A Night with Kamala Harris

Rumor has it that Kamala is going to announce her presidential campaign at a rally in Oakland on MLK day.  WHAT A COINCIDENCE, for me, an Oakland resident.  Problem is, I can't seem to find any internet information about it. I may just have to hang around the Lake Merritt area on that day and wait to see if I happen across a #Kamala2020 rally.

I did have the pleasure of attending the San Francisco stop of Kamala's book tour, in promotion of her new book The Truths We Hold.  I could not wait to potentially be in the presence of a future Madame President. The only thing was to figure out what to wear. What do you wear when you are going to see a future president? I decided on my best dress (which also happens to be one of my best Goodwill finds) and my new Everlane day heels.


Nothing in this look is currently for sale in my Poshmark closet, but I imagine one day I will part ways with this amazing navy Sandro dress.  It holds special significance for me now, for one day it might be the dress I wore the first time I saw a president in real life.  Only time will tell!

This book event was moderated by Mayor London Breed, another Bay Area force to be reckoned with. Both women wore pantsuits and inspired me to continue to try to feel more comfortable in a pantsuit and wear them more often.  Kamala's pointed flat gave her pantsuit look an elegance and sass that a normal pantsuit might not convey.  It's making me regret my last Poshmark sale of my treasured J.Crew D'Orsay pointed flats!

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