A Review of the Masks I Panic-Purchased for Pandemic

Masks are the new norm. At first, brands were almost being scolded for pivoting to making masks and potentially taking advantage of our current pandemic in order to turn a profit.  However, I really appreciate these companies doing this because not only are regular masks hard to find, cute masks are hard to come by. And if I have to wear these things out and about for the foreseeable future, I need some that make me excited to wear them out.

Vogue and GQ and The Strategist all released listicles with designers that were putting out masks. I scrolled through each several times before deciding which masks were the best for me to buy, in terms of price, functionality, designer, and look.  Below is a review of the masks I have ordered to date:

Alice and Olivia- Stace Face Mask
Price: $10.00
Order date: April 7, 2020
Thoughts: A&O was one of the first brands I saw putting out masks at the beginning of quarantine, so naturally I ordered one at the beginning of quarantine. Little did I know that I would still not have this mask over a month later. I'm still looking forward to receiving this mask, because I have a clear idea of how I want to style it, and because it looks like we will still have to wear masks out for the foreseeable future.


Apolis - Customizable Face Masks
Price: $19.00 (price goes down with quantity)
Order date: April 21, 2020
Delivery date: April 28, 2020
Thoughts: As I've mentioned before, I saw the masks on @JaceyDuprie or Damsel in Dior and knew I needed to have it. I love customized things and I have always loved Apolis bags.  I wasn't exactly sure how the fit would be based on their photos online, but I still ordered 3.  The "I'm Smiling" mask was one of their pre-made masks on the site.  Overall, the mask is just a flat piece of cotton t-shirt fabric that has straps to go around your ears.  There is no shape to it, so it doesn't contour around your nose or chin.  Even though this may not look like all the other masks, I find the lack of contour (for lack of a better word) actually makes this mask more breathable (since the air is coming in around my nose).  The writing shows up a little bit off center though so it's not that easy to get flattering photos with this (which might not be your priority).
Look: Unlimited possibilities for sayings, can create multiple vibes with these.
Comfort: Not the most flattering fit but definitely comfortable because it isn't tight or constricting.
Breathability: Best out of all the masks I've tried due to the lack of shaping.

VIDA - Protective Mask Sets
Price: $9.00 per mask
Order dateApril 22, 2020
Thoughts: Once I got an email that my A&O mask was being delayed, I decided I needed to order more for both Andrew and myself. VIDA was on almost all three lists mentioned above, and is a company based in San Francisco, so I wanted to both show support and get masks quickly. I mistakenly thought that being a bridge away would get me the masks sooner.  I unfortunately was mistaken.  I haven't gotten any update on when I can expect to receive these masks and am just hoping it's during a time I can still use them.


Etsy Camo Face Masks
Price: $23.99 for 3 masks
Order date: April 29, 2020
Delivery date: May 4, 2020
Thoughts: So not technically a designer, but all the articles shouted Etsy out for their masks.  I was in a panic since none of the masks I had ordered were arriving, so I decided to try Etsy out.  It was one of the faster turnarounds for masks.  But why camo? Since leopard/cheetah print is basically a no for me after Tiger King, I wanted some sort of pattern that would be subdued but still look chic and also something that Andrew could wear. I also had planned on renting a camo romper from RTR.  Now that I've paused my RTR subscription that ship has sailed, but I still like how this looks with most of the boring tones I wear on a daily basis.  I wasn't sure what the fabric would be like, but it's essentially a stretchy mesh. It's very comfortable and breathable and I like the way the elastic molds to my face.  A definite recommendation.
Look: Chic but also a little like what I imagine a jock strap looks like.
Comfort: Fits comfortably around the nose, won't fall off, and gives your mouth/lips room on the inside.
Breathability: Out of all the fitted masks, this has the best breathability due to the fabric.

Eugenia Kim Face Masks



Pink Satin Face Mask (similar) - $20.00


Sequin Face Mask (similar) - $20.00
Eugenia Kim Face Masks
Price: $20.00
Order date: April 22-23, 2020
Delivery date: May 18, 2020
Thoughts: I was definitely influenced by Eugenia Kim's instagram for these.  I've always followed because I love the hats but they are always out of my price range. When I saw they were making masks and they didn't seem that unreasonably priced, obviously I hopped on it. Out of the 3 I ordered, I was the most excited about the sequin one, obviously.  Unfortunately, once I opened it, it was clear it was way too big and too heavy.  I might be able to figure out a way to tighten the straps back, but it's pretty disappointing.  The other two are really well made and look chic. I would recommend the pleated one the most.
Look: Luxurious quarantining
Comfort: The two pink masks are comfortable, but so far the sequin one is not even wearable.
Breathability: Haven't actually gone outside in these yet, but it is not looking promising.

That's all I've ordered for now. I will continue to update this same post as my orders arrive and if I order even more masks.  Keep wearing your masks, people!

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