Come From Away Afternoon

Taking a lap picture of my Playbill is the new Eva Chen pose for me

Andrew and I are new members of SHN, San Francisco's Broadway.  As part of our membership, we receive tickets to every show in a given Broadway season.  Because we are old folks, our tickets are for Sunday matinees, hence the "afternoon" in the title.  This year, I was most excited to watch the musical Come From Away.  

I had only seen the Tony performance of one song from Come From Away, and I couldn't even remember what the song was. After watching the show, I'm sure it was the opening number.  I remember seeing the Tony performance and being really impressed by the song and company. I knew I had to see it live! It was too expensive last time we went to New York (and we spent all our money on the original cast of Dear Evan Hansen) so I could only wait for it to tour and come to California. 

Since I was so looking forward to the show, I had to make sure I served a good enough outfit to match. The show is about a small town in Canada to where all the planes in the air that had U.S. destinations during 9/11 were rerouted when the U.S. airports were closed. What a crazy time. The Canadian hosts were gracious and generous as to be expected, and I thought I would try to get a nice-looking outfit in. I've also been somewhat inspired by Marie Kondo's general niceness and look of a knee length patterned floral skirt with black tights and black shoes. I'm still keeping almost everything I'm wearing in my own personal closet and not my poshmark (yet) except this gold Stuart Weitzman handheld half-oval bag. 

A March for Feminist Signs and Shirts

Despite the recent controversy surrounding the "presidents" of the Women's March, I decided to attend the event in San Francisco to join and support my fellow sisters in their quest to be regarded as equal or at least get some air time with their creative and clever signage.



On Friday, I attended my first Wing event entitled "Keeping it Intersectional: Signmaking for Women's March."  I unfortunately suffered crippling anxiety about an original, clever, and funny saying to put on my sign and ended up not writing anything.  I literally scrolled through instagram and looked up several song lyrics the entire time of the event with a blank poster board in front of me.  Needless to say I was not prepared for this event.

I did, however, if I do say so myself, make up for the sign with this absolute LEWK.

A Night with Kamala Harris

Rumor has it that Kamala is going to announce her presidential campaign at a rally in Oakland on MLK day.  WHAT A COINCIDENCE, for me, an Oakland resident.  Problem is, I can't seem to find any internet information about it. I may just have to hang around the Lake Merritt area on that day and wait to see if I happen across a #Kamala2020 rally.

I did have the pleasure of attending the San Francisco stop of Kamala's book tour, in promotion of her new book The Truths We Hold.  I could not wait to potentially be in the presence of a future Madame President. The only thing was to figure out what to wear. What do you wear when you are going to see a future president? I decided on my best dress (which also happens to be one of my best Goodwill finds) and my new Everlane day heels.