What I Bought Today - May 18, 2020

This weekend was actually relaxing in that I did not really go crazy in purchasing things. I instead relaxed and spent a lot of time relandscaping my island on Animal Crossing while watching Summer House.

Monday, a work day, is a different story.  When I am forced to sit at my computer all day, I inevitably start browsing and find things to buy.  Here are the items I purchased today:

Selfie Ring Light - $14.99
I bought this because real/mounted ring lights are way expensive right now and our apartment lighting for group zooms in the living room is BLEAK. I saw a blogger (#influencedby @goldwilldigger) attached one of these clip ring lights around her laptop camera and I thought that was an amazing idea! We will see how well it actually works once it arrives.

Defending Jacob - $12.78
I had been hearing a lot about this new show on Apple TV featuring Chris Evans. I think it's a legal thriller and I heard that the book is better than the show.  Naturally, I immediately needed to have the book.  I checked my local bookstores and they didn't have it in stock, so I had to buy it on Amazon.  Excited to read this, I heard the twists and turns are crazy!


Eugenia Kim Face Masks - $60.00

Pleated Face Mask - $20.00
This is the same one I got. It can cover your nose and mouth but won't cover your chin. TBD on how useful this mask will actually be when worn out. It looks sleeker than the diaper ones that fit over your nose and chin though. I will link my full review post on all masks I've ordered here once I write it.

Sequin Face Mask (similar) - $20.00
The mask I actually got is fully blinged out in silver sequins. I tried it on and it's too big so far, but I might be able to tighten it. Another TBD.

Pink Satin Face Mask (similar) - $20.00
The third mask I got is actually a plain satin hot pink, but this was the closest thing left on the website.  Fits like I imagine the sequin mask was supposed to fit, as in it fits my face.  This one covers your nose and chin but also then has the effect of looking like a diaper.

Dorinda Medley "Not Well Bitch" Sweatshirt - $49.00
What other sweatshirt encapsulates my Quarantine vibe better? Not the CHILLING Officially sweatshirt by Tom Schwartz. No. I am not officially CHILLING. I wish I was!  Instead, I have to work and worry about how much I'm working all day long.  So I'll tell you how I'm doing. NOt well bitch!!!!

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