iPad 9.7 [Regular] for Reselling

I love my new iPad! It was really thanks to Carly @ CarlyThePrepster and Jenna @ Empty Hanger that convinced me to get one.  Carly kept showing the cool graphics and drawings you can make with the iPad and Apple Pencil, and Jenna showed how fast it was to share on the iPad (even though she has the pro, it doesn't really make a difference).  Both use the GoodNotes app that has totally helped me actually stay keeping on track with noting things down.

The two apps I bought so far: Procreate ($9.99) and GoodNotes ($7.99).  I'm in the process of creating a new logo and new stickers on Procreate, and GoodNotes has really helped me to take notes not just for reselling but also just for daily life and expenses! I use GoodNotes for logging my expenses and listing out sourcing visits (what I got and how much each item was) and also writing down ideas for outfits and posts for halikadito.com. I don't write measurements out because I prefer to keep them in an excel spreadsheet on my computer.

There's no Instagram app for iPad so I have to stay logged in on the Safari browser, which is quite annoying. They really need to do something about that.

I have the Poshmark app, but it's faster to share on the Safari browser because there is not as much lag time. Unfortunately, Poshmark does not seem to allow you to list items on the browser (only the app) so I still also have the app.

I've only had the iPad for about 2 weeks now so I'm still getting the hang of it and hopefully will find out more and more uses for it for reselling and more. I have become a closet sharing machine with it though so if you sell on Poshmark too, leave your closet name in the comments below!

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