2019 Personal Goals

My 2019 word of the year: PROGRESS

How will I make progress? I'm starting by writing out all of my goals for the year, in several aspects. I've already discussed goals for my Poshmark business and my Instagram account, but the following are goals I'm setting in my personal life.

This is my REAL list, please try not to pay attention to the list of things I've already bought for myself in 2019.

I recently read an article from Cup of Jo that was a great exercise in setting New Year's resolutions. From my list, I've gleaned my top 5 personal goals for this year.

1. Make more friends.
If anyone asks me what my resolutions are for the year, this is what I tell them.  It is a little bit embarrassing for me to admit sometimes, but I really don't have a lot of friends.  I do say all the time "I have no friends," but I feel like a lot of people who do actually have friends say that as hyperbole. I do have a handful of great best friends, but I haven't had a lot of friends since I graduated college in 2013.  I consider most of my college friends to still be some of my best friends, so that hasn't changed, but I feel like I haven't been making the effort in adulthood to make more friends.  I am hoping this will change with my new membership at The Wing San Francisco, starting on 1/15/19!

2. Exercise. 
Confession: I haven't worked out in 3 months. I already walk approximately 2.5 miles every day to and from BART to work. I would footnote that "every day" translates into most days, aka days where I am going to the office, aka days when I am not running late and it is not raining, aka probably two days a week. Classpass keeps trying to tempt me with no initiation fee and one free month, but I paid for Classpass for a whole two months during which I only attended one class (if that).  That's why they want me! I can't make it to classes on my current schedule! I have to figure out a way to make exercise fit into my life that consists mostly of long commutes to work and long days at work.  Fitting in workouts on weekend mornings might be what I need to commit to in order to make this happen.

3. Be on my phone less.
Although this might seem like in contradiction to my 2019 Instagram Goals and in contradiction to my want/need to share my Poshmark closet all the time, I feel like if I really plan efficiently, I should still be able to do those things and still be able to be on my phone less. I do not need to have my phone in my hand all the time.  It's how it gets lost and dropped almost every day.  I need to be the kind of person that can keep their phone in their purse because I don't need to reference it all the time.

4. Organize more. 
This, like exercise, is obvious. I generally consider myself to be a pretty organized person, although my desk at work would tell you otherwise. I am organized but lazy, so on any given day things are probably in disarray but I could easily clear them up. That's my goal, to always be clearing things up or to have so little items around that I don't need to clear them up.  I also want to be more digitally organized so that I can implement the batch work processes I referenced in my 2019 Poshmark goals on a daily basis while still working full time as an attorney. Organization will be the key to me sustaining all of these goals while constantly dealing with the everyday stress at my full-time job.

5. Better posture.
This is something that I need to constantly focus on.  I have extremely bad posture and corresponding back pain all the time. I had an MRI taken a few years ago and I do have mild scoliosis but it is not so severe that it would be treated.  It basically just means that I have horrible posture.  I'm not totally clear on how to fix this, other than being aware of it, but my goal for 2019 is to fix it.  When I used to take Barre classes I felt like that helped, as the instructors were always trying to make sure that students were in the correct posture, so that might be an avenue to try again.  I also plan to google search different back exercises I can focus on to try to correct it at home as well.

After further review, I really like these goals and the process of writing them out makes me feel like I will actually achieve them this year.  I also plan to check in every two weeks (or so) with "Status Reports" on how I feel like I am doing with my goals. This will help keep me accountable and also be a way for me to share any tips or tricks or any other things I've learned that I think will help other people with similar goals.

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