5 Brands I Need to Stop Buying

I truly get a rush when I'm sourcing for my Poshmark closet. But, sometimes I get so wrapped up in looking through clothes that I don't consider how much I could actually sell the item for and end up with a bad buy.  This is when trying on clothes helps, because even if something is a bad buy (for resale purposes), it might be an item that I really like and want to actually incorporate into my wardrobe.  As I type this, I am currently wearing one of my favorite "bad buys," a gray merino wool quarter zip from Brooks Brothers that may have originally been a Boys' piece and also has a small hole around the back shoulder (which can and will eventually be fixed).

BODEN Sweatshirt

It's hard to try to only source higher-end brands though, because it appears to me that most Poshmark buyers are not that into spending so much on these more expensive brands (Joie and Milly, to be specific).  This is the reason for "bread and butter brands." The following, however, are brands that I tend to keep buying even though they don't sell well:

1. J. Crew Factory
I can't help it that I'm a j.crew girl! The factory stuff is cute too! Whenever I see those little two dots, I know I shouldn't pick it up, but I can't ever seem to help it. The last sourcing trip I went on I bought two more pieces! Granted, I plan to wear them in my own wardrobe and they were only $4 each (which is cheap for me in the Bay Area) but I just know they aren't going to have a very big profit margin for me.  I think that as long as I get to wear the pieces at least once it won't be a total loss.

2. Levi's
San Francisco is where levi's headquarters happens to be, and it also happens that my honey hole sourcing spot seems to get all of levi's castaways. I'm serious. One day, there were just a ton of new-seeming Levi's items, all in size Small or 25-27. I'm thinking these must be the sample sizes for Levi's, and they konmari'd headquarters or something and donated everything to Goodwill. I picked up three pieces and so far only one has sold. I'm not holding my breath for the other two.  Also, don't even get me started on the jeans. I love my levi's but going through them on the racks and thinking through all the different styles is a real headache.

3. Boden
I never even knew about Boden until I started following resellers on IG. I had never seen it in stores or online and it was completely off my radar. In the last few months, I picked up two pieces that I thought were cute but don't appear to be moving any time soon. Even though Boden items seem to have a high retail value, they aren't moving in my closet. Plus, the vibe isn't really what I'm going for in my closet anyway.

4. Brooks Brothers
It's so hard to pass up a good BB piece because I know how expensive they are in stores! BB is really an older woman's brand and they haven't really updated themselves for the modern generation. I like their stuff because its quality and good for my workwear lifestyle, but it's hard to get people excited about it on Posh as it's still very grandma-style type of stuff and people want a lot of money for it.

5. Kate Spade
This might seem shocking, but it doesn't seem like any of my KS stuff I've found has moved quickly. I guess it's worth buying at a low price for a higher profit later, but it's hard to watch things get attention but never actually get purchased.  Plus I've seen that posh seems really saturated with KS things so the selling price for things is going way down. I do love KS dresses though so I'm going to continue to only buy things I actually love and plan to wear and maybe resell later down the road.

A few runner ups that are close to making my top 10 list for brands not to buy: Lafayette 148, Lilly Pulitzer, Rails, and Eileen Fisher

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