Thoughts on Poshmark Party Host Picks

There are a lot of listings on Poshmark that say "4x HP!" or otherwise announce that their item was a HOST PICK in some way.  Contrary to (what seems like) popular belief, I don't see how logically this could help sales.  If anything, putting that in your listing title shows how much traffic your item has gotten but still hasn't sold.  If I was an educated buyer and saw that on an item I was interested in, I would probably send an almost-low ball offer because clearly that item has been sitting.

Don't get me wrong, getting one of your items chosen as a host pick is a great way to get eyes on that listing because people are going to be sharing it over and over again.  However, once the party (and related party sharing) is over, I don't think there is very much benefit to repeating to others that it was previously a host pick.

Based on the wealth of information on the internet about how to get your items chosen for a Host Pick, the actual selection of one of your items doesn't seem like anything to brag about. From what I've learned on YouTube and other Posh blogs, the way to get a host pick is to follow the hosts of the party and do things to get their attention, like share all of their items or comment on their listings.  I have done this multiple times and it works.

I've gotten a few host picks now in the few months I've been on Posh and so far only ONE TIME has an item sold while it was a featured host pick.  Otherwise, it gets a lot of shares and comments. I also don't really get why people go nuts commenting on host picks. Is it another way to try to get the actual hosts to choose their items? There must have been some sort of Posh Tip before I started back on here that told people to do that. It's honestly a little obnoxious and I don't think it's a good look for me or the commenter.

The other thing about host picks is that although the item will get a lot of shares, I don't know that anyone actually goes to the host picks section of a party in order to look for something to buy. I know that I wouldn't, and the only reason I'm there is to share.  Although I will say that sharing items sometimes ends up with more items in my "likes" than I would have expected, so there's that.  I just feel like there is nothing worse than an item getting chosen as a host pick and getting a bunch of comments but ZERO LIKES.  That shows people that even though there are comments, there isn't a lot of real interest in the item, and that sucks.  While I am always grateful for a Host Pick and can't wait until the day that I get to host my own party, I just feel like they aren't anything to brag about after the party is over.

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