2019 Instagram Strategy

After listening to Jenna Kutcher's numerous podcasts about the subject, I decided to put my new Instagram strategy for my @halikadito account in writing to help keep myself accountable and to determine at a later date whether these strategies actually helped grow my presence and/or engagement.

Instagram Goals for 2019:
5K followers (currently at a humble 256 lol)
Cohesive feed
Increase engagement with other users

This post is meant to serve as my current plan to get going on those goals.

Jenna Kutcher suggests having a "JK5" or 5 topics that your Instagram will focus on, besides your business.  My "business" is currently reselling clothes on Poshmark, but I hope to grow this business/brand into something bigger.  Poshmark is a perfect start for this brand journey I hope begin.

My City (San Francisco/Oakland)
Shopping for deals (this might be a little too close to the business thing, but whatever)
Musical Theater
Lawyer Looks
Reading (I guess? I don't know what else I'm interested in)

I'm also using the app Planoly to help plan out my feed and remind me when I need to post something.

My current ideal layout of choice (which only happens every 3 posts) is: 
[post without me] [post with me] [post without me]

By "post without me," I mean a post of an item, or scenery, or anything that doesn't have my face or body in it.  This may change (or invert) if I start getting better outfit photos with my new camera.

Jenna also suggests a "call to action" in the comments, which means ask the viewer of your post to do something other than scroll past. I'm working on this with my captions - I tend to write a lot in the captions, whatever is on my mind when I see the picture I'm going to post. This seems to work for now, but maybe if I really get going I'll start batching writing captions with the posts that I have planned for the week.  I tried it before with Planoly, but they won't automatically post for you unless you link a business Facebook account, which I don't currently have and don't plan on getting.

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