A Review of the Masks I Panic-Purchased for Pandemic

Masks are the new norm. At first, brands were almost being scolded for pivoting to making masks and potentially taking advantage of our current pandemic in order to turn a profit.  However, I really appreciate these companies doing this because not only are regular masks hard to find, cute masks are hard to come by. And if I have to wear these things out and about for the foreseeable future, I need some that make me excited to wear them out.

Vogue and GQ and The Strategist all released listicles with designers that were putting out masks. I scrolled through each several times before deciding which masks were the best for me to buy, in terms of price, functionality, designer, and look.  Below is a review of the masks I have ordered to date:

Alice and Olivia- Stace Face Mask
Price: $10.00
Order date: April 7, 2020
Thoughts: A&O was one of the first brands I saw putting out masks at the beginning of quarantine, so naturally I ordered one at the beginning of quarantine. Little did I know that I would still not have this mask over a month later. I'm still looking forward to receiving this mask, because I have a clear idea of how I want to style it, and because it looks like we will still have to wear masks out for the foreseeable future.


Apolis - Customizable Face Masks
Price: $19.00 (price goes down with quantity)
Order date: April 21, 2020
Delivery date: April 28, 2020
Thoughts: As I've mentioned before, I saw the masks on @JaceyDuprie or Damsel in Dior and knew I needed to have it. I love customized things and I have always loved Apolis bags.  I wasn't exactly sure how the fit would be based on their photos online, but I still ordered 3.  The "I'm Smiling" mask was one of their pre-made masks on the site.  Overall, the mask is just a flat piece of cotton t-shirt fabric that has straps to go around your ears.  There is no shape to it, so it doesn't contour around your nose or chin.  Even though this may not look like all the other masks, I find the lack of contour (for lack of a better word) actually makes this mask more breathable (since the air is coming in around my nose).  The writing shows up a little bit off center though so it's not that easy to get flattering photos with this (which might not be your priority).
Look: Unlimited possibilities for sayings, can create multiple vibes with these.
Comfort: Not the most flattering fit but definitely comfortable because it isn't tight or constricting.
Breathability: Best out of all the masks I've tried due to the lack of shaping.

An Analysis of My Quarantine Instagrams To Date

My Instagram content during Quarantine has been on point, if I do say so myself.  I'm taking advantage of every corner of my apartment and every walk for exercise or takeout! Why NOT? What else do I have going on? Anyone who thinks otherwise, anyone who thinks I have no life, is a hater. No one has a life right now, and it's not my fault that you aren't creative enough to come up with new and different instagram photos during quarantine.

IG #1: St. Patrick's Day 

Backstory: One of the first days in Quarantine, on a walk, before we had to wear masks outside.  I rented a green dress from RTR to wear to work, but it made me look like an elf and I wasn't going in to the office anyway.  I decided to wear my green OV pants and my favorite green Madewell puffer, especially because it was freezing outside. I forced Andrew to take this photo of me on our walk to pick up our weekly pizza at Sliver.  I was not wearing any makeup and I had a huge pimple on my chin after a stressful MSJ reply-brief-writing session. This photo was forced, okay!

Like Analysis: 37 likes? That is a poor showing for me. But - I get it. This is not an inspired post.  The caption sucked!  I just felt stifled, not being able to go anywhere cool, I was supposed to be in Hawaii at this point, and I just needed attention on ig and posted it. Whatever! I don't regret it!

IG #2: Zoomin to Hawaii 

Backstory: I had initially come to an agreement with Andrew that he would take pictures of me in all the clothes I got for Hawaii in exchange for cancelling our Hawaii trip.  In hindsight, it's obviously good that we did not go because we would have been stranded there.  This Farm Rio shirt was a RTR pick for Hawaii, and I loved it. This was one of the first few days that we were on zoom every day, and the backgrounds were still a novel thing.  Everyone knew I was supposed to be in Hawaii so I was dressing in Hawaii-themed things every day, wearing a hibiscus flower in my hair most days and swapping it out for a rainbow cowrie shell necklace.

