What's in my Poshmark Reselling Toolkit

In an effort to keep my apartment organized and prevent my Poshmark reselling supplies from being all over the place, I have started storing (almost) everything I use regularly for listing and selling in an Everlane shoe box.  These are all the things that I have discovered I need for photographing, listing, and reselling on a weekly basis.  I don't think I need anything other than this, except maybe a better steamer!

Scissors for tags and loose threads (I use the cover of the shoebox to keep all of these bits together before I toss them!)

LUSH Twilight spray (mixed with water) to keep clothes smelling fresh after steaming

Evercare sweater shaver to get those pills off those sweaters and keep them looking crisp

Measuring tape because I want to preempt those questions!

Packing tape to seal boxes and attach labels (although I just ordered the free USPS labels!)

Neon Dot Stickers to write quick descriptions of what items are after they are placed in inventory bags

Pen to write my descriptions on the dot stickers and sometimes to write measurements down

HD logo stickers to cover the neon dot stickers and add some branding to my packaging

Daily Planner for keeping track of how many items I list a day and how many items I ended up selling that day

Conair steamer
 I actually hate this steamer, it doesn't fit in the box, but I already have it so I guess I'll work with what I got

(not pictured)

Lint roller 
especially when I'm wearing sweats that touch the clothes I'm measuring and photographing -- not in the box because I use it for my regular clothes too

Resealable inventory bags so that the items are protected from water damage and also so that the buyer can potentially use the bag again -- I keep these in boxes with my unlisted inventory so I can immediately package them up

Peacock feather polymailers from UPakNShip because who doesn't like getting pretty packages! I keep these in my inventory boxes for ease of shipping

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