I have always been easily influenced and am always checking out listicles put out by bloggers as to what they are buying.  I want to share what I have actually purchased based on those things that everyone is putting out, as someone without unaffiliated links or sponsorships.

Now that I have put my Rent the Runway subscription on pause (following the HuffPo expose calling out their treatment of the workers in their distribution centers) I am itching to keep buying stuff to fill the void left by those black garment bags.  But also, who am I kidding. I have been buying stuff nonstop.  These are my Top 5 #InfluencedBuys purchased during quarantine, including who they were #influencedby, and unaffiliated links to purchase (again, not a real influencer):

1. Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers
Influenced by: @LissyRoddyy on IG

My feet were getting too hot in my closed-toe Ugg slippers, and they were dirty and not cute in my quarantine mirror selfies. I saw LissyRoddy post these in the light pink, and immediately needed to find them.  They were sold out in that light pink color at Nordstrom, but I decided that these hot pink ones spoke to me and most of my loungewear more. Plus light pink would get dirtier more easily than these.  I posted them all over my IG and got the most responses than I ever have on any other item! I felt like a real influencer. Everyone wanted to know how they fit and if I liked them! I do like them, I wear them every day, I ordered a size 7 even though I usually get a 7.5-8 in regular shoes, and I don't regret getting this color.

2. Eva Howard Needlepoint Kit
Influenced by: @Carly on IG /, purchased directly from

I wanted to start needlepointing during the Q, and had no idea that canvas kits were so expensive. Since they were definitely going to cost me upwards of $50, I decided that I might as well go with a canvas design that I actually really liked.  Enter this canvas, with perfect colors, and my favorite quote to come out of Laura Dern's character Renata on Big Little Lies.

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons
Influenced by: my cousin Eli, who always told me I would like this game.

I didn't really know what to expect from this game, but when I first got it I spent around 4-5 hours every day trying to catch fish to sell and buy things in order to perfect my island.  Andrew refers to it as the "house game" because all I do is reorganize and decorate my house, and also buy my little character the best outfits.  I haven't been playing it as much lately, because I never get around to playing until around 10, and the stores on the island are all closed!  I still love it though and can't wait to keep improving my house and my island in the future to come.

4. Apolis Customizable Face Masks
Influenced by: @JaceyDuprie / Damsel in Dior

I saw Jacey wearing a customized mask and I immediately knew I needed to get one.  At the time I ordered it, I had several orders out to different brands for masks (most of which STILL haven't arrived, despite the orders being placed over a month ago).  Apolis shipped out in almost just a week and I'm wearing the masks almost daily. I got one saying "Getting Takeout," which is typically the only reason I go outside, and another saying "I'm Smiling" considering it's the most awkward thing to walk by people and not being able to show you are smiling and not some rude psychopath.  I should have ordered more for my mom for Mother's Day, but it's clearly too late.

5. Dash Popcorn Maker
Influenced by: my mom and @RemLife on Youtube

My mom had already been making popcorn on her stovetop, but that seemed too complicated for me.  I was watching Remi's vlogs on YT and she had just gotten a popcorn maker that she was seasoning herself. I immediately knew that's what I needed! I use this almost every day now and am still trying to perfect my seasoning technique. So far, it's coconut oil and salt.  I just got an olive oil spray though so that will be my next try.  I'm loving it!

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