Like Analysis: 58 likes is more than I was expecting for this photo, especially given the showing that my St. Patty's day post had gotten.  It gives me hope that I don't have to feel like I need to post full body outfit pics clearly taken by Andrew in order to get a significant amount (for me) of likes.  I think it's because it was relatable and funny! I still think it's funny when I look at it now.

IG #3: Hawaiian Take-Out Vibes

Backstory: Here's the hibiscus flower I was talking about.  Andrew and I went to get Hawaiian food because that's what we were supposed to be eating all week!!! I considered wearing a full on tropical dress to this restaurant, but I stopped myself because Andrew obviously would have been embarrassed and it was probably under 50 degrees out that day.  Regrets! I asked him to take some photos, but again, I was against wearing makeup at this point in Quarantine, and they turned out bad. I decided to take a risk and post a selfie, something I don't typically do on my ig for fear of looking more narcissistic than I already do. [side note: it's as if I think people believe Andrew just takes pictures of me looking chic because he thinks I look chic, not because I beg and force him to take them]

Like Analysis: 50 likes. Again, I'm just not expecting much from people these days, so I'm happy with this amount. I actually think that 50 is the number I strive to with every post as I currently still have less than 500 followers.  I'm happy that this selfie didn't totally fail and that people were responding to my pretend-Hawaii content!

IG #4: Big Cat Energy

Backstory: I had been waiting on my RTR items to all get processed (via mail, since the stores were all closed) just so I could get this leopard Adam Lippes outfit. I finally did it! I put it on just to walk outside and force Andrew to take photos of me outside our neighborhood liquor store. Clearly this is also when mask time was starting.  This also was around the time that Tiger King was at its peak, and is also probably the last time I will be wearing leopard for a while.

Like Analysis: 77 likes! Hell yeah. I am glad that people appreciate that this is a sick outfit photo.  Of course, the photos taken by others always do better than selfies or photos without me in them. I also got a lot of comments on this photo, which honestly feels better than getting likes. Comments mean engagement! People care enough about the photo to comment!


I have always been easily influenced and am always checking out listicles put out by bloggers as to what they are buying.  I want to share what I have actually purchased based on those things that everyone is putting out, as someone without unaffiliated links or sponsorships.

Now that I have put my Rent the Runway subscription on pause (following the HuffPo expose calling out their treatment of the workers in their distribution centers) I am itching to keep buying stuff to fill the void left by those black garment bags.  But also, who am I kidding. I have been buying stuff nonstop.  These are my Top 5 #InfluencedBuys purchased during quarantine, including who they were #influencedby, and unaffiliated links to purchase (again, not a real influencer):

1. Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers
Influenced by: @LissyRoddyy on IG

My feet were getting too hot in my closed-toe Ugg slippers, and they were dirty and not cute in my quarantine mirror selfies. I saw LissyRoddy post these in the light pink, and immediately needed to find them.  They were sold out in that light pink color at Nordstrom, but I decided that these hot pink ones spoke to me and most of my loungewear more. Plus light pink would get dirtier more easily than these.  I posted them all over my IG and got the most responses than I ever have on any other item! I felt like a real influencer. Everyone wanted to know how they fit and if I liked them! I do like them, I wear them every day, I ordered a size 7 even though I usually get a 7.5-8 in regular shoes, and I don't regret getting this color.

2. Eva Howard Needlepoint Kit
Influenced by: @Carly on IG / carlytheprepster.com, purchased directly from EvaHowardDesigns.com

I wanted to start needlepointing during the Q, and had no idea that canvas kits were so expensive. Since they were definitely going to cost me upwards of $50, I decided that I might as well go with a canvas design that I actually really liked.  Enter this canvas, with perfect colors, and my favorite quote to come out of Laura Dern's character Renata on Big Little Lies.