The Importance of FIKA in my Daily Life

I learned about fika last summer, when Monica moved to Stockholm for a few months. From what I understand, fika is an afternoon coffee and snack break that Swedish people take to chat and relax. If only this was a mandated thing in the US...we barely even get full lunch breaks. When I went to visit her, I was actually only in Stockholm for about a day and a half due to an 18 hour flight delay on Norwegian air, so we only got to fika once.

Now, almost every day at work, I take a full FIKA to sit at the only nice cafe near my office to enjoy an Americano, a croissant, and some leisure reading in the sun on the sidewalk of Wilshire Boulevard.  Now that I've started bringing lunch to work, and eating at my desk, it's becoming increasingly more important for me to get out of the office and get some air and alone time.  Enter Amandine -- the only place near my office, nice enough and with good enough food to get me to keep me coming back every day. There are four outdoor tables on the sidewalk facing Wilshire, and this is where I typically sit every day to fika.

Even though its called "Amandine," their cinnamon croissant is the best.

This ~$7 daily fika habit has proved worth it time and again.  Not only do I get to bask in the LA sunshine and drink some good espresso, but this is also one of the only times in my day that I reserve specifically for leisure reading.  The vitamin D paired with the caffeine and sugary croissant do wonders for my mood, but the chance to lose myself in a book and stop thinking about work, even for 30 minutes, does wonders for my mental state in the office.

Plus, reading good literature inspires me to choose my words more carefully, whether it's in additional contract language or for persuasion in a brief. And it has inspired me to do more creative writing on my own, aka posts on here.

Totally candid photo of me wearing my floral blazer and reading at Amandine.

Also, in the latest issue of TYL (some young lawyer magazine that spams me), I just came across an article entitled "The Case for Reading Fiction" by litigation attorney Claire Rootjes/Claire Luana. In it, she also hypes up the benefits of reading fiction (obviously, by the title) but notes that "[i]n addition to the benefits of being exposed to new vocabulary and writing styles, stories are key to connecting with a jury or a judge. The more fiction you read, the more you will internalize the art of storytelling and be able to use if effectively for your clients." So basically I'm right, and I deserve to fika.

I know self-care is almost a cliche at this point, an overused buzzword, but fika-ing is my way of giving myself a break from the stress of being an attorney all day. It's investing in myself, taking the time I need away from my desk (of which I need a lot), maintaining good blood sugar levels, and most importantly feeding my brain.

How to Walk to Work in LA

Today, I'm walking to work. Reasons: my engine coolant light is on, and I just checked it, it's almost empty, and I don't have time to buy new coolant; I need to pick up my contacts; I haven't exercised; my office is only a little over 2 miles away from my apartment.

Here's me putting on my beautiful new shoes. Notice no visible tied shoelaces.

1. Perfect your walking outfit.  It hasn't been sunny in LA, so I'm wearing a Vallejo Admirals raglan, Zella leggings, and my new pink APLs. I plan on wearing these leggings all day today.

LA walking lewk.

2. Pack a work outfit. Usually, I just throw a dress in my backpack. I keep a pair of black flats in my desk to change into on days that I walk. Since it's been cold, I'm going to keep these leggings on and brought a chambray popover to put on top in attempt at making my outfit work appropriate.

3. Make as many stops as possible. First stop, Peet's coffee for a large iced Americano, not hot because I know I'm going to sweat. Second stop, optometrist's office! I've been wearing my 2-week contacts for almost a month now, so I really need these.

Drinking a chic black coffee. Go professional baseball!

4. Find something to listen to that will keep you company (mentally) while walking by yourself. The podcast "My Brother, My Brother, and Me" makes me crack up and actually laugh out loud while I'm walking, like a crazy person.  The 3 McElroy brothers are so hilarious.  Also great is the 3 act musical podcast, "36 Questions" featuring Jonathan Groff.

Stopped listening to the podcast at my optometrist's office. Thanks Village Eyes Optometry!

5. Try not to get hit by any cars. Cars driving onto the curb is not something you can control, but if you have to walk across freeway onramps, ALWAYS MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THESE PSYCHOS.

