How To Quit Your Job

On my last day at my current law firm, I thought it fitting to write a step-by-step guide of how to best quit your job.

Step 1: Get a new job.

Step 2: Plan to give your old job more than 2 weeks notice, you know, because you care.

Step 3: Get too nervous to tell your boss that you're quitting that you end up telling them exactly 2 weeks before you are leaving.

Room Inspo for Moving Home

So I'm moving back to my parents' house from my beautifully decorated LA apartment. I haven't truly lived at my parents' house since high school, when I made the decision to paint it BRIGHT turquoise and yellow on alternating walls. This will simply not do for the 26-year-old attorney I now am.

I plan on bringing back a lot of my old furniture from my apartment and repurposing it into my old room. Definitely getting rid of my old light cherry-wood colored furniture and replacing it with almost all white.  I want to add in a lot of thick white shelving, and potentially paint all the walls a dull turquoise or all the walls white with a dull turquoise accent wall.

I'm now collecting a lot of inspiration for how exactly I can turn my old room into something livable and also acceptable as a guest room for when I eventually move back out. 

Source: ManRepeller

These are the kinds of white shelves I want. I want to fill up the whole wall opposite my bedroom window with shelves like these- not sure how possible that is though with how much furniture I will likely end up having in that room.

My Favorite Parts of My L.A. Apartment

Surprise, I'm leaving LA. I got a new job in San Francisco at the beginning of December, so I'm moving out of my apartment and into my parents' house for a bit. I was in such a rush to leave my current job and move home that I hadn't really thought about how much I loved my rickety old apartment (my cousin Emily calls it "vintage"). I've lived in several apartments before and I've never been so sad to leave one-- probably because this is the longest I've lived in my own apartment (over 2 years) and also probably a little because I'm not moving into another apartment, but I'm moving home. This apartment had really become my own, and despite the gross carpet and minuscule "junior bedroom," I will really miss it. Before I started packing everything up, I tried to capture my favorite parts of the apartment to share and also to look back fondly on.

A LOT of the pieces I've had since I started college. A LOT are also from Ikea.  Some things aren't shown because they just aren't in a cute state, or just aren't cute, generally.  One thing I've noticed about house/apartment tours is that the photos are always curated to show the best parts of a home, not all parts. You never really see someone's hamper or dish rack, and for some reason you can always find some staged freshly sliced bread. 

I'm really obsessed with looking at how other people decorate their living spaces. Notably, I always seem to be looking for inspiration on The Everygirl, ManRepeller's Real Cool People, Real Cool Apartments, and the home tours on Cup of Jo.  I hope eventually someone can find this post and get some cool inspo from it too!

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

There's a meme going around that in essence boils down to asking why we all take such effort to dress up for Thanksgiving, just so we can end up looking like the best dressed person in the living room. I really felt this meme, especially when I remember that on Thanksgiving we go to my great aunt's house and as it's a Filipino house, everyone takes their shoes off, which has rendered several of my lewks irrelevant and incomplete.  I was already planning on wearing my knee-high boots this T-giving until I remembered that I would just be putzing around in socks anyway.

However, Thanksgiving is still one of the only holidays and therefore times to get dressed up and wear nice clothes, even if you're just hanging out in a living room.  Since my BSB lewk was so successful (if I do say so myself), I thought I would put together some more inspo for my Thanksgiving lewk this year. I'm not planning on buying anything new to look like the best-dressed in the living room this year, but I still want to serve my lewk on a platter.  Filipinos love to take pics.  I'm also in the process of moving and packing, so planning this out now will help me figure out what to bring home right away.

My Thanksgiving look requirements:

  • Cool enough for room temperature but warm enough to survive walking from the car and the occasional breezes when the door opens to let more people in
  • Survives taking shoes off (meaning socks or a pedicure are a requirement)
  • Photographs well
  • Not restricting for the amount of food I may eat (although I'm vegetarian right now so I might not even have anything to eat besides mashed potatoes)
  • Seasonal colors or trends

This ManRepeller article also is what got me in the mood for this post. Notably, this outfit is my real inspo for Thanksgiving this year, but I have to make it my own and make this NYC lewk suitable for a suburb in Northern California.

