How I Batch Poshmark Work

As I stated in my Podcasts post, Jenna Kutcher has taught me a lot. The number one thing she's taught me is how to BATCH WORK.

1. Sourcing
Not sure that I can call this "batched" because I just go on sourcing trips whenever I have the time or whenever I see a new one. I will say, however, that sourcing really makes me feel better after a long and hard day at my day job so it appears that I will be doing it more often...

2. Steaming and Photographing
These tasks are definitely batched. I don't have studio lights so I can only photograph clothing during daylight hours, and since I have to typically leave around 8am for my day job, I can only really photograph on weekends. I used to immediately steam things and then wait until I had a free morning to photograph, but then I realized that things still get wrinkly while they are waiting to be photographed so it's better to kill two birds with one stone at one time, and that's during the day on weekends.

3. Measuring
This I want to also lump in to the steaming and photographing, but it hasn't really been happening because I keep forgetting and I want to conserve as much daylight as possible. I've recently started moving to remember to measure items before I put them in their little plastic bags for storage. I also started keeping measurements on an excel spreadsheet instead of handwritten in my Poshmark notebook for ease of access.

4. Writing Item Descriptions
This is a game changer but also is surprisingly my least favorite task about listing. Since it is my least favorite, when I already have the descriptions written, it makes listing that much easier. I've recently started adding a description section to my excel spreadsheet with measurements, and I've also implemented a template for my listings that I am really liking.  I currently have three sections to each listing: "WHY," "WEAR IT WITH" and "APPROX. MEASUREMENTS."  Gotta keep that "Approx." in there for any potential buyer problems.  My "why" section is about why the person should buy it, why the item is great and a hot commodity, and/or why I like it. I also will put in any particular features that stand out and the quality of the item.  "Wear it with" is exactly what it says. One of my goals this year is to consistently be able to style items that are listed in my closet to show potential buyers ways to wear the item that they might not have considered.  It is easy to buy cool looking items but not when you don't have an idea of how it will merge into your daily wardrobe. I'm hoping this section makes it easier.  Anyway, so now I keep that as a task to batch in my excel spreadsheet so that I can easily copy and paste the descriptions when listing.

5. Listing
I'm really noticing that the more listings I post, the more sales I have per day. It might not be the same day, but it has really increased my number of sales. I am trying to have everything that goes into a listing (photographs, description, measurements) pre-prepared in the batched tasks above so that I can seamlessly list around 4-5 items every morning.  So far, because I am always so rushed in the mornings on my way to work, I haven't been able to list until nighttime, if I even get to it at all. It's all still a learning process for me and I'm hoping to continue to hone my batching skills and try to master the art of Poshmark, especially in terms of listing.

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