Mentally preparing to walk underneath the 405.

6. Tell everyone at work that you walked there.  Walk in sweaty, with no makeup on, so that people ask you if you just worked out. Say no, you just WALKED.

There's another guy in this elevator with me. Did not tell him I walked.

7. Forget to apply makeup an hour into work. Get so distracted by telling people that you walked to work that you forget you look like a zombie. Freak out and slam the door to your office.

8. Apply your makeup and get on with your day. I keep a small pouch of makeup essentials in my desk for the random times I decide to walk to work, and I have already filled my backpack up to the brim.  It's just foundation, eyebrow pencil, powder, a blush/bronzer, and lipstick. EASY.

9. Mentally prepare yourself all day for the walk back. Alternatively, make sure you didn't delete the Lyft app from your phone. 

The Thought Process of Wearing a Floral Blazer to Work

I bought this blazer from Banana Republic because I tried it on and was in love and it was only like $30. There were also matching shorts, pants, tops, and dresses in the same pattern, but Andrew was against me buying anything else.  The cashier man ringing me up told me it would be SO cute with "just a plain white t-shirt" so then I got in my head about wearing it with anything else, like I was planning. So far, I've only worn it once, with a plain white t-shirt.

Mad because no one is complimenting my blazer, but also my natural RBF.

Today, I am trying again. I am wearing it with a plain black crewneck sweater, dark jeans, and my dope patent oxfords. I can feel everyone's eyes on the pattern, and I've already snapped it to my friends saying "wearing a loud blazer so no one talks to me" out of pure self-consciousness that no one at work said anything about it.  Melanie snapped me back saying "Great blazer" so now I'm feeling better. Thanks, Mel! Steven also said "cool pattern" or something like that. So yeah, my friends get it. I'm feeling better. Then my boss walked into my office and I FELT his eyes go up and down the arm of my blazer, studying the pattern and not saying anything. Ugh. But what does he know about fashion. [UPDATE: the guy in the lobby told me he liked my jacket, but then told me I needed more concealer under my eyes. THANKS!]

My hair was down when I walked into work, and now its in a ponytail, because I felt like I needed to make my vibe more casual.

I knew since last night that I wanted to wear this blazer today. I want to wear it all the time, because I love how loud it is and I love that the floral print is more tropical/hibiscus than grandmother fabric. I previously went through a semi-minimalist phase where I only wanted to wear white button ups to work, and while I am still into white button-ups, I want to add cooler things to the white button ups to change it up a little.  Enter this blazer, and a bunch of statement earrings.  Unfortunately, I don't work at an office with any cool fashion people considering I'M AN ATTORNEY and I don't work at Man Repeller or Buzzfeed though I might dream that I do.

Feeling better about my lewk.

Anyway, I think that when I wear it, I'm nervous that my insecurity and self-consciousness about the blazer permeate into the vision of the blazer. So my vibe turns into a double dose of anxiety.  I just have to remember to at least pretend to feel confident so that it looks better.  I'm going to go walk to get my afternoon coffee with the self-confidence of a NYC fashion girl, and sit outside of the cafe and read, while wearing this blazer, with the muted confidence of a French girl.

French girl in need of lipstick and photoshop.

At the end of the day, the blazer brings me joy.  It doesn't bring me joy that no one in my office seems to understand the appeal of it.  Maybe it's this office that doesn't bring me joy.

There you have it: wear a floral blazer to work, figure out life's problems.

Tap For Credits: Tacky or No?

So Louise Linton (wife of Steve Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary (post formerly held by Alexander Hamilton))) got in trouble for tagging and hashtagging the brands of the clothes she was wearing. Ok,
she actually got in trouble for her snarky comment back to another commenter who was mad that she was wasting taxpayer money, but that's semantics.  Most of the pushback seems to be because she tagged her expensive brand-name items.

Lindy West posted "The Right Way to Brag on Instagram" for NYTimes Opinion, detailing a sarcastic list of Do's and Dont's to "help" Louise Linton and with her Instagram posting as "an easy guide" to "millenial etiquette."  Lindy first notes that "the 36-year-old Scottish actress, who grew up in a castle and married Mr. Mnuchin, a multimillionaire, earlier this year, is clad in what appeared to be approximately $16,000 of luxurious cream wool crepe designer clothing and opulent accessories, which she dutifully tagged for any Real Americans currently in the market for thousand-dollar white pants."

