San Francisco: Too Many Vests


Working in San Francisco means seeing a ton of tech or finance dudes in dress shirts, dress pants, and, inexplicably, a vest.  It could be a sweater-material Patagonia vest with their company name stitched in the other side of the vest or a puffer vest. Either way, its Too Many Vests.

I used to be really into a vest lewk. This has to do with my preppier law school days and the popularity of that once-ubiquitous herringbone J.Crew vest.  Since then, I've avoided vests, especially since moving back to the Bay Area.

However, when I saw this teal Lafayette 148 vest, I thought it was a nice step in a different direction for a vest. It was quilted in a similar way to the J. Crew vest but somehow not as puffy. It was a rich teal color and from a good brand (expensive retail). I have it listed in my Poshmark closet but for some reason it is not getting any attention. Why is that? People only want to go for Patagonia vests right now?

The other thing is that it is hard not to style a vest in a non-basic way. Even the way I'm wearing it here is very basic.  A black sweater and jeans? Groundbreaking.

via ManRepeller

ManRepeller recently pointed out this puffer vest lewk from London Fashion Week and it is giving me new inspo on how I can style this thing. Until then!

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