I have been attempting to juggle a full-time caseload as a litigating attorney and trying to run a successful Poshmark business (with a supporting instagram and blog). Can I have it all? Of course I can!


I, however, am lazy. Can I still be a #girlboss if I'm lazy? Not according to the myriad articles of the daily routines of successful women who do a million things before they get to work in the morning.  That will never be me.  I need to be at work around 9:00 am and I can barely make it out of bed before 8. My new goal is to make it to The Wing at 8:00 am (when it opens) every day and get some @halikadito content in before I have to go to my day job. This, I've noticed, is going to be harder than I thought. Again, because I am lazy.  Growing up lazy, I have learned that I will always find a way to make things werk.

Haven't you heard that quote that if you want to know the most efficient way to do something, give it to a lazy person?

Google tells me it's from Bill Gates:"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it."

Keep reading to find out how I am planning to find success in both jobs while continuing to be a #LazyBoss.

Batching my Poshmark work has proven to be a pretty effective means for me to juggle both jobs. However, even though I've set myself up for the easiest way to get listings posted daily, I still can't seem to get it done. Why? Because I want to sleep more and when I get home from my attorney job I just want to watch tv and eat. 

It is also a struggle for me to get good outfit photos when I have a less-than-willing instagram boyfriend. To combat this, I got a new camera that I can control from my phone for my outfit pics. Only problem is, I haven't found time to use it.  I need to figure out the most optimal way for me to get outfit photos and take them myself in the daylight but also make them dynamic and cool.  It seems to me, that I need to just wear the cool outfits to work and set up a tripod and my camera to take the photos during my walk.  Whether this plan overcomes my laziness is yet to be seen. 

My apartment is also suffering from my #LazyBoss antics, in that my Poshmark stuff seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I currently have one storage container and two tote bags full of clothes that need to either be listed, photographed, or inventoried, and nowhere to really put them.  And yet, I still am planning to source after work tonight. One of my excuses is that I'm sourcing stuff to send to ThredUp and TheRealReal!  What I really need to do is figure out how to move inventory more quickly and sell things more often. Whether this means lowering prices or listing more....what do you think the #LazyBoss will pick? Obviously it means lowering prices. I am currently running a 3/$30 sale in my closet and, much to my dismay, it has not gotten any bites. When will people see it and start bundling? This #LazyBoss is going to wait it out and see. 

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