I get that it is ironic that these "Real Americans" are blind to the immense wealth and actual elitism that everyone in the current administration comes from and embraces, but the framing could have stopped there.

A snippet of Lindy's list: "DON'T: Use hashtags to let 'Grammers know that your handbag costs more than they pay in rent in a year, particularly if you're married to the cabinet official who could help make homeownership and true, substantive, generational financial stability accessible for the working class, but probably won't! Instead, try something more relatable, like #selfcare under a picture of you standing next to a horse. (Best not to mention that you own the horse and also the copyright to the concept of horses.)"

It's an unfair attack on Louise, who is not an actual part of the federal government (thankfully) and has not asked to be a part of this narrative (@taylorswift).  I get it, we are all fed up with this administration, but Louise is not the person to be going after.

And really, so what if she tagged her 
Hermes scarf and/or Birkin bag?  

Louise Linton apparently is an actress in her 30s, and likely spends most of her day scrolling through Instagram like the rest of us who don't actually work for the government. This means she probably follows hundreds, if not thousands, of bloggers, who tag and hashtag their Instagrams with the brands they are wearing for maximum likes.  Barely anyone knew who Louise Linton was until now, so she had to get her likes from somewhere, aka other bloggers and people looking for examples of Hermes scarves. Because Louise tagged the brands in her photo, her photo will now show up on that brand's "photos of @thatbrand" section of that brand's Instagram.  Because she #hashtagged the brands, her photo will come up in a search for that particular hashtag.

Most importantly, IMO, is that anyone looking at her outfit and wondering about the origin of any of the items of clothing she was wearing could simply tap her photo for the outfit credits.

Tapping for outfit credits seems like it has been relatively contained to the fashion-blogger community, and those that follow that community.  Instead of having to respond to every comment that asks where her pants or from or what brand her scarf is, because Louise tagged the parts of her outfit with the brands, an Instagram scroller merely has to tap the photo to find out.

I can understand that the general public, unfamiliar with this sort of "tap for credits" lifestyle, would think that tagging the brands worn is more akin to bragging. It's mostly because the tags are only ever for expensive brands. But let's see, how much of your actual outfit (YOU, reading this) if you took a photo of it, would you be able to tag on instagram?  Right now, I'm wearing a black Mossimo sweater from Target, grey J Brand jeans, patent black Louise et Cie oxford shoes, a black Longchamp tote, and a J.Crew scarf (it's cold in LA offices).  I can mostly tag all elements of my outfit, because they all have an Instagram presence, including Target.  I would probably only tag my jeans, and maybe the shoes I'm wearing because it's not clear where they are from and if I saw this photo, that's what I would be interested in learning more about.  I actually found the oxford shoes because someone I follow tagged it in one of her posts.

I'm so used to tapping for credits on the posts of bloggers I follow, that if I tap most of my actual friends' photos I can't help but feel a twinge of disappointment if I liked the dress they were wearing and the brand wasn't tagged. Is this sad? Is this another example of our distancing ourselves from others -- tag the brand so you don't have to interact with someone asking where your clothes are from? I'm typically not going to ask someone where their clothes are from in an Instagram post, because it seems awkward and intrusive, and also what if they don't want to tell me? I don't want to be left hanging on an Instagram comment wall! ManRepeller recently posted an article that truly spoke to this: How to Credit a Photo on Instagram/The Rudest Thing You Can Do on Instagram.

Another reason that brand-tagged photos are so helpful is that when you are looking for real-life examples of people wearing the things you are interested in buying, you might find them. For example, for my oxfords, I checked the @louiseetcie Instagram's tagged photos for more photos in which people were wearing the patent black oxfords, and what kind of outfits they were wearing them with. It takes some scrolling, but when you want to make an informed purchase, it's pretty helpful.

