Wearing Your Closet Pieces Out

There's a real difference between "styling" your Poshmark closet pieces and actually "wearing" them.  I typically elect to do both, and I really like to do the latter.  Not only does it add to my personal wardrobe and my personal Instagram account, but it makes me really feel like I've gotten my money's worth out of a piece before I let it move on to its next home. 

It also helps when I find pieces that I like and want to keep. Almost all Posh resellers buy things in all sizes, so they can have a variety of sizes available for the most amount of customers.  While I appreciate that sentiment, I started out by stocking items that I liked for myself and would still wear in case this reselling thing did not work out.  The things that I do buy "out of size" are shoes and pants because I feel like they are easier pieces to move.

It also helps when I feel like I am "paying up" for something that makes it totally worth the price. 

It also helps kill two birds with one stone in making Andrew take an instagrammable photo of me that I can post on the 'gram and also use as a modeling photo in my listings. #LazyBossHack

There are, however, some risks involved in wearing your closet pieces out.

The main risk: damaging or staining your item and someone buying it that day! I try to be careful when wearing my items, and I typically do not wear anything white. I definitely do not wear anything NWT. I also make sure to hang up and steam the items immediately after I wear them. If they are washable items like cotton dresses or shirts, I will wash them immediately so they are ready for selling in case it happens.

A slightly lesser risk: not wanting to give up the item after you've worn it out! I have only had this happen one time, with this COS dress.  I bought it initially for resale, then tried it on and wore it out and loved how it looked. I then raised the price to an amount that I felt I was comfortable with accepting in exchange for letting it go. Then, it got very close to being sold in a bundle for an amount close to that asking price.  Once it was close to selling, I got very hesitant about letting it go. I let the bundle offer expire and then changed the listing to "not for sale."  It remains there today! It is a classic and very flattering dress, with an appropriate length, and it can be worn both casually and for nicer occasions.  It's my perfect dress. It's mine!

The Jason Wu/Miss Wu blazer in the post photo above might be a close second.  I wore it to Kamala Harris's presidential announcement rally in Downtown Oakland.  The amount of positive comments I received from strangers on this blazer was unreal! It is a really cool look, and eye catching especially when worn with a casual outfit.  It's not getting too many likes on Posh though so it's probably safe for now. It's also more of a statement piece and already on my Instagram so I will definitely have an easier time letting it go.

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