Planning Tokyo Lewks like a Real Housewife

I love the Real Housewives and I especially love when they go on cast trips together. Not only is it fun to see them interact in a foreign location, but they always turn out LEWKS.  Tokyo is the most fun because everyone feels like they can (and have to) turn out their most interesting lewks because they can, in Tokyo.  It's like a full week (or at least a few episodes) of themed lewks.

Inspo coming pretty much only from Porsha here. That's how I plan to wear my green kimono.
Also loving Shamari's simple look with a bold head piece.
I am going on my own cast trip to Tokyo at the end of the month, the cast being the students and partners currently enrolled in Haas Business School.  We are going for approximately 10 days, which is potentially 20 different lewks that I could serve up in Japan.

One of my outfits is directly inspired by Erika's Kenzo lewk above.

I have been religiously watching RHOBH and RHOA and have been getting inspiration for what I will pack for the Japan trek. The vibes I have narrowed down are: playful yet chic and trendy.  I also want to wear things that are different than what I would typically wear at home in San Francisco.  With that in mind, I have planned out (and tried on) most of my lewks.

Day 0: Arrive in Tokyo -- on our own/TBD


I am planning to only bring a carry-on suitcase, so I will have to try to wear a lot of the stuff I would otherwise pack onto the plane.  Hence layering the Opening Ceremony jacket over the EllandEmm sweatsuit. This sweatsuit is perfect for traveling and wearing out in Tokyo due to (what I perceive to be) the heavy streetwear and street style influence in the outfits there. I will wear this on the plane and then hopefully be able to separate and rewear each piece on different days during the trip.

Day 1: Tokyo/Kyoto -- on our own/TBD


Black turtleneck / Green Kimono / Dark jeans

We are arriving a day earlier than most of the other students, so we will have the full day on Sunday to get from Tokyo to Kyoto and maybe get to do some (short) things on our own that day.  I got this Kimono from the opening of Kim + Ono in Chinatown in SF which I planned to wear to a wedding but never did.  Going to Japan seems like the perfect occasion to finally wear this.  Since we are probably not going to be with a bunch of students on the first day, I figured I should test out the waters for me wearing this kimono before we meet up with them. I can easily switch out the kimono for the red Opening Ceremony jacket if necessary.  I'm also planning on only wearing this black Rebecca Minkoff fanny pack across my body as my purse for the duration of the trip (unless I happen to buy a vintage designer purse in Tokyo). 

Day 2: Kyoto -- Shrine day 


As of writing this post, I haven't been able to try on every part of every outfit together, as I don't currently have it all at my apartment yet.  In taking these mirror selfies, I'm just trying to get a sense of what will go together and what won't.

Based on the travel itinerary provided by the coordinators of the Japan trek, we will be participating in a half day tour of Kyoto then seeing the Kiyomizu temple and/or Fushimi Inari Shrine, then we will be on our own for dinner.  I'm not totally sure, but I'm pretty sure, that this is a cherry blossom day.  In any event, I want to wear something that looks elegant and refined yet still trendy for seeing these historic things and seeing the cherry blossoms. I ordered this dress on Posh because I thought the floral design looked like cherry blossoms.  Hopefully it will make for a good photo, but it might not. I also might wear this dress to the "cherry blossom party" referenced below.  The good thing about my outfits is that I should be pretty able to mix and match on the go as to what the vibes are actually like.  I can already tell I will probably be surrounded by people in just jeans and sweatshirts but I really don't care.  I want to wear what I want!

Also, speaking of versatility, this Opening Ceremony jacket is REVERSIBLE! It opens up an even bigger world of lewks.  I just can't get enough.

Day 3: Kyoto/Atami -- Travel Day / Hot Springs night


Sailor Moon Rivo Crop / Opening Ceremony Jacket / EllandEmm Joggers

From what I understand, Tuesday is going to be more of a travel day to Atami, where the hot springs are.  This means not a lot of time for lewks but more of using the versatility of the pieces I've already packed to make sure I still look cool and trendy.  We will be taking the bullet train which should be pretty fun and interesting.  People are NOT ready for my repeat-wear of the Sailor Moon crop that I previously instagrammed at a 90s party. I'm getting all the lewks I can out of this trip, okay?  Once we get to Atami, depending on vibe I will either change into a more polished look with the Opening Ceremony jacket and a black turtleneck or keep with the sweatsuit vibe.  We are having a "ryokan" dinner and I am not totally sure what that means other than I probably should not wear a dress.

Day 4: Atami/Tokyo -- Tokyo Tourist Sites


Kenzo sweater (similar) / Red Hearts Sunglasses

This look is straight lifted from Erika Jayne's casual pink kenzo sweater lewk above.  She was in Shibuya with that outfit and this is the day that we are supposedly touring Shibuya so what could be better? Andrew got me a Kenzo sweater for my birthday and it is a perfect thing to bring to Japan.  We will be touring all day and eating at buffets so comfort is going to be key.  We are also going to Harajuku on this day, so even though my lewk is not up to par with those sorts of lewks, hopefully I will buy some new accessories or something that will bring it up a notch! I'm really looking for some hair clips to take my lewk up to a Sincerely Jules-in-Tokyo /Revolve-Around-The-World level.

Day 5: Tokyo -- TBD


I am planning to bring this Who What Wear midi leopard skirt because it will likely be one of the only pieces that I will be putting up in my closet and therefore want to showcase how it works in lewks.  I think it looks great with the black turtleneck, but clearly not as good with the Sailor Moon crop.  I am really only going to have this Opening Ceremony jacket as my jacket for the trip and I'm not sure how well it will layer with the skirt.  The other option is to layer the kimono over, which seems like a lot of silky materials touching each other but also might really work as a lewk.  We shall see.

We will have 3 more days in Tokyo after this and I think I will basically be mixing and matching the things I have already shown above instead of discrete additional outfits.  I did find a DVF denim wrap dress at Goodwill the other day that I just had washed and plan to bring on the trip.  The playing with accessories will also bring an added layer, as well as the incorporation of any things that I happen to pick up while I'm out.  In any event, this post has really helped me just for packing purposes and realizing what I am going to be doing and what is appropriate to wear for those things. It's been very time-consuming but I am hoping it will be worth it once we get on our trip and I already have a pretty clear idea of what I'm going to wear each day.

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