In sum, people need to realize that tagging brands is not merely bragging for bragging's sake. It actually helps people find out where clothes are from (before they have to ask), can help with researching certain potential purchases, and can show new ways of styling certain items from any given brand.

How to Brunch in Los Angeles

The Chase Sapphire Sunday event at Rose Cafe in Venice was a true experience in brunch in the time of influencers.  It's an event reserved for Chase Sapphire cardholders or some lucky "influencers." When we arrived, we were greeted by people holding their phones up, trying to capture the ambience, the flower arrangements, and the photogenic pastry spread.

Although we didn't get pictures with Chrissy, we did learn 10 valuable lessons about brunching in LA:

1. It doesn't matter if pastries are dry, as long as they are arranged on different trays and photograph well.

2. Collections of plants make perfect backdrops for cocktails. 

3. Don't be ashamed do ask people to borrow their table for your perfect shot.

4. Faux backgrounds of hedge walls are just as photogenic as actual hedge walls

5. Live by the mantra "another day, another avocado toast."

6. There is no shame in asking a waitress to pose with a tray of avocado toast.

7. Wear ultra high heels to brunch so you don't have to embarrassingly stand on a chair to take a good flat-lay.

8. Put unphotogenic (but delicious) food, food that you already started eating, or used napkins on a chair so as not to pollute your shot.

9. Move everything to one side of a table so other people who aren't participating in the food photoshoot can still eat their food in peace. Also order a full tray of avocado toast (even though you won't eat it) to add different elements into your instagram.

10. If you aren't going to get a photo with Chrissy Teigen, make sure your food photos make up for it. 

10a.  If you aren't going to get a photo with Chrissy Teigen, still tag her in every photo you post, just so people know she was there. (This is my own tip, from me.)

Anyway, here's a little bit more about the actual Chase Sapphire Sunday event:

Chrissy was behind a curtain when we got there, not taking pics with anyone, and her bodyguard wouldn't even let me take pics of the back of her head through the see-through curtain.  You cannot believe how upset these instagram girls were that they weren't going to get a photo with Chrissy. We all paid $100 for the chance to "brunch with Chrissy" and she's not even taking photos?!

Melanie and I decided to just enjoy the food and sit down and also take potential instagram photos of each other. The food was great, I particularly enjoyed their neapolitan margherita pizza and the chicken banh mi sandwiches. Also enjoyed the waiters lurking around waiting to give you another glass of rose. Is that what the cafe is named after?

Dress: COS | Sunglasses: Celine | Earrings: Costco

I posted a photo from this shoot on instagram, not this exact one, but one where my arm looked very skinny to the point where I looked maybe anorexic. I've gotten more likes on that photo than many others, and I think it's because everyone is so impressed that my arm looks so skinny! It's not actually that skinny though, but its fun to pretend.  It's also fun to pretend that people are wondering if I really am that skinny, and whether it's photoshopped it or not.  This is another tip for brunch in LA: go with someone that will take multiple pics of you while eating food and posing with food items.

Luckily, Chrissy posted one snapchat of the event so I screenshot it in hopes to replicate it with Melanie on the same bench. We couldn't actually even get to the actual bench Chrissy was sitting on, as it was on the "patio" and the "patio" was only set up for "VIPs" even after Chrissy already left, so we had to make do with this other bench that is not nearly as good and is clearly not in the same place. Also Chrissy's pose is actually much harder to replicate than she makes it look. Can't underestimate models! I never posted this on instagram because I already posted two other pics from the same event. Definitely worth $100.

Weekend Update: August 20

This is intended to be the first installment of a weekly post in which I update all week all the things I have been doing, because my life is so interesting and I think that other people will care about things I like.

What I bought this week:
APL Sneakers I had originally ordered the tropical peach ones from net-a-porter, but then when googling for this post, I saw they had the soft pink on the APL website and.... I had to order both to compare. [pro tip: go to APL's website, add some shoes to your cart, fill out your name/email in guest checkout all the way until you have to enter credit card info, leave the site, they will email you a $20 coupon to get you back!] Since the pair from the APL website are $20 cheaper, I'll will probably stick with these.
The Idiot by Elif Batuman
Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

What I want to buy:
STILL drooling over the Gucci velvet marmont bag in teal, and I have been since last winter. But it seemed too seasonal and trendy for the price point, although I can picture myself using it now in the summer and still throughout the winter and really at any time! However, I just googled it to link here, and the teal doesn't seem to be new in stock anywhere anymore. The "rubin velvet" fuchsia one is also very beautiful though.

