't think that it would be something that I would be scrambling to watch if I didn't already have tickets, considering I didn't really know much about it.  From the very beginning, I knew I was going to like it, just based on the overture.

Looks fabulous even from the balcony.

One of the other ways I know whether I enjoyed a musical or not is whether I take the time to download the soundtrack after I've seen it. I did do so after seeing this because I love the classical types of Broadway musicals.  Some of the songs are a little bit cringey because they haven't aged well from a sexism standpoint, but are definitely still fun to listen to.


I love going to see musicals because it gives me a reason to dress up.  It had been raining this month and was also cold so my outfit was really more about my coat.  I still wanted to wear a dress, so I had the idea to layer a black turtleneck under this collared denim dress that's currently for sale in my Posh closet.  Unfortunately, because it was so cold, and because Andrew hates taking photos of me, you can't really see the genius of this outfit. It's understated but chic. It also looks good with my blue statement coat from J. Crew (by way of Nordstrom).  I love this denim dress for layering and I'm hoping to get a few more outfit pics like this soon!

Planning Tokyo Lewks like a Real Housewife

I love the Real Housewives and I especially love when they go on cast trips together. Not only is it fun to see them interact in a foreign location, but they always turn out LEWKS.  Tokyo is the most fun because everyone feels like they can (and have to) turn out their most interesting lewks because they can, in Tokyo.  It's like a full week (or at least a few episodes) of themed lewks.

Inspo coming pretty much only from Porsha here. That's how I plan to wear my green kimono.
Also loving Shamari's simple look with a bold head piece.
I am going on my own cast trip to Tokyo at the end of the month, the cast being the students and partners currently enrolled in Haas Business School.  We are going for approximately 10 days, which is potentially 20 different lewks that I could serve up in Japan.

One of my outfits is directly inspired by Erika's Kenzo lewk above.

I have been religiously watching RHOBH and RHOA and have been getting inspiration for what I will pack for the Japan trek. The vibes I have narrowed down are: playful yet chic and trendy.  I also want to wear things that are different than what I would typically wear at home in San Francisco.  With that in mind, I have planned out (and tried on) most of my lewks.

Day 0: Arrive in Tokyo -- on our own/TBD


I am planning to only bring a carry-on suitcase, so I will have to try to wear a lot of the stuff I would otherwise pack onto the plane.  Hence layering the Opening Ceremony jacket over the EllandEmm sweatsuit. This sweatsuit is perfect for traveling and wearing out in Tokyo due to (what I perceive to be) the heavy streetwear and street style influence in the outfits there. I will wear this on the plane and then hopefully be able to separate and rewear each piece on different days during the trip.