Source: ManRepeller
The other option is something along these lines, considering I already have the pants:

Source: Rue Magazine

You won't even need socks because the pants are so long they cover your feet!

A Trip to Las Vegas

I haven't been to Vegas in 5 years, since I first turned 21.  There have been opportunities since then but they always seemed not to work out.  We were even supposed to go earlier this year and watch BSB's residency but even that didn't work out! When the Backstreet Boys returned to their residency at Planet Hollywood, Melanie bought tickets right away, booked the hotel, and we were off.

My Journey in Cancelling my Equinox Membership

So I'm moving home.  The closest Equinox to my parents' house is in Berkeley, which is about a 30 minute drive and includes a $5 bridge toll. Needless to say, that's not sustainable for me, so I'm going to have to cancel my Equinox membership.

My beloved home club in Westwood.
Thankfully, I'm outside of my 1-year minimum for my contract, so I should be able to cancel relatively easily.  According to the FAQ on the Equinox page, you just need to provide proper notice and fill out a cancellation form:

I don't have a copy of my membership contract, because I signed it online on my phone and they never sent me a copy. Andrew has an unsigned hard copy of his membership contract, and the notice requirement is 30 days. Paying for an extra half month is fine with me, provided I am actually able to cancel in the next few days...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017: Around 6pm, I go to the front desk of my Equinox and tell the "Greet" girl that I need to give my notice to cancel my membership. She tells me she has to enter it as "sent feedback" and that someone will be in contact with me within 24 hours. I ask what will happen after that, and she said she doesn't know because she doesn't handle it. She doesn't have any cancellation forms. She checks me in and sends off my information as "feedback." I wait.

Thursday, November 16, 2017, 11am: I start this post. I am still waiting. I'm thinking about trying to figure out what time a "club manager" is going to be in and whether I should schedule an appointment. I decide I am going to wait for this 24 hour contact, as there are still a few more hours left in the day. I consider putting my phone on loud, though I'm at work, just so I don't miss this contact. Will I have to resort to the registered mail option? I don't want to have to go to the post office. I again decide to wait.

Thursday, November 16, 2017, 1:28pm: I receive an email from the assistant general manager of my Equinox. She says she received my request to cancel and it has been processed, and my final dues have been charged to my credit card on file. I can continue to use the club until 12/15/17 (30 days from yesterday) at which time my membership will cancel. IT WAS SO EASY!!!!! I am both shocked and elated.

I will miss you Equinox. Maybe one day we will get back together when I move back to Berkeley.


Girl Meets Pizza Review: Pizzeria Mozza

Mmmmm Pizzeria Mozza. If you haven't seen Nancy Silverton's episode of Chef's Table, you should.  Andrew and I had been here once before, before either of us were living in LA, and hadn't been back since. We went to Chi Spacca, on the other side of Osteria Mozza, all restaurants belonging to Nance. We came back this week for Preethi's birthday, and it was even better than I remember! This should have been the focus of that Chef's Table ep...

Has there ever been a sight more beautiful?
The best part about group dinners at pizza restaurants is that you can order a bunch and try all of them! We ordered 6 pizzas for 7 people to split, plus two orders of bread and caprese salad. It was too much food.

What to Wear as an Entertainment Lawyer

Lawyers really only wear suits when they are in court or going for an interview. Maybe for depositions too, but I haven't actually done one on my own so I can't recall. Otherwise, there's really no reason to put a suit on. Probably because we'd all rather save our time-per-wear before dry cleaning them so often.

Dress code ranges from firm to firm, and practice area to practice area. Typically, you just want to emulate what the people around you are wearing, which is likely business casual. In entertainment law, lawyers try to dress like studio folk. Which is to say, casual but cool. An attempt to look more like a lawyer is made by wearing a collared shirt or throwing on a blazer.  Sneakers and jeans are widely accepted.

Today's sassy outfit. I usually do a front tuck with my shirt but I must have been in a rush this morning.
Also, still testing the socks/no socks look with my patent leather oxford/man shoes.

Should You Buy This? MoviePass Review

I first heard about MoviePass seeing people I follow on snapchat post photos of their MoviePass debit cards arriving in the mail. I had no idea what it was, assuming it was some sort of movie loyalty point credit card. Once I saw more than one though, I had to give it a google.

