What I Bought Today - May 14, 2020

A return to my normal impulse-buying filled quarantine day.  I've realized that one of the main reasons that I read blogs at all is to see if the bloggers I follow have purchased anything recently that I might be interested in.  Thus leading to these #influencedbuys and sharing everything I'm finding on my own.

We need new hand soap in our bathroom. We had the le labo hand soap from Nordstrom, but it's sold out.  I then considered getting Aesop handsoap, because I just want something to make me feel bougie.  It wasn't in stock at Nordstrom, my go-to department store, so I just googled it and saw it was in stock at Revolve.  Of course, I couldn't just buy something on Revolve without perusing the loungewear and sale sections.

Aesop Resurrection Hand Soap - $39
I don't know what this is going to smell like, except for bougie, I'm assuming.  I'm interested in a bougie hand soap considering how often we have to wash our hands, it's like a treat. Hopefully! No one influenced me to buy this, just my own brainwashed self.

Kendall & Kylie Cargo Jumpsuit - $56
It's a CONVERTIBLE ZIP-OFF JUMPSUIT!!!!! How could I say no? They also had this jumpsuit in an olive green and navy blue, which would have obviously been preferable, but they only had XXS left in those sizes. I obviously didn't sent out knowing that I needed this, but now I know that I couldn't need anything more.  I was just browsing jumpsuits and this was one of the first things that popped up.  Thanks Revolve.  It's the perfect item for this weather that we are dealing with in the Bay Area, where one week it's bordering on 80 degrees and the next week it's raining and in the 50s. I can't wait to try this on. My only concern is that the light lavender color will end up being see-through, but let's hope not!

Baby Blue Crane Wallpaper - $24.49/roll
I'm obsessed with finding new ways to improve this apartment that I have already lived in for two years, and I'm still finding them! My new idea is to improve the bedroom. It is a drab little cave. I want to wallpaper the walls that you see when you walk in, behind the bed and around the small closet. The room has a weird slope towards the bed so I'm not sure if I will try to wallpaper the incline as well, but I just got one roll to see how the paper looks, how it sticks, and the residue it leaves when it comes off. I love this pattern though, it looks way chic and expensive, and it reminds me of Gucci's pink swan wallpaper.  This wallpaper also comes in pink, which looks even more like the Gucci paper, but our bedroom art on opposite walls is already a tonal blue so this is likely the best option.


Ceramic Hobnail Planters - $27.99
The smaller one fits my little ivy plant that didn't have a home. Now I don't really know what to do with the other one. They came very well-packaged so that they wouldn't be damaged on their journey. I also love the hobnail pattern. They look way more expensive than they actually were, which is my favorite compliment that I can give anything that I own. 

Who Gives a Crap Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper - $52/48 rolls
I thought we were really short on toilet paper and I went on the Who Gives a Crap website and ordered more because they finally had them back in stock.  They ONLY sell 48 at a time, which is very difficult to store in a 500 sq foot apartment. I thought we were down to 6 or so, but apparently we still had around 20. So I was only able to store about 28 of the rolls. Now I'm trying to give the rest of them away! We really can't store them here and now they are sold out on the WGAC website again, so hopefully my friends will take them. If you're reading this and want some, let me know!

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