What I Bought Today - May 10, 2020

The quarantine days are passing me by and I'm losing track of what I've ordered every time new packages come for me at my doorstep. I decided I should probably somehow keep track of what I'm buying, how much money I'm spending daily, and my rationale behind buying these things.  Why not also make it public, and help #influence in my own micro capacity?

Did I leave the house at all today? Just to go outside and pick up Amazon packages. Does that mean I ordered more stuff than usual? Probably.

Small Projector - $109.99
Why did I buy this? Because I'm tired of staying up late to watch TV in the living room, when I could just do so from bed.  I asked Andrew what he thought about getting a small TV to mount in the bedroom, and he said he would prefer a projector.  So I did some research this morning about projectors connecting to phones, and it appears that this projector will work with an Amazon Fire Stick and not require connection to a phone or laptop, which leads to the next purchase.

Amazon Fire Stick - $39.99
As stated above, I don't want to have to connect the projector to a phone or laptop.  Letting the Fire Stick live in the projector seems like the best solution.

La Ligne x Cesta Lunch Pail Straw Handbag - $79.00
When I started to write this post, I forgot that I ordered this until I started going through my email to see what I forgot about. Classic.  I miss being able to go to Nordstrom Rack and treasure hunt, so I find myself on the website quite often even though tis far from the same.  The brand Cesta Collective showed up on my instagram feed today (sponsored content and not even from an influencer) and it reminded me that this bag had previously caught my attention on the NR site.  I decided this would be a good quarantine/summer bucket bag, especially since I ended up returning the Loewe bag that I bought at the beginning of quarantine.

Ceramic Hobnail Planters - $27.99
How did I end up on Amazon again? I bought a bunch of plants yesterday and didn't have enough pots to put them in. One plant is just sitting on our refrigerator in its bare plastic pot with several holes in the bottom! I made the choice to essentially blindly order these, based almost exclusively on the review photos.

Total spent (not including tax or shipping): $256.97
...I have a problem. Seeing this number hopefully will stop me from spending even more this week.  However, with my RTR on pause, who knows.

Special shout out: What I Received in the Mail Today (since I only started these What I Bought Today posts ... today)

Over-the-Door Purse Hanger Organizer - $20.58
I have too many bags, and being at home every day and with how much stuff I keep buying, I need more storage options. My bags for sure do not look like the above photo, but the product essentially provides more hooks on a door.  So far, it's working for me.  Andrew hasn't seen it yet, so his approval remains to be seen.  I like that the bags are inside the closet now and not just on the floor or on every empty chair.

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