I waver every day on how I feel about Amazon.  On one hand, I do not like what it has done to small businesses.  On the other hand, I don't know where else to get a lot of the products featured.  I have resolved to only buy books from independent bookstores in my neighborhood.  However, when I need specialty items in two (or more at this point) days, I don't know where else to turn except Amazon.

I have been going crazy in buying stuff in the past few months.  Quarantine has curbed it a little bit, considering Amazon's stock and delivery windows for nonessential items are all over the place.

Animal Crossing New Horizons - never an AC player before, I bought into the hype and blindly pre-ordered the game. I had always heard I would like it due to the decorating aspect of it, but I couldn't understand what the point of the game was.  I still don't.  I tell people that the point of the game is to complete tasks to make money in order to buy things to make your character, house, and island the best possible.  My real life in a video game.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - still reeling from Super Mario Odyssey ending, and unable to even make it to Zora's Grotto in BOTW, I needed something that I could actually play.  While the world isn't as expensive as Mario's in Odyssey, and it isn't as cute because you are dealing with ghosts and a haunted hotel, it's a good substitute in the meantime while Nintendo comes up with another good Mario game.

Sunglasses Drawers - Andrew and I have Too Many Sunglasses.  I have approximately 75% more than he does, but I was tired of seeing his sunglasses on all of the tables and my previous sunglasses storage was overflowing.  I have always wanted to use one of those clear nail polish racks as storage for sunglasses, but we don't have the wall space for it in our tiny apartment.  Believe me, I ordered one and had to return it.  The next best solution - drawers. Each little section fits one pair of sunglasses, for a total of 12 pairs.  Andrew has 3 pairs and my sunglasses take up the other 9 spots. I also am still using my Anthropologie glass case for 5 other pairs of sunglasses. I have a problem!!!!


Rainbow Cowrie Shell Necklace and Bracelet Set - I was feeling bad for myself and my Hawaii trip getting cancelled so I bought this. That's it. I wore it every day for a week during the beginning of Quarantine, when I was supposed to be in Hawaii. Still like it.

Barrel Crimper - I was clearly influenced to get this. It is very large and hard to use. I have only tried to use it once, and will one day try again. I burned my hand that first time, so I'm not racing to get back to it.  Plus I'm not even going anywhere during this quarantine.  One day.

Popcorners Variety Pack - Influenced by Whitney Simmons. I bought these for the office before Quarantine and ordered another pack for home. They are sold out now, like most other good foods on Amazon. Really wishing for them to come back in stock.

Yeti Mug - I usually use a tall Yeti at work for my coffee, since I often get distracted working and I'm not just chugging coffee.  My coffee was getting cold really fast using regular mugs at home, so I ordered this, missing my work Yeti.  I like the handle, but it needs a straw or else you will likely burn your mouth and/or spill all over yourself.  I use it every day.

Embroidery Scissors - I needlepoint now and I can't use peasant scissors to cut my yarn! I need extra sharp scissors so that I can thread the threat through the needle eye! 100% worth it. Plus I can keep these little scissors in my needlepoint bag. Not that I have an actual needlepoint bag yet. It's the ziploc bag that my canvas came in.

Ice Roller - 100% influenced, but I got it in pink/red instead of that blue/green. I use it when my face is puffy, when I have a headache, or when I need to wake up fast for a morning zoom. It's great for all 3! I'm sure it will also come in handy when I'm stuck in my non-air conditioned apartment this summer.

Tie Dye Kit - #Influenced. Have used this around 3 times already, so pretty worth it. Sold out though.

White Long Sleeve Tees - I needed stuff to tie dye, and got one for Andrew too.  Great deals!

White Thermal Long Underwear Set - Turned into a really cute tie dye pajama set! I was trying to think of other white things that I could buy other than a sweatshirt and sweatpants set, also considering most were sold out. I also considered buying this white maxi dress, but eventually decided against it.

Acrylic Paint Set - Bought this so I could paint a rainbow to go in my window, after watching Kacey Musgraves' performance of Rainbow during that stay at home concert. Also thought I would paint my own needlepoint canvases.  Still haven't opened it yet.

Flat Power Strip - needed something to organize all the plugs now being used in my desk area, since I'm here every day with multiple devices.

iPad Composition Book Case - I've been using my iPad a lot again, for keeping my daily to-do lists and watching TV or using the timer while I workout in my tiny apartment corner. This case looks cute, has a spot for my Apple Pencil, and can also act as a stand. Everything I want in a case! It also isn't too thick and still fits in my Leatherology zip case.

At the time of writing this, I am also currently waiting on these two things:

You. Me. Us. - The only book I'm compromising on in terms of ordering on Amazon.  The first self-published book from a dear college friend. The cover art is chic and will look great in my apartment (and in another book instagram that I'm planning) and I'm really excited to read it!

Eyebrow Scissors - My eyebrows are out of control without being able to get them professionally done, and I'm hoping a little trim will help. Anything will help at this point!

That's all for now. I'm considering whether or not I should start an Amazon storefront but I should see if I can keep this up regularly to even have a need for one. 

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