This website/blog has gone through several different iterations. You may have known that I previously had a pizza blog called Girl Meets Pizza through 2016. In 2017, I started Best, Isabella for a quick stint, just writing about things I thought about.  A few months later, I rebranded it to "halika dito" as a pointed reference to my ethnic background and jumping off point for my Poshmark store. 

Clearly, since I haven't worked on writing anything for this blog since March 2019, well over a year from today, writing/blogging isn't easy -- especially as a lawyer, working long hours and already spending so much time typing at a computer.

Being back in quarantine has inspired me to start writing posting again, mostly to fully realize my influencer self, but also because I spend a lot of my time looking for blogs to read.  As always, I want to put out the content that I'm looking for and not seeing.  However, although it sounds very glamorous (and I'm obviously still far from it), I'm not sure being an influencer is really the right profession for me. Not only do you have to really put yourself out there at all times, and take all the criticism and judgment that comes with it, but you are basically insisting that people copy you, and I don't know if I can really handle that just yet.  But maybe that's part of my growth.  Currently, I'm fine with people copying me, as long as I feel like I get some sort of acknowledgment.  I don't have to be tagged or anything but I just like to know that I actually "influenced" someone to get something.

For example, I have been posting on and on about my Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers. I have never gotten so many responses about a product before! People have been asking me how I like them, what the sizing is like, etc.  I am thrilled that so many people are liking them and getting them too!  This is the kind of influencing I could get used to.

However, I also recently posted that I ordered some customized masks from Apolis.  I was excited to bring awareness to the brand, who is also donating diapers to Baby2Baby with every mask order, but also pioneering the custom-mask market, which I think will be big in the quarantine days to come.  No one really responded to this instagram story, but I couldn't help but feel that people were still going to check out Apolis and maybe buy some on their own.  I'm sure most influencers would not care.  I, on the other hand, not being an actual influencer and just a regular person, couldn't help but feel like I didn't want people to see what I had posted and get it for themselves without any credit to me.  Clearly I'm selfish and just want attention! I am thinking now that this is something I have to get over, as well as the fear of judgment, in order to fully realize my potential.

I like to think that I have good taste and could make it as an actual influencer, even if for now it's just my small circle of friends.  Only time will tell if this will actually happen.  For now, I just have my instagram left on public and I'm back to writing here.  For influence!

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