SHOP HALIKA DITO: Goals for October 2018

As recently posted (hopefully), I have successfully completed one month on Poshmark with my closet @halikadito and loved every minute of it!

As recommended by fellow posher @mogibeth on YouTube, I've decided to set some goals for October 2018 in order to help grow my shop.

My goals for October 2018 include:

1. Post on @halikadito instagram every day.
This should be easy, since I'm not even really trying to collect likes. I use this separate instagram mostly to collect inspiration for trends and tips from other poshers. In turn, I can start to document my shop's progress, even though it's slow.  One of my favorite posts to see are videos of poshers at the thrift store flipping through racks of shirts where you can just see the label of the item and then see if they choose to pick it out or not. LOVE those. I think I can probably manage posting a few of those, considering how often I seem to be at Goodwill after work.

2. Get to over 50 active listings. 
I need this anyway to get to Posh Ambassador status. Every YouTube video I've seen about reselling to make thousands of dollars a month says to have 50 if not over 100 listings.  I so far can't seem to get above 20 active listings at a time. It's a lot of work! Hopefully I can come up with a system for taking photos in natural daylight and storing my inventory efficiently so that Andrew doesn't even feel this change occur in our apartment.

3. Profit $1000.
This is straightforward. Let's double our margins now that I'm figuring out what I'm doing!

4. Invest in shop stickers. 
I'm still deciding at what threshold I should finally invest in some shop stickers to add to my plastic inventory bags. I really do think they are a nice and professional touch that adds to the packaging of the more big time resellers out there (i.e. empty hanger and little black hanger).  I just don't want to end up with a bunch of stickers if I eventually decide to stop Poshing. Although I don't see that happening any time soon. I'm just really trying not to get ahead of myself with the whole shop thing.  I just need to decide on a benchmark, reach the benchmark, and then go ahead and order them. I'm never going to be one of those poshers that adds "gifts" to packages because I am no longer a believer in free junk. I recently got a blazer that came wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon and a Halloween pencil. I gave 5 stars because I appreciated the effort, but I definitely threw the pencil away right away. I think the same effect could be had with tissue paper and a shop sticker. Pencils are ELEMENTARY, people!

5. List more items from my personal closet. 
I'm having a problem where I decided to only thrift items that I would wear myself, and then actually wearing them and not wanting to list/share them. This needs to stop. I also still have way too many clothes in my personal closet that I'm sure I could make decent money for.  Considering I still mostly wear the same things to work and on weekends, those other extra pieces can probably go. I'm looking at you, jumpsuits.

That's it for now. I'm still starting off slow! I hope at the end of the month I can report that I met all 5 goals. I'm setting my intention!

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