Podcast Musings and What I've Learned

One of my favorite things about Podcasts is that they are FREE! For those of us with a shopping addiction, it is very satisfying to be able to scroll through episodes and press "download" and get new content for FREE! No payment necessary! It's great.

I've recently made the switch to listening to podcasts instead of music during my very long journey to work.  This is a function of both (1) not having much new interesting music to listen to and (2) discovering side hustle podcasts that are teaching me extremely valuable information as to how to run Halika Dito.

What got me started: THE GOAL DIGGER PODCAST with Jenna Kutcher. 

I've already referenced this podcast and what I've learned in my Instagram goals post.  I still am not completely clear on Jenna's journey and what exactly they went "viral" for, but she has a very clear handle on social media and best practices for a young female to gain success on social media without necessarily being a blogger or traditional influencer.

Things I've learned:
  • You don't own your Instagram followers so building a following is only important to expanding your reach and client list. 
  • Batching work is the best way to efficiently run a business.

Current favorite: SECOND LIFE with Hillary Kerr

Since I've listened to almost all of Jenna's podcasts now, I've been moving on to sampling some other "girl boss" type podcasts. I, so far, have not actually listed to Sophia Amoruso's actual "girl boss" podcast, but I have been clicking on some other podcasts that have been recommended to me by the Podcast app after listening to Jenna's.  Second Life is exactly what I am looking for, considering I am an attorney currently looking for a second act in life as a reseller or business owner.  This podcast interviews a bunch of successful women I already look up to and explores how they got to this second act.  Pretty much all of the girl boss podcasts are structured this way, but this one happens to be my current favorite.

Things I've learned:
  • Pursue a job that you are excited to start on when you wake up in the morning.
  • Talk to as many people as you can that do the kind of work that you want to be doing.
Next up: SECRETS OF WEALTHY WOMEN from Wall Street Journal

Does the title say enough? I want to be a wealthy woman that is able to pursue her passions and is not bogged down by a job or career just to be able to pay her bills! That's what I'm hoping to learn from this podcast.  I listened to one short episode already and while it isn't narrated in a style as dynamic as Goal Digger or Second Life, I'm hoping I can still take away a lot from this podcast and focus more on the financial aspects of my life that I tend to try to turn a deaf ear to. 

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