Pixel Eyewear glasses because I truly do just stare at a computer all day long, and anything that can help with this eye-strain would be appreciated.

HRH collection single open heart ring because I've always wanted a crystal piece from HRH and now that the rings are produced on metals I can actually wear, I want to get one! However, I haven't been able to decide what ring size I should get, if I should get a midi ring or just get the size to wear it at the base of my finger.

LA Life:

Finally made some time at work on Friday to walk down to our friendly neighborhood cookie store, Cookie Good.  I have been dying for them to bring back the crunch berries flavor, but I figured the peanut butter crunch cookie might be just as good. Verdict: not AS good, but still good. Also they have a "$100,000 bar" (100 grand bar) cookie which is a MUST.

Melanie came to visit again! While she was at a conference all day at UCLA, I completed my usual Saturday daytime ritual, consisting of going to Philz and getting a Philtered Soul with Almond Milk and No Sugar, reading, then walking around the promenade.  Andrew and I also tried the Joe's pizza on Broadway, which neither of us had realized it was the same as Andrew's favorite slice pizza place in NY.  Actually now that I think about it, I'm not sure what proof there is that they are in fact the same place, so I'm going to look it up now.

After Melanie's conference, she, Preethi, Andrew and I went to the Grove to watch Ingrid Goes West, which was followed by a Q&A with Aubrey Plaza, moderated by Danny Franzese AKA DAMIEN FROM MEAN GIRLS. I thought the movie was great, it included hilarious takes on "influencers" and their dumb photos and dumb captions.  This role was pretty different for Aubrey, she got to use her RBF as usual, but she wasn't playing a mean person.  Still great.  I want to caption every photo I post with "another day, another avocado toast."  The Q&A after was interesting, Damien didn't do the greatest job moderating- he seemed too hot and was unprepared with his questions.  He also asked twice about how Ingrid had a normal relationship with the men in the movie, but couldn't act normally around Taylor (female), and like "what's up with girl friendships though?" To which many people in the audience starting whispering, and not whispering, that it was a sexist question. I mean in retrospect, maybe he was just trying to get some recognition for his role in Mean Girls. At one point he actually said "Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen" BUT THAT WASN'T EVEN A LINE OF HIS IN THE MOVIE.

One of the great plans for Melanie's time in LA was attending the Chase Sapphire Sunday Brunch at Rose Cafe in Venice with special guest Chrissy Teigen!!! We got there at 11, and at check-in is when we realized that "influencers" were invited and probably didn't have to pay like us sad "cardmembers." The scene was amazing. It was truly that -- a scene. And people taking pics at every angle to commemorate experiencing such scene.  When we got there, Chrissy was sitting in the back behind a curtain, filming something, and her bodyguard made me stop taking photos. He didn't make me delete what I had taken though, probably because he didn't want to have to get up from his post and allow other crazy blogger girls take more prohibited photos. So Melanie and I just ate everything- the spread was great: neapolitan pizzas, a bagel bar, pasta, pretty pastries laid out on a big table. Plus waiters just walking around with trays of glasses of rose. Eventually, Chrissy did some talk with some blogger or E! news girl and then made a toast to everyone before walking back to her black car and stopping for only one pic.  Melanie was able to snap this amazing pic of the side of my face with Chrissy walking by in the background. Also, when we left, they gave us cool pineapple cups, just to add to the instagram-sheen of the entire thing. Definitely worth it. Full review coming soon!

Articles I've shared:
The role coffee shops have in gentrifying cities and the pushback that goes unseen by most foodies. It is true though that if you are looking for a "cool" area of a neighborhood, you should search for "hipster coffee."

ManRepeller understanding me truly to my core. I can't post an instagram without a caption in this vein. A small sampling of the literary genius that this post is: "I’d Snapchatted the grocer ringing them up with the caption “tysm sir.” I love that Eggos are nutritional wastelands. It’s so ’90s."

