The Benefits to Creating Lewks

I have so many clothes and yet I tend to wear the same things over and over again -- of course, they are my favorite and most comfortable things, but it still pains me when I am not able to wear a lot of pieces in my closet.  That, I have realized, is what LEWKS are for.

What constitutes a lewk? I like to think of pulling lewks when I have a specific event to attend and I feel the need to dress the part, much like a real housewife.

For example, I attended a red white and blue themed bachelorette party last summer in Austin. Let's be clear -- I LOVE A THEME.  I put together the following lewks for the weekend.

I bought these red heart sunglasses specifically for the trip. They have well-exceeded my expectations, were a big hit at the bachelorette, and I still wear them today! I'm even planning to wear them on my Tokyo trip this March.  Unfortunately I was with a bunch of people who do not care about lewks and didn't really get any good pics of my outfits except for this top one, because my friend who does care about lewks finally showed up! 

Golden State Warriors Chic

Another one of my 2019 goals (unwritten until this very moment) is to take every opportunity for a LEWK. My friend Monica recently went to a Warriors game and let me know that the ladies watching from the stands were serving looks. When Andrew invited me to go to a game with him, I knew this was a great opportunity for a basketball game day lewk. 

As I am not a true fan, I didn't really have any Warriors gear. I already had this yellow hat because I liked how the bright yellow hat looked with the yellow interior of the logo.  It paired PERFECTLY with my new bright blue blazer style coat from J.Crew (but purchased at Nordstrom).