Status Report: January 2019

In 2019, I plan to post these status reports, every 30 days or so, checking in on how I am doing with my goals (personal and poshmark), and seeing what has helped so far.

Looks like I still need to work on my posture.

My word for 2019 is PROGRESS. I plan to use these status reports to keep track of this progress not only for myself, but to share any tips and tricks that I may have encountered along the way.

Poshmark Goals

Better Listings. I'm working on a new look for my listings in my closet, and therefore tried my first sale.  The sale was for everything photographed with a pink hanger (which also meant it might have been in night-time lighting and also would be hanging in front of my closet door).  They are not great photos and are from when I first started this Halika Dito poshmark journey.  It has not gotten me anywhere in terms of people actually making 3/$30 bundles, but eventually I will just delete all of those pink hanger listings and either rephotograph and relist them or get rid of them.

Daily Listing. I'm still trying to get to a point where I can easily list 3-5 items every day, but it hasn't happened. I'm getting closer, where it's about every 2-3 days that I list new items, and I have noticed that it's correlated with a marked increase in sales.

Styling Photos. I'm trying to wear my closet pieces out so I can show people exactly how they could be styled and how they fit in with an everyday wardrobe. The wearing the pieces is now not the problem, but taking photos of the pieces is still a problem. I just need to be brave enough to take out my camera and tripod and take photos of myself but it still has not happened. I also hate bothering Andrew to take outfit photos of me but that's probably something I have to get over as well.

Personal Goals

The Wing. So far, my work schedule has not really permitted me to get to The Wing as much as I would like to, but it has only been a little over a week that I've had a membership! I've RSVP'd to a lot of events for the rest of this month and through February, so I'm excited about that.

Kamala 2020. 
I'm planning to get really involved with this campaign and hopefully doing so will introduce me to other likeminded young people in Oakland that I can form friendships with!

Classpass. I'm still hating it. I hate being charged $15 for a late cancel but I also hate myself because I don't want to go to class that much that I'm willing to pay $15 not to go. I'm clearly their ideal customer. They get money and they don't even have to pay for the class! What a deal! No wonder they offered me a free month! I really need to stop with it. I might as well pay $30 directly for boutique classes at this point. Alternatively, I need to find a new way to exercise.

Comments/Proposed Activities

Styling photos. I really hope to get more outfit/look/ootd content for both my closet and these supporting social media sites. Get ready to see more photos of me in outfits looking at my phone! It's the perfect way for a #lazyboss like me to get those outfit pics in.

Social Engagement. I'm pretty happy with the amount of content I've been posting and I feel like I'm having some genuine interactions with people on IG. I hope I find a PFF soon! I have made an editorial calendar which includes planned content for the month that I am trying my hardest to follow. So far, it's been 3 posts a week, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. I am really hoping to stick to this and even make it to a consistent 4-5 posts a week!

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