MoviePass is a sort of subscription service, where you pay $9.95 a month to be able to watch up to one movie a day at participating theaters. To those that I have told this to in person, it sounds too good to be true. BUT, naysayers, it's not.  Ok, granted, Arclight and Landmark aren't included in the participating theaters (and they are two of my favorites) but AMC and Century are included, and so is the movie theater in the middle of Westwood Village.

Girl Meets Pizza Review: Zachary's Chicago Pizza

Zachary's- a Berkeley student staple even though it isn't even in Berkeley.  Especially the one pictured here, it's in Pleasant Hill! I don't get deep dish pizza that often, mostly because there aren't that many deep dish places in California. It's basically Zachary's, Little Star, Masa of Echo Park (which I've never been to) and Hollywood Pies.

Alzheimers and Three Coins in the Fountain

I've recently gotten very into old movies. Old as in from the 40s or 50s? It started with my basic obsession with Audrey Hepburn.  Andrew and I also just watched Casablanca for the first time this weekend. Who knew Humphrey Bogart said "Here's looking at you kid" multiple times during that movie?

One day, when I was home at my parents' house, I started playing "How To Steal A Million" on Netflix while I was sitting with my grandma.  Due to her Alzheimer's, she typically doesn't take too much of an interest in anything on TV because she can never really remember what she's watching.

Once "How To Steal A Million" started playing, she was immediately engrossed in the movie. She was actively following the plot, kept reminding me that this was a movie "from her time," and was feeling good that she could remember Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole.  I thought Netflix would have had a vaster selection of these classic movies, but alas, no other Audrey movies are left on their queue.  I had seen Breakfast at Tiffany's moved to Hulu, but I couldn't find it again there either. That left me browsing for something else to watch with my grandma the next time.

Enter the film "Three Coins in the Fountain" whose theme song is the named the same by Frank Sinatra. My grandfather was a big Sinatra guy- he even wore fedoras on a daily basis. I hadn't seen the film before, but the opening credits are long pans of Rome, which excited my grandma because she had apparently visited before with my grandpa.  Once the theme music/song started playing, she started saying the words in the verses almost a full beat ahead of Frank, as if telling him what words he should be singing next. I found this very endearing, as if she was trying to prove to me and anyone else that she did in fact know the words to this song and didn't need Frank to sing them to her.

via Netflix

She loves this movie, I think especially because of the song. Now, whenever I'm at my parents' and my mom wants to leave me with her, I turn this movie on.  Plus, the more we play it for her the more she remembers it. She can see it on and almost immediately remember that the movie is "Three Coins in the Fountain," even though none of the actresses in it are very well known (at least to me).  Every time, I can see that it takes her back to a happier time that still lives in her memory, just like the song lyrics.  Now I will always associate this Sinatra song with her.

Nothing too exciting, but can be a little morsel of help for others who are affected by Alzheimer's as well.  It's at least something to hold their attention for a while, something more than the daily news or a soap opera whose storylines they won't be able to follow.  Putting on a familiar movie (especially one with a memorable song), from a time that they still hold in their memory, can help to temporarily bring back a person they once were.


What To Wear to the Magic Castle

My mood words for my upcoming visit to the Magic Castle: quirky glamour.  I've also been waiting for a chance to debut my raspberry beret from last year (that Melanie gifted me) and this seems like the perfect occasion. The dress code doesn't say anything about hats!

My front-facing camera is trying to force me to upgrade my phone.

Planning for my Walk to End Alzheimer's

My first experience with the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's was last year, when I signed up as a volunteer for the Santa Monica walk.  Unknowingly but per the instructions in the volunteer email I received, I showed up at 7am and stayed for almost the entire day, when some (clearly more informed) UCLA undergrads didn't show up until 9am when the walk actually started. Although I was disappointed by the planning and misinformation given by the coordinator, I still felt good that I was able to volunteer my time for this event in support of Alzheimer's disease.

This year, I had wanted to organize a team in the Bay Area, but I wasn't going to be in town for the Solano walk. I had resigned myself to just donating to my aunt's walk in Solano, as I thought I had missed the LA walk, and then today I saw on Twitter that the LA Live walk is this Sunday. So I'm doing it!