Obsession with Blazers

I always look at blazers first when I get to a Goodwill. I love jackets in general, and blazers are something I think I gravitate to from the nature of my day job.  I also feel like, for some reason, people are more willing to buy blazers and outerwear secondhand.  I, however, RARELY wear blazers to work. I always want this to change, but it really hasn't in the past year. My commute requires a lot of walking and it gets hard to dress for the walk and the fickle San Francisco weather. I'm hoping that this blog will actually make this change.  I want to be a girl that wears blazers but I am also a girl that likes to be warm and I never seem to think that a blazer will keep me warm!

I love the look of a blazer with jeans. I, so far, have not been able to pull off the oversized/men's blazer look with jeans, but I really haven't tried. I only wear blazers with jeans for my modeling shots in my Poshmark closet! I LOVE the look though and I need to challenge myself to wear them out more and brave the cold. I can wear a turtleneck and gloves with the blazer!

More than anything I love a unique blazer. I love that Valentino one I have sooooo much (also bought on Posh) but I have only worn it about once. I decided to list it but still keep it in my actual closet to try to wear it out more. I listed it high because even though I still love it, if someone is willing to pay that price, I'm willing to let it go!

I honestly should just have everything in my actual closet listed on Posh at the price that I would really let it go out.  I already collected blazers before I started sourcing and barely wear them!  Thrifting blazers is the perfect solution for me.  I can cure my constant itch for a new and exciting blazer, then pass it on to another female boss to wear to work through my Poshmark closet. What an ideal world! Now all I have to do is start wearing the blazers and forcing someone to photograph me in said blazers so I can post more interesting listings.

You can look forward to more blazers being added to my closet because I will never stop collecting them!

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