A Guide to DCA Lunar New Year 2018 (and how to get a pic with Mushu)

Happy Lunar New Year!

I’m back! And there’s no way I’m going to write enough posts this month like I wanted in my last post. You live and you learn I guess.

I know I’m a little bit late, but I’ve been meaning to write a post about the Lunar New Year Celebration at Disney California Adventure, but of course, I “haven’t had time.”  I’ve never been to LNY at DCA before, and there isn’t a lot of scholarship out there about it. I think it might be something that grows and grows with each passing year.

I walk in to the park and am immediately greeted by park maps featuring Mushu and Mulan. I am going to keep these for a long time longer than I should. I have no reason to keep park maps yet for some reason I like to hold onto them. I’m just a sentimental person and I attach arbitrary sentimental value to arbitrary things okay?