A luxe wedding in NYC for less than $14k. The illustrator-as-party-favors is a really creative and cool idea that I think guests would actually appreciate more than a magnet or chocolate bar. Also, I love the idea of incorporating tropical leaves in the flower arrangements as a subtle homage to my island ancestors.

This commute is unreal and makes my 2.2 miles seem like literally nothing.  This woman doesn't let it bother her, she is never in a rush, and still seems happy. I mean she's not happy about the housing crisis in SF, but she doesn't seem to be letting her commute get her down, which is more than I can say for almost everyone in LA. It's inspiring how she intentionally chooses the way to live her life, despite the stress that so many other people would allow to envelope their morning and night, she takes everything slowly and appreciates her own routine. My current morning routine is wake up, snooze my alarm until I will only be 15 minutes late to work, drag myself to drive 12 minutes to work, sit in the chair and sulk tiredly.

What I'm Listening To: Spotify's "I Love My 00's R&B" because the 00's are the new 90's

What I'm Reading: finished My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, starting A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Why You Should Read (and also a quick review of Lolita)

During my latest interview in my job search, I was posed the question "tell us about the last book you read that wasn't assigned." Granted, I haven't been assigned a book in over a year since I graduated law school, but understandable as this position was geared toward recent grads.  Since graduating and since taking the bar, I have had so much time to leisure read and I have gotten through many many books that have reinvigorated a love for reading I haven't felt since I was in about 3rd grade. When I was in high school and college, I had the wrong attitude about books. If a book was assigned, I automatically didn't want to read it and would either put off reading it and try to cram at the end for a paper, or I wouldn't read it at all and just open the book up to do a little bit of skimming and to excerpt some quotes verbatim. However, with my new attitude, I was able to answer the question truthfully and with the passion I truly feel for reading.

The last book I finished was Lolita, which I felt was a great answer because it's a classic but also a conversation starter. I went off on my tangent as I usually do when talking to people about this book- I picked it up because I knew it was a classic but I had never read it. I knew there was a reason that people don't name their daughters "Lolita," but the back of the book essentially called it a controversial love story for the ages.  Truth be told, it did use the word "nymphet," but that really didn't register as anything out of the ordinary to me.  Upon getting a few pages in, it becomes clear that the main character and narrator of the story is a pedophile and is only attracted to girls around the age of 12.  That's enough to make a lot of people stop reading, or never start reading this book, so I can see why the back cover was intentionally vague. However, something kept me glued into the story. The way the narrator describes everything else besides his unfortunate attraction to little girls is both hilarious and acutely unique. It is written around the 1950s, and yet the humor is still relevant and pungent today.  Humbert Humbert writes to the audience from jail, and at times actually begs the reader to keep reading and to not skip over passages even though the subject matter of his pedophilia may be uncomfortable for many. It is truly a book unlike anything I've ever read before, and I would want to recommend it, but not without this tangent. 

Now I'm on to the Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante, which also have me hooked for different reasons. The text is translated from Italian, so the descriptions and language is unique and intriguing. It's not too different from a "regular" American novel, but somehow the choice observations and the introduction to a world so different from our own has really gotten me hooked. It's a book that I look forward to reading as often as I can, but I am able to put down (unlike the Crazy Rich Asians book series, of which I also just finished the second book).  As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to get back into My Brilliant Friend, because I can't wait to find out what else is happening to Elena. 

Anyway, in sum, my screen fatigue coupled with free time that used to be spent studying have gotten me into reading all the time. I want to take books with me wherever I go, in case I can get a chapter in. I like to think that it's helped me with my writing, but it's also helped me to become more observant of my surroundings and constantly inspires me to exercise my creativity.  It's a great conversation starter, and it doesn't hurt that it makes me seem more intelligent and knowledgeable. Now that we are out of college, everyone should be reading! After staring at computers all day at work, we shouldn't come home just to stare at the TV and our phones. Okay let's be real, I still do that, but I try to balance out my screen time with at least a little bit of paper time. Even the littlest bit! And it never fails to make me feel better about myself when I know I've taken the time to actually read.

