SHOP HALIKA DITO: One Month on Poshmark (September 2018)

Number of listings posted: 58
Listings sold: 25
Total sold on Poshmark: $737.00
Total Poshmark fees: $151.55
Costs of goods sold: $34.96
MY PROFIT: $550.49

What a hobby! I LOVE RESELLING. I had previously dabbled in Poshmark when I was in law school, but never to this extent.  Somehow this time it's different. Maybe because I have been so adamant on having my own "store."  I'm also crafting a brand! I want to take this seriously and transform it into an actual business.

Most of the stuff sold in September was from my actual closet, but I did start thrifting this month and it's really changed my life.  It's the only thing I look forward to while I'm at work -- the minute I can take off and stop by the Goodwill on my walk home!  I'm trying to keep the amount of sourcing reasonable and in line with the amount that I can reasonably list during the week, which is currently none.

Amount spent at Goodwill this month: $174.78
Best sourcing purchase: vintage DVF green and pink blazer - I wore it out twice already!

Lessons learned:
Sharing matters! Both community sharing and self sharing. Plus you have to do both to become a posh ambassador and be able to host parties. Hosting a party is really the best way to get your items noticed.

Followers: 2900
Self-shares: 9991
Community shares: 2603

Also, if someone offers you something reasonable for your item, just take it! I received several reasonable-ish offers in September that I decided to counter offer for a few extra dollars, and the buyers ghosted.  The items are still in my closet today! If only I had accepted the previous offers...

I'm also moving on from mall brands that don't sell for very much profit based on the prices that i have to pay for them at Bay Area Goodwills.  I'm mostly talking about J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Madewell.  I bought 3 Madewell items in September and none of them have sold! I did buy a Banana Republic sweater blazer that sold pretty fast and for a good profit, but it's also because when I saw it, I knew it was a good piece that I would wear myself.  I just have to keep my brand's mantra in mind when I'm sourcing/shopping.... #iwantthat

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