What I Bought Today - May 13, 2020

I almost made it a full day without buying anything, but then realized I still needed to get some stuff for Andrew's business school graduation next week.  So, I had to buy stuff.

Andrew, if somehow you are reading this, even though I didn't even tell you I was writing on here again. DON'T click "READ MORE."  THANKS!

I will first, however, go over the things that I received today in the mail.


You. Me. Us. - $10.99
My dear friend Randolph Rivo (known affectionately as Rivo) wrote a book! I love to support my friends in all of their endeavors so of course I immediately bought it once it was available in paperback.  The cover art alone would have made me buy it! I am so excited to read the story and decorate my apartment with the book's aesthetics!

Small Projector - $109.99
I wrote about this already. It's already here! The fire stick isn't coming for another 2 weeks because it's back ordered, so I haven't set the projector up yet.  We shall see.

Gingham Dress - $22.98
I saw one of the local Rockridge boutiques was selling masks for $8 and I wanted to get a gingham one. I wanted a gingham one so I could match it with a gingham dress that I didn't yet have.  Accordingly, I bought a gingham dress from Amazon.  One thing about buying clothes from Amazon is that it is STILL fast fashion.  It's like buying clothes from Romwe or Shein or any old instagram ad.  I know this, but for some reason I find it hard to stop myself from buying things like this.  I haven't actually tried the dress on yet, but I thought it was going to be cotton and it might not be.  Only time will tell. I don't even have the matching mask yet, so maybe this look will never even come to fruition.  Again, only time will tell.

Again, read on, if you want to see what I bought today, if your name is not Andrew. Thanks!

Strawberry Shortcake Cake - $50
Andrew loves strawberry shortcake and he loves Milk bar.  This is clearly the perfect (and maybe only) time to try Milk Bar's take on strawberry shortcake!  I've ordered cakes and desserts from Milk Bar online before, and you just have to make sure that the delivery date you want is available.  The shipping is reliable, the cake comes in a big styrofoam box so it's safe and will keep for a good amount of time.

Custom Cake Topper - $9.78
Obviously I needed to buy something to go on top of the cake, since Milk Bar doesn't do icing writing/decorating.  I got the 3 lines for a 6 inch cake, since the actual cake I ordered is 6 inches.  I got block letters like the above.  What did I put on those 3 lines? "Confidence / Without / Attitude" Haha!!!! I'm so excited for this. "Confidence Without Attitude" is one of Haas' Defining Principles, and is always the one that I attribute most to Andrew.  Because he really doesn't have an attitude!

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