What I Bought Today - May 11, 2020

I didn't order anything today! What a concept! Seeing my total from yesterday made me realize that I don't need to be buying things willy nilly. Plus I really am running out of space, and I haven't been purging. That's next.


I wrote a full post just about what I got, but just edited this to include this purchase, which I feel definitely deserves to be included. I can't wait to give an update once it arrives!

Custom College Campus Needlepoint Belt Canvas (with thread): $167.38
Andrew's business school graduation is coming up, on May 22.  In my quest to become a needlepointer, I found this Etsy store that had several college campuses pixelated on belts.  Unfortunately, there was no UC Berkeley option.  FORTUNATELY, however, there was a custom college option.  The example is the Notre Dame campus.  I have been planning to order a UC Berkeley needlepoint belt kit, but there were a a couple of barriers to entry: 1) I had to measure one of Andrew's belts for sizing, and 2) I had to list buildings or landmarks from campus to include on the belt design.  I had figured out number 2 a few weeks ago, but for some reason I could not get myself to measure a belt.  I finally decided to do so last night, while Andrew was out on a run.  I should get a rendered design in 3 days, and it should ship 3-5 days after that! I won't finish before May 22, but it will provide more entertainment for myself (and maybe Andrew) throughout this quarantine.

What I Got Today

In any event, I still continue to receive packages every day.  Today, I received three!
Two out of the three were from RTR. Apparently, the last time I returned my black garment bag, I forgot to switch out the shipping label and the garment bag came back to me. Eyeroll.

The other item was the Mansur Gavriel Biscotto Lambskin Cloud Clutch.  I rented this just to see if it would be a good/nice dupe for the Bottega clutch, and to see how much the discount would be from RTR.  Negative on both fronts. The discount to buy from renting is 30% from $595 retail, so $416.50 to buy. Too much for me.  The clutch is a bit awkward but I might have thought harder about keeping it if it was under $200.  Back to RTR it goes!


Missoni Turban ($55.99, similar here)
Missoni Headband ($47.99, similar here)
Influenced By: @teggyfrench

The other #influencedbuy package was from SaksOff5th and made specifically because I saw Teggy French post them on her IG stories.  She is the queen of turbans, and I love how it looks for elegant leisure while at home. I had to have one! Most of her glitter/sequin turbans are v expensive, so I thought I would try out some of the Missoni sale items she linked.  I'm loving them~ although mostly they fit like light beanies to me. It might have to do with how big my head is, too.  I look bald when putting my hair up but we will see if I can make it work with some earrings.

Hopefully they make it into my next posts, so I know they are worth it to keep!

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