Next on my list? I like to balance out my reading by always following books with something pretty different, so I may jump into A Little Life or try to get back into the Fountainhead. Clearly I'm in the mood to carry around a fat book. I also like keeping track of the books I've read with little reviews and also "want to read" books on Goodreads. You can follow me!

What Are You Even Doing?

So I've semi-published this blog by sharing with my twitter, the only platform I really use -- for my news, my laughs, my own rants. Plus I can keep up with my brother's baseball team on there. Ok but this isn't about twitter. This is more of an expansion of my twitter, with a little more effort.

But, you may ask, what is this blog about? Why are you doing this? What are you going to continue to write about in the future? The answer is, I don't know, but I feel good about writing. As I wrote before, Andrew is not a blogger-boyfriend type. He's a good subject for my own photos, because I know how to take photos. However, I can't jeopardize our relationship by trying to get him to take OOTDs of me. Also, I don't have enough style or enough expensive clothes to be a cool fashion blogger, so there's also that. I do like following fashion bloggers on instagram and vloggers on youtube, and hearing about people's favorite things, so I might do that. Even if it doesn't help anyone else, at least I will memorialize my favorite things that I can come back to in case I ever stray.

I think I might start doing weekend recaps, of things I am loving: things I'm doing, eating, and buying. I can't stray too far away from my GirlMeetsPizza roots and I will still write about pizza and other food that I love. One thing I already know I have to write about is the pizza that changed my life at Jon & Vinny's.

So this blog is just about me, trying to make clearer, more appreciative, and more thoughtful observations about the world around me but also just trying to live my life.

The title is something I type multiple times a day, in almost every email I send.

Why Did That Person Honk At Me?

Driving in LA gets a bad rap, because there is so much traffic. Understood, and agreed.

I have a running theory that driving (and perhaps just living) in LA ingrains so much anxiety in its drivers that honking their horns at others is their only true release.  Therefore, LA drivers are constantly waiting for something to "happen" to them that will necessitate such honk.  There's also something different about the honks from LA drivers. They typically last at least one Mississippi, and are usually never courteous light staccato taps.  You can feel their pent-up anger in their honks, they want you to know that you have wronged them and are using their car horn to convey the words they most likely would never say to your face, nor to the face of anyone else who has wronged them.  From the comfort of their cars, drivers in LA feel finally in control of their bleak lives, finally able to stand up to those who just keep getting in their way, even if they are still going to be stuck in traffic.

Moreover, I am speaking from experience as an LA driver for the last three (3) years.  I've felt myself watching another car, knowing they are going to make some wrong move, and still slamming on my car horn to shame them even further. Am I a monster?? No. I have just been living here for too long.

Driving in LA just makes you mad. Cars drive around as though they own the road and without any regard for any other cars or pedestrians.  This, compounded with the cost of living and cost of parking can really frustrate a person, and they end up taking it out on the next car that "wrongs" them.

The following is a running list of potential reasons as to why that last driver just honked at you, in order of likelihood:
  1. Someone just cut them off.
  2. They are late.
  3. They think they are the only car on the road trying to get somewhere.
  4. Someone just honked at them.
  5. Google maps lied to them.
  6. Google maps told them to take an unprotected left turn without a stoplight onto Wilshire.
  7. There's an accident on the 405.
  8. They don't know where they are going.
  9. If they don't get to a gas station soon, they will run out of gas.
  10. They don't make enough money.
  11. Hillary lost.
  12. They are hungry and don't know where they are going to eat.
  13. They have to use the bathroom.
  14. There was no parking at Starbucks.
  15. They don't know what to be for Halloween.
  16. Lactose intolerance is ruining their life.
  17. They hate their neighbors.
  18. They are on a new restrictive diet.
  19. Mom just said something offensive to them.
  20. Real Housewives is starting in 5 minutes.
  21. They just tried clothes on and nothing fit.
  22. They are on a work call while driving.
  23. Their luxury car payments are more than they can actually afford.
  24. It's hot outside.
  25. Maybe you did something wrong.