Poshmark Likes as a Buyer

I use my Poshmark likes in two ways: (1) to keep track of comps for listings yet-to-be-posted and (2) to keep track of things I'm interested in buying.  A third, more preliminary way, is to also keep track of things that I have purchased on Poshmark, because I think I've only bought things that I have previously liked.

I am writing about this because I don't know any other reasons for people to "like" things on Poshmark. It blows my mind because it honestly seems like people are not interested in buying my items when they decline my offers to likers. I'm guessing they just actually "like" the picture or item, as if on Instagram, which doesn't equate to them actually wanting to buy the item.

Liking items also gives me opportunity to be sent offers to likers, and I can watch an item's price drop and see if it ever gets in the range that I would be willing to pay.  I never decline an OTL and I've never thought to do so. Why does a buyer need to be notified that you are declining? They already know you are declining when their item isn't being purchased!

The very bottom of my collection of likes are items that I have personally purchased from Poshmark. I like seeing them there just as a reminder of the good deal(s) I got from the app, and for quick reference if I ever decide to resell them again in the future.

Likes are a great feature that appear to be utilized in different ways by buyers. I obviously think the way I use them is the best and most efficient way, but I continue to study what people and why people like my items in order to better set up and organize my Poshmark closet.

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